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Camp Bestival (inc Mr Tumble)

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giddykipper · 26/04/2009 17:23

Anyone going?

OP posts:
giddykipper · 26/04/2009 20:28

Bumping for the evening crowd

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Meglet · 26/04/2009 20:32

I'm very that I can't go. I saw Mr Tumble was there and ds would explode with excitement if he saw him. I've heard Camp Bestival is lovely. Maybe next year.

giddykipper · 26/04/2009 20:39

Looking on the website earlier was enough to make DS explode with excitement when the Mr Tumble picture came up!

Just trying to decide whether to go or not.

OP posts:
NoFurtherQuestions · 26/04/2009 20:40

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

HaventSleptForAYear · 26/04/2009 20:43

Yes I wasn't interested in ANY of the music at Camp Bestival so despite it looking lovely, it would be an expensive weekend face-painting etc. with no added benefits for the adults !

Am desperately trying to persuade DH to go the Larmer Tree Festival (with bands we both want to see) but he is unsure about going with 2 DS (4 & 2).

Pollyanna · 26/04/2009 20:45

we are thinking of going!

NoFurtherQuestions · 26/04/2009 20:46

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

HaventSleptForAYear · 26/04/2009 20:51

NFQ - I would in a flash !

But DH is more cautious.

I have just emailed about caravans to stay in because he is very unsure about camping (what if it rains??) - despite being a "wild" camper pre-kids.

It would be lovely to go with other people so we wouldn't be stuck alone babysitting/watching the bands.

Maybe I should talk my mum into looking after the kids and just go the 2 of us - BUT it looks so lovely for kids that I would like to do it with them.

jennylindinha · 26/04/2009 20:54

We were thinking of going but I think it clashes with Glade which DP wants to go to with his mates. We are going to Glastonbury (I bought tickets whilst in early labour with DD last October!) Might go to Latitude instead of Camp Bestival, apparently it is good for kids. My sis took her two little girls last year and really enjoyed it so they are going again.

I can recommend the Big Chill too, but can't go this year... Ah, roll on summer and the festie season

NoFurtherQuestions · 26/04/2009 20:55

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

HaventSleptForAYear · 26/04/2009 20:57

Yes I saw that NFQ!

Have you been?

NoFurtherQuestions · 26/04/2009 20:58

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

chunglimum · 26/04/2009 21:00

Yes, we're going; took a lot of persuading DP who is camping phobic! I think it was Mr Tumble who finally swung it for me as DD is ecstatic about seeing him and DP will do anything for her. I was going to post to see if anyone was going and if they had any tips for going with 3 year olds. There was an article in The Times this week which wasn't very encouraging...

NoFurtherQuestions · 26/04/2009 21:01

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

HaventSleptForAYear · 26/04/2009 21:10

Is this the article chunglimum? times

It sounds a little as I feared, apart from their child is older than ours, so it would be even worse for us !!!

Sounds like a group is a necessity?

So anyone to be persuaded? Rokia Traoré headlining Larmer Tree Festival here

Ewe · 26/04/2009 21:12

I am doing Lovebox with DD and DP - fab line up IMO.

Like the idea of Camp Bestival but the bands don't really appeal to me.

jennylindinha · 26/04/2009 21:13

I can't miss Glasto, even for childbirth !

Haven't checked out lineups properly yet, but I tend to just make the best of it anyway. The first time I went to the Big Chill I don't think we had a clue who was on all weekend as they had run out of programmes (WTF?) It was good fun though 'cos we saw some great bands that we might never have gone to otherwise. My fave was DJ Derek - an old guy with glasses spinning reggae and soul and dancing along with it, truly amazing.

NoFurtherQuestions · 26/04/2009 21:15

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

jennylindinha · 26/04/2009 21:17

Hmm, I have to admit that I would love to see the Pet Shop Boys! (Is that sad?)

jennylindinha · 26/04/2009 21:21

If I ever got married, I would like DJ Derek to play at the do afterwards!

OOOH - I just looked and realised that the Big Chill is on a different weekend than I first thought and perhaps we can go there after all. Excited

We took DSD (10) last year and she loved it.

giddykipper · 26/04/2009 21:22

Mmm that's an interesting Times article

OP posts:
NoFurtherQuestions · 26/04/2009 21:25

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

chunglimum · 26/04/2009 21:34

Yes, that's the article and I agree that that bloke seems a bit petulant. I'm hoping that my DD, being younger than his, might be easier to manage. I do think that it'll be hard to tear her away from the kid's field but hey, I'm a bit desperate to go anywhere so I'm determined it shall be fab!

NoFurtherQuestions · 26/04/2009 21:35

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

FiveGoMadInDorset · 26/04/2009 21:35

Took DD and DS last year aged 2.5 and 3 weeks, was fine and loved it.

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