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Awww smoochy cutie lovey dovey weepys OR PUNK?

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S1ur · 22/05/2008 14:24

Need an antidote to listening to various loved up songs, quick! Post your fave all time Punk

or I'll bring out the cute kittens.

OP posts:
S1ur · 22/05/2008 14:32

Come on people....

clash of course

I am not in the mood for kittens

OP posts:
S1ur · 22/05/2008 14:35

stiff little fingers

beginning to feel a little more angry normal

OP posts:
S1ur · 22/05/2008 14:36

buzzcocks Shit back to lurve again

OP posts:
SheikYerbouti · 22/05/2008 14:37


I was meant to be going to see them at Bristol Academy next week, but it's farking well cancelled

Snaf · 22/05/2008 14:38

How about Songs About Fucking by Big Black? Pretty good antidote to wuffyfluffykins, I reckon...

SheikYerbouti · 22/05/2008 14:38

ahoy ahoy

SheikYerbouti · 22/05/2008 14:39

he's got a fur lined sheepskin jacket

S1ur · 22/05/2008 14:40

Ahh that's more like.

ds is pogo dancing pmsl

OP posts:
funnypeculiar · 22/05/2008 14:42

all time classic

snice · 22/05/2008 14:43

any good?

SheikYerbouti · 22/05/2008 14:45

all the girls love to hate her

cyteen · 22/05/2008 14:45

oh no bruno

S1ur · 22/05/2008 14:46

O M G of fucking course.

Where's tht wedding thread gone. Perfect.

Love teenage kicks.

OP posts:
SheikYerbouti · 22/05/2008 14:46

scrub away the SR way

southeastastra · 22/05/2008 14:49

lol at the comments on the undertones link.

'the undertones are so rad'

can you get a degree in bionics?

SheikYerbouti · 22/05/2008 14:49

joke joke, you're really a bloke

SheikYerbouti · 22/05/2008 14:50

Don;t turn sound up too loud on that last one if kids in room

S1ur · 22/05/2008 14:50

not complete without Ramones

OP posts:
SheikYerbouti · 22/05/2008 14:51

Sham 69

SheikYerbouti · 22/05/2008 14:54

drums are quite good, the bass is too loud, and I. Can't hear the words.

S1ur · 22/05/2008 14:54

little more recent Green Day

OP posts:
madamez · 22/05/2008 14:56

How about SO What by the Anti Nowhere League?

All together now...

Well I fucked a sheep
And I fucked a goat
Rammed my cock right down its throat so what
SO what
So what so what
You boring little CAAAAAAAANT...

DaDaDa · 22/05/2008 14:57

Great thread.

Post Punk But it does the trick

S1ur · 22/05/2008 14:59

Great Madamez. {grin]

I must remember to post that on an AIBU thread soon.

I've been to Eastborne So what? So fucking what?

OP posts:
S1ur · 22/05/2008 15:00

Ach you gotta have a little Joy, Dadada

OP posts:
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