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It's election day for the Playmobil people in our house....

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SoMuchToBits · 06/05/2010 17:10

Norman's office has been turned into a polling station. Brian and Len are checking off the voters against the electoral roll. Ken is conducting the exit poll. The candidates are:-

Norman the Foreman (Tea drinking party)
Bossy Ross the lifeboat coxswain (Lifesaving party)
Michael the beach policeman (Law and order party)
Jack Jellyhead the robber (Legalise robbery party)
Father Christmas (Christmas all year round party)

Early results from the exit poll suggest that the tea drinking party and lifesaving party are doing rather well.....

OP posts:
GrendelsMum · 06/05/2010 17:13

Can we vote? If so, I'm going to vote for Jack Jellyhead

NinjaChipmunk · 06/05/2010 17:14

my head tells me to vote for bossy ross but my heart goes to norman the foreman.

girlylala0807 · 06/05/2010 17:15

I vote Bossy ross

Dbil is a north sea fisherman

StayFrosty · 06/05/2010 17:15

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SoMuchToBits · 06/05/2010 17:15

Oooh, yes, it will be interesting to get the MN vote in the Playmo-election!

We have made a big sign saying "Polling Station" to out up, and made some ballot papers....

OP posts:
DorotheaPlenticlew · 06/05/2010 17:16

I agree with Norman.

ProfessorLaytonIsMyProxyVoter · 06/05/2010 17:16

I vote for Norman.

AvaGoOnTheSwingometer · 06/05/2010 17:16

I vote for the Christmas party!

southeastastra · 06/05/2010 17:17

well norman is everyone's favourite and the tea drinking party sounds very civilised

SoMuchToBits · 06/05/2010 17:18

Bossy Ross is out canvassing with his megaphone....

OP posts:
toccatanfudge · 06/05/2010 17:19

what are the Tea Drinking Parties policies in regards to coffee drinkers?

SoMuchToBits · 06/05/2010 17:21

I have just asked ds, toccata - apparently coffee drinking will still be allowed, but there will be tax incentives for tea drinkers.

OP posts:
OhYouBadBadKitten · 06/05/2010 17:22

but wheres the pictures? (or is there a press embargo?)

toccatanfudge · 06/05/2010 17:23

hmmm - tricky one there then for me

OhYouBadBadKitten · 06/05/2010 17:23

If cake is invloved then I agree with Norman.

GrendelsMum · 06/05/2010 17:26

But with the massive UK deficit, can you afford to vote anyone but Jellyhead? Our party is going to make massive savings in the areas of policing, the courts, and the penal system.


fruitshootsandheaves · 06/05/2010 17:26

Could you also have

Arthur the Aircraft Analyst (ban Ash party)?

He would get our vote.

SoMuchToBits · 06/05/2010 17:26

Pictures will follow shortly...

OP posts:
OtterInaSkoda · 06/05/2010 17:29

Is Michael the one who looks rather camp? Like a character from CHIPs? I'll vote for him

blackflyinyourchardonnay · 06/05/2010 17:33

I vote Norman.

FreakoidOrganisoid · 06/05/2010 17:33

Can we please have a picture? Am disappointed you don't yet have one up tbh.

Norman gets my vote though

SoMuchToBits · 06/05/2010 17:34

Election photos are now on my profile...

OP posts:
southeastastra · 06/05/2010 17:35

norm still gets my vote, the moustache helps

blackflyinyourchardonnay · 06/05/2010 17:36

Haha they look like the Village people lined up like that.

Except for Father Christmas, who looks like Father Christmas.

FreakoidOrganisoid · 06/05/2010 17:36

Splendid! Thank you

It looks busier there than my polling station was this morning.

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