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drug dependant baby, advice needed

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EarthMotherImNot · 03/03/2010 15:20

I've been asked to foster a baby expected to be suffering drug withdrawal when it is born next week.

It is years since I've cared for one of these and any advice would be most gratefully received.

OP posts:
BoreOfWhabylon · 22/01/2021 19:05

@Sarapq2 I think you need to read the full thread.

Nomorepies · 22/01/2021 19:06

This reply has been withdrawn

This has been withdrawn by MNHQ on the poster's request

Sarapq2 · 22/01/2021 19:10

I didn't have time

So sorry xx

oakleaffy · 22/01/2021 19:13


Ex NICU nurse here .
I used to swaddle them , a lot of cuddles , they will feed and feed and be sick and carry on.
It's very hard work , depending on serveriry bsby will stay in NICU till ready for discharge
It could be a lengthy process and baby may need a medical detox .

Emin, the OP got through the Foster baby's agonising withdrawal.
It is worth reading the thread :)

Emin herself died, tragically of cancer, but the little 'baby' will be about 11 yrs old now.

This thread is very old, but is one of the ''Classics'', due to the OP {Emin} being very special..A rare mix of Humility, Humour, Humanity and Patience. These qualities shine through her posts..And hopefully her little ''Ladybird'' will discover them when she is 18...

Thank goodness for the Fosterers in this World...And of course NICU Nurses :)
MrsNWT · 22/01/2021 19:24
ImsorryWilson · 22/01/2021 19:32

Am i the only one who nearly replied saying "ooh, if you are doing that you must see this thread in classics...."
I'm not am I?

Inastatus · 22/01/2021 19:45

What an amazing selfless woman. I’m in awe.

ItsAllComingBackToMeNow · 22/01/2021 19:50

@ImsorryWilson Yes I nearly did too. I even read the first couple of replies and thought, yes that thread said swaddling was useful.

Was going to prepare the poster for the terribly sad ending though. Emin was amazing.

ivykaty44 · 22/01/2021 19:55

I remember reading this thread in January 2011 as I was off work due to illness. I hadn't realised that the OP had herself passed away....
What a wonderful legacy she left

Changemaname1 · 22/01/2021 20:50


Am i the only one who nearly replied saying "ooh, if you are doing that you must see this thread in classics...."I'm not am I?

When I saw the title I thought oh I remember reading about this years ago and thinking at the time what a lovely lady it was fostering the little baby . Opened up and realised it was the same one and so started reading again because I remembered how touching it was , to follow the little ones progress , so sad to then learn that Emin has now passed away .

What a brave and beautiful lady . Rest in peace Emin Flowers

Elephanttrunk · 22/01/2021 20:57

In awe of what a wonderful woman EMIN was Flowers

2018SoFarSoGreat · 22/01/2021 21:57

I read this again (and posted again) on this day in 2020. And here it today and I'm crying as hard as for each time I read this amazing story of this incredible woman. What a life. What a gift to so many.


Jux · 23/01/2021 00:11

~Amazing EMIN. Still inspiring people 11 years on. And then of course there's all her babies. She has touched and still touches so many hearts.❤️❤️❤️

UndertheCedartree · 18/02/2021 15:55

Such a beautiful story. What a legacy EMIN has left. I hope her little Ladybird has continued to thrive. She will learn one day of the amazing start she had in life thanks to the incredible, loving, courageous EMIN and her family. RIP Flowers

Jj2431 · 28/02/2021 14:20

I never knew you Emin, I have only just read your story. What a beautiful person you were. I don't even have the words. I know you passed some years back but I find myself in floods of tears. Your baby will be around 11 now. I hope because of you she's having the best life. All the special people leave too soon but I can only believe it is because angels need to go back home. I don't think you'll ever be forgotten and one day the babies you've cared for may read here. Rest in peace lovely lady x

mutedrainbows · 16/07/2021 20:11

Just happened upon this thread again and I'm quietly crying, curled up next to my 9 month old daughter. What a wonderful woman she was.

Anon9990 · 23/08/2021 22:07

What a woman. RIP EMIN ❤️

tillytoodles1 · 24/08/2021 19:16

RIP Emin, you were amazing.Flowers.

Milenpoe · 24/08/2021 19:29

Reading this thread for the second time and crying again. It truly restores your faith in humanity but breaks your heart at the same time.

What an amazing human being she was... Rest in peace beautiful lady. You'll never be forgotten xxxx

squirrelnutkins1 · 25/08/2021 12:44


AddictedToRadley · 30/08/2021 02:01

What a beautiful lady. RIP EMIN. You were one of life’s rarities and I only pray that your little ‘ladybird’ finds this and reads all about her difficult but much loved start in life once she’s an adult. What an inspiration! If it wasn’t for my health I would be wanting to look into fostering because EMIN was such an inspiration in the way she worked through the pain of her ladybirds difficult start Flowers

SummerHouse · 31/08/2021 14:09

It seems to me EMIN lived her life less as a candle in the wind and more of a volcano in a hurricane. How relentless and powerful she was. It seems so fitting that her reach continues to find people through this post.

Little ladybird, the 5lb scrap, whose cry was like a terrified piglet, will be starting secondary school. Hers is just one of the lives whose course has been altered for the better by this amazing woman.

What a privilege to read this.

justanoldhack · 09/09/2021 09:27

Beautiful soul Star

brendablue · 09/10/2022 22:11

a beautiful woman💜

oakleaffy · 09/10/2022 22:34

Oh my goodness-
I remember @@EarthMotherImNot
Bless her.
She was an absolute star.
What a hero.
I think Earth Mother died.
She really was one on a million.
Bless you, Earth Mother, Wherever you are.
Probably in Heaven looking after babies and children til their own parents join them.

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