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What Do You Remember About Your Grandparents House?

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RabbitsRock · 26/06/2023 10:31

This popped up on Facebook & I thought it was rather lovely - I have wonderful memories of my maternal grandparents house & my paternal.
When DBro & I were little, we were lucky enough to live close to both sets of Grandparents. I remember the garden at my paternal Grandparents house the most. Beautiful flowers including a bed of stunning cornflowers. And at the end of the garden, over the low wall, was the most beautiful meadow. It really was like something out of an American movie, complete with a white picket fence & horses. I also remember sitting on the stairs & being so thrilled that I could hear my brother talking to me from a little cupboard in the outside passage. Oh & I remember the bureau where Grandpa kept his big bar of Dairy Milk. I also found some Pan books of horror stories & gave myself nightmares!
My maternal Grandparents first house was lovely, with high ceilings & big windows. I remember the old fashioned radiogram in the dining room where we spent most of our time. We would have those mini Kellogg’s cereals whilst listening to radio 4. I remember the comforting sound the pantry door made & I could see Sally’s lead & bags of biscuits inside. Sally was a very cute fox terrier. I remember all the bedrooms, especially the cosy one at the back of the house with the airing cupboard. The biggest bedroom at the front had a magical cupboard full of dressing up clothes & hats. My Grandma used to be in old tyme music hall so I could try on all her costumes. I get my love of music from her. I remember practising my scales on her piano & my Aunty got fed up & asked me to play something else! I also remember a beautiful music box inlaid with pearls, from Israel I think. That was one of the things I wish I could have had after my Grandparents died.

OP posts:
Sceptre86 · 28/06/2023 07:25

They had a very steep staircase (terraced house) that we used to slide down until they get a stairlift. They had the most beaitiful cobing in their hallway and reception rooms. They had one of those antislip mats in the bath and a plasticky shower curtain, noone else I knew had them. Their settees could be opened up and turned into beds. They would have a siesta everyday between 1-3pm and would make up the settees so any of the grandchildren could sleep too. My sister never did but I would sometimes. I remember the smell of the blankets being so comforting. My grandad would buy small coke cans and offer them to us whenever we visited. My grandad used to smoke a pipe after he stopped cigarettes and then gave it up altogether when his emphysema got worse. He had a stool with a removable lid that had all his empty cigarette boxes in but he wouldn't get rid of them. He had a fitted wardrobe in his living room that was like a treasure chest and sometimes he'd ask me to get things out of it for him and to translate letters. I used to think it would lead into Narnia. My gran had a huge pan that she would store under the kitchen table that she would pull out when she was cooking for large amounts of people. Whenever there was a party in the street or someone was getting married, she'd bring out that pan. She'd cook masala fish and homemade chips and used newspaper instead of a kitchen towel. Tea was always served in a teapcup with a saucer. My grandad used to give is travel sweets in a gold tin after dinner, I remember he would always tell my male cousin to let me choose first.

I miss the sounds and smells of that house, love poured out of it.

Sceptre86 · 28/06/2023 07:25

*beautiful coving even.

medianewbie · 28/06/2023 10:36


MavisMcMinty · 28/06/2023 10:41

What a lovely thread!

My maternal grandmother died when my Mum was 5, and her father died while she was pregnant with my older brother, so we only had one set of grandparents, from Welsh mining stock. They lived a 2-hour drive away, and we went there every month or so, always on a Sunday. For most of my childhood (3-11) we lived abroad, so didn’t see them unless we came back to the UK on leave. They never left the UK, however much we begged them to come and visit us across the world.

Their rented terraced house had a long front garden full of flowers, my Nana and Pop never had a car but I expect that garden is a concrete drive now. The (again quite long) back garden was filled with home-grown fruit and veg.

They had a dirty white cat called Snoopy, but he tended to disappear when we arrived. The stairs were long and steep, and their double bed seemed extraordinarily high to me - which I liked, as my favourite story was The Princess and the Pea.

The house always smelled of boiled cabbage as that’s what we always had with our well-done roast beef Sunday dinner. (We then went to my aunt’s for tea, about an hour later, tabled piled high with cold meats and salad, sausage rolls, crisps, cakes galore, all the best food.) Nana ate so slowly, partly because she never stopped talking, we’d sit there for an hour waiting for her to be ready to dish up the apple pie for pudding.

I loved Pop but Nana disapproved of my Irish mother, so I never really liked her much. Dad was her favourite child and no woman would have ever been good enough for him. I was just a kid but absorbed this, it was very apparent. She was very Welsh, fiercely so, and was constantly telling my Dad how much he looked liked Gareth Edwards or Richard Burton or any other high profile Welshman. (He didn’t.)

Baboutheocelot · 28/06/2023 10:48

My grandparents had a dark blue Perspex serving hatch between the kitchen and lounge, it was such a novelty for us, we loved sending things through it.
My Nan used to buy blocks of Neapolitan ice cream, cut off little rectangles from it and put it between two wafers.
They also had these retro bed sheets with pastel coloured stripes.

MavisMcMinty · 28/06/2023 10:49

Brushed flannel sheets and a pile of very heavy blankets!

Somethingsnappy · 28/06/2023 14:24

What a wonderful thread.

Little old cottage on a hill with black beams inside, and a very big garden with flowers everywhere and a weeping willow tree, under which we'd sit and have home-made milkshakes that grandma made (never tasted any better since). Sloping fields away from the garden, with dairy cows that would come right up and moo at us over the fence. Playing card games in the evenings by the open fire, with grandpa smoking his pipe. The most amazing roast dinners and home-made puddings. Tucked up in bed with my sister at night, quietly playing imagination games (that bed used to fly all over the countryside with us desperately clinging to the covers). The 6 o clock news was sacrosanct, and we weren't allowed o make a peep when it was on (which of course would bring on the giggles), or grandpa would glare at us (the only time he was ever, ever grumpy with us). Long, long walks in the countryside with sweet, milky tea when we got home. That house will stay in my heart and soul forever.

BlueKaftan · 28/06/2023 14:28

I remember the smell of my grandmother’s perfume and the yellow living room with bright floral sofas. I also remember a guest sign in book that she kept on a table by the front door.

medianewbie · 29/06/2023 08:53

My Maternal Grandfather died when I was 5. I remember squares of chocolate.
My Maternal Grandmother was an alcoholic. I remember being afraid.
My Mother's husbands parents wouldn't have my Mother or me in the house.
My 'real' (deceased) Father's parents - I didn't even know who they were.

I 'adopted' an old lady in our terraced street (we were both lonely I think!)
I took her a rose from our garden when I was 5 & we became firm friends.
I saw her almost every Sunday aged about 5-15. When I was small we baked & she made me a ballet dress. She bought cream soda for me. We watched James Herriot programmes & Black Beauty on her old TV set. Later, from my Saturday job money, I bought her a budgie (she adored him). I moved when I was 15, but I still tried to see her once a fortnight. She died later that year. I was devastated. I'd been on holiday & no-one told me but I got back for the Funeral. RIP Miss Maxted. And Thank You. You were so very important to a very lonely little girl.

Ted27 · 29/06/2023 15:00


I'm sure you were very important to your Miss Maxted too.
How wonderful that you were able to find each other

Ladyoftheknight · 02/08/2023 21:34

My maternal grandparents home was big and lovely, but nothing exciting. It was pristine, didn't have 'a smell' and not much nostalgia from it.

But my paternal grandparents lived in the deep south of America. In a big ranch house with a veranda wrapping around it, screen doors and a long driveway. Built in bunk beds in the eaves, and massive bedrooms all with en suites. The kitchen was painted 'yella' and the sofas were floral. Grandma made cakes with me and taught me to sew, Grandpa took me fishing and had me sit with him in the fields while he worked the ranch. There was a river in the back lined with trees and one summer i visited and found grandpa had built a little chair and a big chair for us to sit at. I could talk about it for hours. They died recently and we're tentatively planning to move there.

UnDruidlyWords · 03/08/2023 07:30

@Ladyoftheknight that sounds absolutely wonderful, I can almost see it. In your position I'd be there like a shot.

Mother87 · 03/08/2023 13:54

itsahotmess · 26/06/2023 11:18

My paternal grandparents had a very large, square hallway.

I used to lay on my back on the floor watching the dust (or whatever it was!) dance in the streams of light that poured in through the windows.

I always did this while my grandmother was in the kitchen, which was just off the hall, cooking Sunday lunch.

Happy memories 😊

Lovely that... yes the dust "motes"?? caught in the stream of sun coming through the windows (at my nanna's)
And the heat & humidity at my Amah's flat in Singapore and the cooking smells of ginger & garlic (didn't know the names of any ot these things growing up)

feemcgee · 08/08/2023 16:23

My DM's parents were farmers, we used to roam around the farm playing on tractors and doing lots of unsafe stuff. I stood on a nail once and it went right into my foot - dad just pulled it out (boak).

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