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LMAO, following on from the 'class' threads I actualy went to Waitrose today....

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Blandmum · 08/05/2006 17:49

.....Because it is the shop nearest to dd's piano teacher. I seldom if ever go to Waitrose. They have an Aisle called 'Aspirational Toiletries'

LM Big Fat Welsh Arse off.

The other shoppers must have thought I was insane. So it is aspirational of have Kumquat and brown rice soap is it???? Grin I wouldn't know if I should wash in some of that stuff or eat it Grin

OP posts:
SleepyJess · 08/05/2006 17:53

I'd have a go at eating it.. at the price I've no doubt it is, it seems almost wasteful to merely wash in down the sink.... Grin

"Aspirational toiletries' my Fat Southern Arse too! Are they for the purpose of making us lower class personages 'aspire to be cleaner' in th unlikely event that we should we shunt our low class carcases over the Waitrose threshhold?

SJ x

PS MB, am not implying you are lower class along with I! The 'we' was royal! [arf] Grin

coppertop · 08/05/2006 17:56

What exactly are the toiletries meant to be aspiring to?

PMSL! :o

Blandmum · 08/05/2006 17:57

I just thought it was fucking hillarious in light of the previous conversations. Grin

You can't make shit like this up!

OP posts:
Tutter · 08/05/2006 17:57

methinks the bishop doth protest too much.

it's ok, mb, you don't have to feel bad about being a waitrose shopper. we welcome all here, even middle class rocket shoppers Grin

MrsBadger · 08/05/2006 17:59

my local Waitrose is equally hilarious - I find my self snorting with suppressed mirth at the 'Perfectly Ripe organic exotic fruit' section' but it stocks such baby-related staples as Lansinoh, Sudocrem, those brilliant herbal teething powders and (I recently spotted) resuable nappies, none of which are available in my local Tesco.

Blandmum · 08/05/2006 17:59

Honest to god, I usualy go to (wispers) Sainsburys. Grin

OP posts:
PinkKerPlink · 08/05/2006 18:01

:o how funny

SleepyJess · 08/05/2006 18:03

You're such a liar MB.. I saw you in Lidl, mass buying own brand tins.. you were wearing a crop top with MartianBishop on it so know it was you.... Grin

PinkKerPlink · 08/05/2006 18:06

I really like LIdlShock

but that may not come as a suprise to you sleepyjess:o

Blandmum · 08/05/2006 18:07

Grin at me in a crop top!

OP posts:
SleepyJess · 08/05/2006 18:08

I quite like Netto too... esp at Christmas.. Grin

So spit on us, you classists.. Grin

SleepyJess · 08/05/2006 18:08

I quite like Netto too... esp at Christmas.. Grin

So spit on us, you classists.. Grin

PinkKerPlink · 08/05/2006 18:09

I am quite scared of the clientel that hang around outside canterbury nettoShock they scare even me......

spidermama · 08/05/2006 18:09

NO! Shock
'Aspirational Toiletries' ? Really?

Blandmum · 08/05/2006 18:11

as the Great Custy would say 'I shit you not'

I really did laugh like a loon!

Aspirationa Tolietries My Arse!

OP posts:
hulababy · 08/05/2006 18:12

Really? I must go into Waitrose this week and check out the signs. have never noticed before. Very funny! I am intrigued now though.

Greensleeves · 08/05/2006 18:12

Aspirational Toiletries Shock No.

What's next? Acquisitive Vegetables? Upwardly Mobile Meat?

Fkn freaks.

SleepyJess · 08/05/2006 18:15

"Clientele"... Grin.. PMSL! Thank you for making me laugh! Grin

SleepyJess · 08/05/2006 18:16

Do you think they actually meant "Inpsirational Toiletries" (like, for gifts etc) but are too thick and illiterate to live up to their high class reputations? Grin

Blandmum · 08/05/2006 18:18

God knows! Gave me a damn good laugh though.

And their Ailes are so wide, I was almost agrophobic Smile

OP posts:
fairyfly · 08/05/2006 18:18

Does that mean if you get them from Netto they are unaspirational?

SleepyJess · 08/05/2006 18:20

Yeah. If you buy your smellies from Netto you clearly really aspire to be actually smelly rather than sweet smelling. It obvious. Wink

Blandmum · 08/05/2006 18:22


Otherwise I would be afraid of agro, which I am not....well 'ard me! Grin

OP posts:
tamum · 08/05/2006 18:22


(feeling v. embarrassed at having started a thread on Waitrose coming to Scotland now, but I bet there'll be none o' that aspirational southern softie stuff up here)

fairyfly · 08/05/2006 18:22

Aha! So that is how the class system works, some smell of Kumquat and brown rice and the rest smell like Alpine Mist.

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