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I haven't been paid for toys I sent to a firm of lawyers for their Harry Potter a t the start of July

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zippitippitoes · 16/11/2007 17:27

..and I am pissed off as it's 192.00

when they ordered I asked for money up front althought they are posh lawyers on chancery lane buit they persuaded me to send them without as their party was ikjminent so i said i'm a small bsauinees so I need the money straightaway

and they strill haven't paid me

I sent thema seven day warning of sseven days last week and they haven't paid still

so I need a legal sounding letter to send them and wpould like to know what to rwrite as I CAN'T AFFORD TO LOSE THIS MONEY THE CUNTS

OP posts:
Sam100 · 16/11/2007 18:27

Howard Morris is the managing partner see here

Sam100 · 16/11/2007 18:30

Or you could try Rory McAlpine here. He is in Dispute Resolution!

MuffinMclay · 16/11/2007 21:24

Dh's advice (lawyer, used to work for Denton Wilde Sapte) is to contact the news desk at The Lawyer or Legal Week (trade rags, read by these city legals types). He reckons they'd jump on a story like this, which would be very embarassing for DWS, for their city firms gossip columns.

Alternatively you can take an action against the DWS partnership in the small claims court, and it can all be done online.

He says they're all w***rsat DWS!

QuintessentialShadow · 16/11/2007 21:38

Maybe it was for her own childs birthday party, and she used the company name to get credit (ie free goods from you). She would have binned the invoice, taken the Harry Potter toys for her childs party and the accounts department have NO clue.

I would talk to a senior manager, as you may be the victim of fraud.

QuintessentialShadow · 16/11/2007 21:42

Oh, and a pro forma invoice is a trick invoice. If, for example you are offering advertising services in a directory, ie, have your company listed, you send out a pro forma invoice for the amount it would cost if you were to pay for this service. They cannot send you a real invoice because you have not actually ordered yet. It is like a "sample".

QuintessentialShadow · 16/11/2007 22:05

See here, if you are interested (seems I have killed the thread) Pro Forma Invoice definition. It says it is like a formal quote, and not a real invoice, and hence not binding as an invoice.

The woman you spoke with KNEW what she was doing, I think you have been conned by an illoyal employee of that lawfirm.

fireflyfairy2 · 16/11/2007 22:14

Hmm.. was it definitely the company address the toys were delivered to?


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