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I haven't been paid for toys I sent to a firm of lawyers for their Harry Potter a t the start of July

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zippitippitoes · 16/11/2007 17:27

..and I am pissed off as it's 192.00

when they ordered I asked for money up front althought they are posh lawyers on chancery lane buit they persuaded me to send them without as their party was ikjminent so i said i'm a small bsauinees so I need the money straightaway

and they strill haven't paid me

I sent thema seven day warning of sseven days last week and they haven't paid still

so I need a legal sounding letter to send them and wpould like to know what to rwrite as I CAN'T AFFORD TO LOSE THIS MONEY THE CUNTS

OP posts:
zippitippitoes · 16/11/2007 17:57

gryffin check out the firm I'm thinking of asking for advice denton wilde sapte

OP posts:
Sam100 · 16/11/2007 17:58

I would probably not advise turning up at their offices in person without an appointment as you will not get past security and will be treated as a nut job from there on! But could definitely call accounts department and make a complaint.

Issy · 16/11/2007 17:59


My advice: Look up the firm on Google and find the name of the Managing Partner or, if there isn't one, the Senior Partner. Then send a polite but direct letter explaining what you provided, when, for how much and the steps you have taken to date to recover the overdue amounts. Rather than being angry in tone, I would point out that you are a very small business and although it is a tiny sum in the context of the law firm, it is an extremely large sum for you and the delay in payment is causing you financial hardship. Send copies of the letter to the people you dealt with at the firm and make sure that they appear in the "cc." bit at the end of the letter so that the Senior/Managing partner knows who to shout at.

Law firms are notoriously bad at administration and my guess is that they have every intention of paying you, they just haven't got round to it.

zippitippitoes · 16/11/2007 17:59

you see I think phoning is a wadste of time as there is no record surely a letter is better but they have ignored that too

OP posts:
Issy · 16/11/2007 18:02

By the way, I'm a law firm client and we are equally bad at paying our law firms. A July invoice would be seen as relatively recent and the chances are, by the time it's been approved in triplicate and passed on to our India office for processing and execution, the law firm wouldn't have received payment on it yet.

zippitippitoes · 16/11/2007 18:02

well it is huge there key personnel seem to be a chairman and all different departments

OP posts:
zippitippitoes · 16/11/2007 18:03

it seems to me I'll just start a claim against them then if it is a waste of time going to them and phoning and threatening haven't worked

OP posts:
zippitippitoes · 16/11/2007 18:04

and I shan't be dealing with lawyers again

OP posts:
NotQuiteCockney · 16/11/2007 18:05

I think Issy's ideas are probably good - escalating to a higher level of management may get you your money (with interest) faster?

zippitippitoes · 16/11/2007 18:05

but who..they have 750 employees according to their website

OP posts:
zippitippitoes · 16/11/2007 18:06

and aren't they just going to hand it back down to someone else who will ignore it

I was so nice to them too

OP posts:
foxinsocks · 16/11/2007 18:08

I think they are taking the piss.

charge them interest

also, write them a letter and tell them you will be charging a debt recovery fee (£40 as the debt is under £1000) on top of the invoice value plus the interest and you expect immediate payment or you will have no option but to take the matter to court.

online moneyclaim

I actually think it sounds like she had no intention of paying you actually (well certainly not quickly!).

zippitippitoes · 16/11/2007 18:09

the firm is denton wilde sapte by the way

OP posts:
Sam100 · 16/11/2007 18:10

Just address to "The Managing Partner, Law Firm name, Address" and cc Accounts Department.

I would second Issy's comments - they are probably not trying to shaft you but Madam X has probably not ticked the correct box on some form and so your invoice is stuck in accounts limboland!

Speak to the accounts department before you take any action - ask to speak to the Accounts Payable Supervisor or Financial Controller.

foxinsocks · 16/11/2007 18:10

oops too many 'actually'

are you good on the phone zippi (not that I'm saying you're not but I know some people don't like phoning companies and asking for money)?

Often you need to get a major case of the strops and something will happen.

zippitippitoes · 16/11/2007 18:11

ok for interest then it was a pro forma oinvoice ie one that is due immediately som interest can be charged from july 3rd is that right..the contract was immediate payment

OP posts:
foxinsocks · 16/11/2007 18:14

yes, put in 3rd July.

If no terms were agreed, you may need to assume the terms were 30 days so the due payment date would be 3rd August (iyswim). If they agreed to immediate payment (even if they didn't pay), then leave the due payment date as the 3rd July.

foxinsocks · 16/11/2007 18:15

or 2nd August for 30 days...if the contract was definitely immediate payment, leave the date as 3rd July.

zippitippitoes · 16/11/2007 18:16

she agreed to immediate payment verbally and the invoice is terms pro forma

maybe I should email the chief executive who is the managing partner

OP posts:
zippitippitoes · 16/11/2007 18:19

I'm really annoyed I did this as I'm very careful to avoid non payment

it was the week that dp left me which is why I have mishandled it..I just caved when she said she wanted it straightaway as I was struggling to run the business at the time anyway

OP posts:
foxinsocks · 16/11/2007 18:22

this sort of thing makes me really cross

if you have no luck, do let me know becuase I'm also quite close to their offices

I think, in your shoes, you need to call them up and not put the phone down until someone is putting the money straight into your bank account. They should be able to do an online transfer. And don't forget to charge them the extras!

zippitippitoes · 16/11/2007 18:25

the woman I dealt with doesn't seem to be listed on that website..maybe she has left but even so it shouldn't mean i don't get paid..that is where i sent the stuff to..

OP posts:
zippitippitoes · 16/11/2007 18:26

thank you I shall

presumably the whole office enjoyed the party bag toys

OP posts:
zippitippitoes · 16/11/2007 18:26

they had a private screening of the film i think

OP posts:
foxinsocks · 16/11/2007 18:26

she might not be senior enough - they may only list partners or senior bods

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