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If DH is given a custodial tomorrow.....

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puddytats · 14/12/2006 13:50

Does anyone know whether i will be able to see him before he is taken away? If not how soon after he is taken away will i be able to visit him - is it likely to be before christmas?

OP posts:
FiveGoldenFIMBOIDs · 14/12/2006 13:54

I am sorry Puddytats, I don't know. Cod might be able to help you. I hope everything works out ok. There is a thread her asking after you.

fairyjay · 14/12/2006 13:55

I don't know puddytats. Has the trial finished?

SparklyXmasKat · 14/12/2006 13:56

oh no, puddytats, remember reading about this, didn;t know that it all got this far...

DingDongDraculaOnHigh · 14/12/2006 13:57

oh god

Has he had the verdict then?

puddytats · 14/12/2006 13:57

There was no trial, he pleaded guilty, so tomorrow is simply sentancing

OP posts:
Kelly1978GotRunOverByAReindeer · 14/12/2006 14:17

So sorry to hear that it has come to this puddytats. I ddn't think sentancing was until after xmas. Wishing you the best of luck for tomorrow and hope the judge is sympathetic.

AFAIK he would be taken away immediately and then visits are every two weeks. So I wouldn't expect to see him after sentancing but hopefully he could get a visiting order out to you so you can visit before xmas.

KimiTheChristmasCracker · 14/12/2006 14:24

oh puddytats, hope it works out for you all.

HumphreyCushiONtheFirstNoel · 14/12/2006 14:25

I'll be thinking of you tomorrow, puddytats.

curlysmum · 14/12/2006 15:22

don't think you would be able to see him, they are usually held in the court and at the end of day taken in one van to nearest prison and then transferred etc over the next few days, given a prison identity no. which you would need to keep for all enquires. Different places usually have set days for visits which difer from place to place , have to be sent a VO by the prisoner stating names of people allowed to visit etc in the post, usually make some arrangements for taking children e.g. some have a play area etc. There is an organisation for familys of people in prison which gives helpful support and info but cannot for the life of me remember what its called ,thankfully don't have to do that anymore. Will be thinking of you Puddytats.

choosyfloosy · 14/12/2006 15:26

prisoners' families helpline

action for prisoners' families

hope you already have these

so sorry pt. what a Christmas.

MrsMillsletoe · 14/12/2006 15:40

Oh puddytats, I do so hope he gets a conditional discharge or similar, I really have everything crossed for you all and will be thinking of you all day.

puddytats · 14/12/2006 15:41

Thank you all for answering, that is what i thought choosyfloosy
At work trying to concentrate, can't stop thinking bout how my life could be so different tomorrow and how i will cope.

OP posts:
6beetrootsAmilking · 14/12/2006 15:44

what are you expecting puddytats?

LoveMyGirls · 14/12/2006 15:48

when i was younger and 6 mths pg my ex went to prison (for 6 weeks) we went to court together, expecting him to get a fine and comunity service but they gave him a custodial sentence and i was so shocked, i didnt know what to do, i hadn't even taken any money to get home. it was very surreal.

i don't know your full story but i feel for you.

SantaGotStuckUpTheGreensleeve · 14/12/2006 16:02

I'm so sorry about this puddytats, my heart goes out to you both. I'll be thinking of you over Christmas.

noddyholder · 14/12/2006 16:03

Will be thinking of you tomorrow and hoping for a good outcome x

lulabelle · 14/12/2006 16:51

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Tortington · 14/12/2006 17:03

i can't tell you how sorry i am for you and your family.

i am thinking of you - and your in my prayers xxx

MerryPiffmas · 14/12/2006 17:04

Pt so sorry this time of year and everything
Has your legal counsel offered any light on what sort of sentence your dh can expect?
Is there any talk of civil action as well, am so worried about that aspect for you and the kids.

bundle · 14/12/2006 17:07

I'm really sorry

saffy202 · 14/12/2006 18:16

Will be thinking of you - do you have any family going with you?

puddytats · 14/12/2006 18:30

We have been told to expect a custodial of upto 18 months. It is for Fraud and Theft. My mum is coming as well as his parents.

OP posts:
ernest · 14/12/2006 18:46

I really feel for you. Any time would be bad, but especially so now, right before Christmas. Have you got little ones? Hopefully they'l be compassionate. I'll be praying for you too. best wishes xxx

olittletownofberolina · 14/12/2006 19:00

Thinking of you pt. x


GoneAnon · 14/12/2006 19:14

my ex husband spent some time in prison, before we met. He survived, and so will your dh. Please do find out as much as you can, because the worst thing is fear of the unknown. Wishing you lots of strength xxx

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