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Shelia Blinge help for you.

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heavenis · 06/03/2006 09:35

Hi Shelia
Thought I'd start this thread do that you can ask any questions or just for a chat.

I think when your in this situation you know that bankrupcy isn't anything you enter into lightly.
The Court clerk and the Offical Receiver were really nice and they are on your side. When you come out of court the relief is amazing it's hard to explain.

OP posts:
heavenis · 06/03/2006 09:36

Sorry can't even spell your name right.

OP posts:
carla · 06/03/2006 09:37


cod · 06/03/2006 09:38

nice of you heavenis but blinge does oudn rude


SheilaBlige · 06/03/2006 09:46

lol thank you heavenis Smile

might change my name to Blinge Grin

cod · 06/03/2006 09:47


heavenis · 06/03/2006 09:50

Blush Grin

OP posts:
SheilaBlige · 06/03/2006 10:18

I can imagine that sense of relief I think ... this situation has been going on for nearly 18 months now (since I last worked). I haven't dealt with it properly because of the depression (the cause of my not working) - there has been a lot of head burying in the sand going on here, with unopened letters, not answering phone and hiding when the doorbell rings. And dealing with the feelings of failure and shame is hard too: although I'm in this situation because of circumstances beyond my control in part, I feel very bad that I got into the situation in the first place whereby my debts were so big that I completely depended on maintaining my wage just to keep my head above water.

I know I won't be able to make a proper recovery until I have confronted this situation (although I am feeling a lot better than I was - 6 months ago I wouldn't have been able to write this for instance).

I have no assets at all - I rent my home, I have no car, and nothing that's worth anything in terms of jewellery or household goods. I'm living on benefits and my debts amount to almost £30K. Even if I could get another job at the same wage I had before (which would be difficult as I'm out of the loop now, plus have the stigma of mental health issues to overcome), I can't go back to that type of work now at the same level as I was before, because that was one of the things that made me ill in the first place!

So bankruptcy really is my only option. I have looked at and discovered that you can complete all the forms online. And I'll ring National Debt Line for their advice too.

It's quite a relief to be able to talk about it, so thank you again for this thread Smile

suzywong · 06/03/2006 10:19


heavenis · 06/03/2006 11:20

Your doing the right thing now by getting your head out of the sand. We had debts which we handed to a company that dealt with it for you,but when you weigh up what their cut is its silly. We went for bankrupcy when the tax credits mucked up and as we relied on that money then we couldn't pay.
We went to court on the 16/2 and spoke to the Offical Receiver on the 1/3. We didn't even see a judge the court clerk did all the work. The offical receiver was done over the phone too.
They are nice people and I thought they'd be like your so stupid and why can't you pay your debts and tell you off.
If there are any questions about the form I can help with I will.
You can put about your job and illness in the part of the form that askes for reasons why you are having problems.

OP posts:
SheilaBlige · 06/03/2006 11:24
heavenis · 06/03/2006 11:30

It's not a problem. I know what it's like to be where you are and I'm only glad to help. Smile

OP posts:
heavenis · 07/03/2006 09:43

Morning Shelia
Have you spoken to CAB yet. In the mean time start putting down on paper your outgoings
Rent/Water/Gas/Electric/Poll tax/Food/Clothing/Travel costs(public transport).
Write down what you get in benefits.
Then start to make a list of all your creditors
how much you owe each and who the debt is with.
If you can't face doing in all in one go then,break it down into manageable chunks.
Take care.

OP posts:
spacedonkey · 07/03/2006 09:51

heavenis, you are such a star

(sorry, should add I am Sheila Blinge!)

I haven't spoken to CAB yet, but I have registered with and started filling out the paperwork. I filled in all the easy stuff yesterday - today I need to gather info on creditors (argh - opening scary pile of horrible letters). I do need advice though because I'm not sure who I put as my creditor ... e.g. if the original debt was with Capital One, but they have passed it on to Nasty McNasty Debt Collectors, do I put Nasty McNasty down as the creditor or Capital One?

I'm hoping National Debt Line will be able to help me out on those sorts of questions over the phone, although I'm not sure if they do that

heavenis · 07/03/2006 10:08

Hello again sorry I brought extra attention by my typing. For the creditor you would put Capital One as the creditor but in the address you put who currently holds the debt.
If you do have one with them, we had one and it was with NCO they are stupid and wouldn't believe we were bankrupty even with the bankrupty number,but thats quite common.
We have copies of our form so I can look at mine for reference as to what to put.
It is hard looking at those letters,but remember once you have this sorted you can have a fresh start.

OP posts:
spacedonkey · 07/03/2006 10:18

You know, I'm not exactly proud of being in this position, but at the same time I'm not going to hide it - I'm really grateful to you for starting this thread and for all the help and support you're offering ... it really does make a huge difference as you are giving me the confidence to confront this!

And anyway, I rather like the name "Sheila Blinge"!

Thanks for the advice re: who to put as creditor - I'm going to go and gather the dreaded letters from the Box of Doom and will report back with my progress Smile

heavenis · 07/03/2006 10:18

I have MSN if thats any help for chatting (although I haven't used it before)Or I can give you my e-mail address incase there is anything you don't want to put on here.

OP posts:
spacedonkey · 07/03/2006 11:17


well I opened the unopened pile of letters in the Box of Doom, and I've added those to the list of creditors on the paperwork

Just need to ferret out the rest now ...

heavenis · 07/03/2006 12:48

Well done for opening them, its' not easy is it.

OP posts:
spacedonkey · 07/03/2006 17:09

It isn't, but it's a hell of a lot easier knowing that I'm opening them in aid of doing something about it, rather than plummeting into a pit of despair and wondering

had a couple of bits of good news today to balance it out tho - did really well in my exam (I'm doing a degree with the OU) and some friends of ours had a surprise wedding!

heavenis - it must be an amazing feeling, the day it's all sorted - I can't imagine what a relief it will be ...

bundle · 07/03/2006 17:12

spacey, i rather like the name sheila blinge too...and I'm glad things are perking up foryou Smile

spacedonkey · 07/03/2006 17:15

thanks bundle Smile

I am seriously considering changing my name by deed poll to Sheila Blinge - it's great!

heavenis · 08/03/2006 08:22

It is an amazing feeling and one that is hard to discribe until you've done it.
Like you say when you know you are doing something about it and there is an end in sight.
One thing I like is to be able to answer the phone,not that the phone rings so much these days.
We had the phone on answer phone which said "Your call cannot be taken and you cannot leave a message,please try later".
Do your benefits get paid into a bank account, if they do get in touch with the benefits people and get them to send you a form for a post office account. If you have any thing else that comes out direct debt then most will offer you a payment card which is for the same amount as direct debit.

OP posts:
spacedonkey · 08/03/2006 10:59

I have my benefits paid into a friend's bank account because my own bank account was frozen ages ago Blush

It is a pain not having a bank account, but my understanding is that once you are bankrupt your accounts are closed anyway, so there's no point in my opening one now. Apparently some banks offer a restricted account for bankrupts.

God it sounds awful, I do feel so ashamed, but it seems that it's a much more common occurrence than one might think nowadays. I was chatting to a friend from my course, and told her what was going on with me and she said she had been through it herself a couple of years ago - I was worried about telling her for fear she would think the worst of me!

heavenis · 08/03/2006 14:14

Some banks will give you an account but not many until your a discharged bankrupt.
You should be able to have your benefits paid into the post office because that type of account is all it's for not direct debts etc.
I could cope that we were going to file for bankrupcy,it was what other people would think. I wanted to be honest with my parents and In laws, siblings. Although I found it hard to tell my mum she was really good about it,as have other people. It makes it easier in the fact you can talk openly about what's happening and you don't have to mind what you say.
It's more common than you think and last year the court clerk said they did over 1000 and thats only in our county court.

OP posts:
spacedonkey · 08/03/2006 15:21

I'm so pleased for you that it's all over now heavenis Smile

I am having a couple of problems with the paperwork here ...

a) when you put your creditors down, you're asked to give the date that the debt was accrued - but I can't remember! Plus, if they're credit cards the debt is accrued over time ...

b) they ask for a tax reference number and your tax office - i looked on my P60 but all I can see is tax code, and no tax office address

any ideas???

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