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Ah the annual deluge of envelopes from the CHILD TAX CREDIT OFFICE

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Pagan · 02/03/2006 15:00

Got 8 envelopes this year all within the space of 2 days. Whilst each one has a slightly different covering letter, they all contain the guidance notes and a letter with phone numbers on it - how much postage is wasted on this I wonder......

Oh and it's still all a balls up as well. I still owe money because I was paid working tax credit despite having never worked since my kids were born! Sigh!!!!

OP posts:
Mistymoo · 02/03/2006 15:02

Yes we have had 4 so far. They told us they had paid us £11 too much! I think they have spent the £11 just telling me that.

gladbag · 02/03/2006 15:05

Both my dh and I get separate copies of everything from them - all stating the same thing. I think we had 10 big white envelopes last time. Such a waste of paper and postage costs.

twinsetandpearls · 02/03/2006 18:21

I have had a new set of tax credit forms every other week for the past two months. I now have a huge pile of forms as I recieve two sets of forms for 2004-2005 and 2005 - 2006 each time. Every time I phone I give them the same information and every form has said someting different!

expatinscotland · 02/03/2006 18:23

Keep them ALL. We did, and we used them as evidence when they came back two years later demanding all sorts of money.

nutcracker · 02/03/2006 18:24

I had to send off my new claim form today. It took over a week for them to send me the form so god knows how long it will take them to actually process the thing.

expatinscotland · 02/03/2006 18:25

Hope you kept a copy of taht application, nutty.

twinsetandpearls · 02/03/2006 18:40

I have kept them along with a log of ohonecalls.

charliegirl25 · 02/03/2006 18:45

oh no,i'm dreading mine as I think they have paid me too much. Does anybody else get given nearly double what they need for childcare costs?

1980cat · 02/03/2006 21:25

CG sounds like they are paying you too much I'd find out what is going on as soon as possible as they are getting tougher on letting people off with overpayments.

alliebaba · 02/03/2006 21:26

my 4 came thru detailing the £15 a week childcare i paid for ds aged 2... he's now 6. i've told them 15 times.. they're all spams

charliegirl25 · 02/03/2006 21:30

Does nobody get paid more than they need? I know that my best friend gets paid ctc even though her mum looks after her dd therefore no childcare fees to pay.

1980cat · 02/03/2006 21:33

CTC isn't just for childcare it depends what your income is, a houshold income of less than 50000 will get you 10.50 a week with no childcare.

charliegirl25 · 02/03/2006 21:35

So hopefully mine might be right then.

Filyjonk · 02/03/2006 21:40

ctc deffo is not for childcare, childcare is paid as part of working tax credit.

Do you know that it doesn't matter if you've told them something, they are entitled to recover if you got money you weren't entitled to. Ie if you phoned them 400 times to tell them you shouldn't be paid, but were, tough. You might get it written off but this is discretionary. FFS.

Here is the official line. If you are paid money and know you shouldn't have been, open another bank account and put it in there. Hmmm.

In my case, they just will not record the info I give them about 04-05 earnings, so I have to give it to them every 6 months. And periodically they tell me I have been overpaid for this period, as they have no record of me giving them information.

They also have told me that I cannot claim as I have no children. This is news to me and dp, not to mention dd and ds.

charliegirl25 · 02/03/2006 21:44

oh this thread is making me all uptight and stressed which is what i get like when worrying about the b@st*rd tax credit w@nkers.

laughinglil · 03/03/2006 13:39

i started working more hours on the 3rd of jan making my entitled to working tax credit every time i phone them they say my claim is still going through... do you think i will get the money that the owe?

laughinglil · 03/03/2006 13:41

btw what is the most you can recieve in tax credits? my friend works 16 hours a week and is a single mum.. she recieves £42 child tax credits and £60 something pound a week working tax credits.... is this right? sounds a lot too me!

jessicaandrebeccasmummy · 03/03/2006 13:43

Nutty - you may be in for a wait! We sent our renewal forms for last year off in September - and STILL have heard nothing!!!

spacecadet · 03/03/2006 13:44

nutcracker-p;ester them to death like i did.
dont forget wayne in team 21Grin

1980cat · 03/03/2006 13:51

Ll that sound right for your freind working 16 hours without a very high income so she is possibly on the full ammount, she could get more if she was claiming for childcare costs but that is the max for one child.
You should get everything backdated to the day you started work but if it still isn't thorugh get back on the phone and find out what is going on 8 weeks is too long to have to wait, there may be problems if you are coming of benifts and going back into work but if you manage to get through to the right person they should be able to help.

laughinglil · 03/03/2006 14:42

never been on any benefits so I shouldn't see the problem! they are taking forever!

Pagan · 03/03/2006 14:46

Does anyone know what the bandings are? On our form it says we don't need to inform them unless our income changes to above £50k ish or below £24k ish so how come even if my DH's wages increase by £1k a year the amount paid to me changes. It really is a very confusing system. Aaaaan if there are bands, why do I have to work out our annual income to the nearest penny????
Aaaaan, get this, you get more for a child aged under 1 year because you have to fork out more in the first year (buying milk and clothes as was quoted to me) - I can see that argument but since I bf mine and got lots of clothes in pressies I find myself having to spend more now!!!!

OP posts:
Mum2OneAndOneMore · 03/03/2006 14:50

Can you do this online? I need to update ours as we have new baby can i do it online?

hunkermunker · 03/03/2006 14:52

M21A1M, ring them - much quicker IME. I've always found them really friendly to deal with and I've already had my new award letter through for the extra for DS2.

laughinglil · 03/03/2006 14:53

no you can't do in online any more as there was some kind of fraud going on apparently you will have to tell them over the phone..

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