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Ah the annual deluge of envelopes from the CHILD TAX CREDIT OFFICE

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Pagan · 02/03/2006 15:00

Got 8 envelopes this year all within the space of 2 days. Whilst each one has a slightly different covering letter, they all contain the guidance notes and a letter with phone numbers on it - how much postage is wasted on this I wonder......

Oh and it's still all a balls up as well. I still owe money because I was paid working tax credit despite having never worked since my kids were born! Sigh!!!!

OP posts:
laughinglil · 03/03/2006 14:54

they are taking the p* just rung them and they said the award is showing up but it hasn't been updated and there is nothing they can do I will just have to wait and it will be back dated... least it will be a nice little sum of money (i hope) they will probably take money off knowing them!

Mum2OneAndOneMore · 03/03/2006 14:55

Thanks Hunker i will go and give them a call now anyone know the number (being lazy can not be bothered to go fish old forms out have baby on my lap) Grin

laughinglil · 03/03/2006 14:57

0845 300 500 for uk
0845 603 2000 for n ireland

laughinglil · 03/03/2006 14:58

sorry uk is
0845 300 3900

laughinglil · 03/03/2006 14:58

sorry uk is
0845 300 3900

Mum2OneAndOneMore · 03/03/2006 15:02

Thanks LL will try them now & see what they say, wish me luck probably be on the phone for an hr!

Mum2OneAndOneMore · 03/03/2006 15:07

Wow got through straight away & its all sorted, sure something else will go wrong from here now.

twinsetandpearls · 04/03/2006 13:31

well since thursday we have had two new sets of forms with two new sets of figures.

How on earth are people supposed to plan their finances?

collision · 04/03/2006 13:48

so how is ctc and working tax credit worked out?

MrsFrostgetful · 04/03/2006 14:03

we have been overpaid...i want to ask them to reconsider...we have 3 disabled people in our there any website that helps with how to write the letter to the i am NOT phoning them this time-i am making sure EVERYTHING i say to them is in writing and sent RECORDED delivery!!!

I tried the citizens advice bureau- but gave up looking!

They want £200 a month back-to repay £800 and our gas/electric is £100 a month...just to put that in perspective,so though i disagree with the request to repay anything...the £200 will really leave us struggling. (they seem happy to overpay....despite my phone calls to query lump sums that kept appearing in our bank....then just when you think it is ok...they realise that in the year 2004/2005...they paid too much.)
i am feeling so sick about this as who knows what they will ask for next this past year our tax credits increased following the diagnosis of my 9yr olds autism.

i just feel that to be asking us for mney from a whole year ago means that really what we all ought to do is not spend any of it for probably 5 which time not only will we finally feel sure it is ours...but we will have straved and frozen to death.

ha- thats what they want...then they don't have to pay....sorry for the sarcasm...and apologies if you are a 'nice' IR worker.... my brother is a 'fairly high up bod' at the IR...and he looks down his nose at people like me who get paid tax credits whilst he has to i cannot speek to i want to fix this myself.

twinsetandpearls · 04/03/2006 14:07

We have been overpaid and I am not disputing that - although I wish they had sorted it earlier as I have been telling them for months that we have got too much. Mine is complicated by the fact I was overpaid last year but underpaid for two years before that.

On top of that I am on emergency tax and it seems to be taking forever to sort out.

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