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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

How soon after miscarriage did you conceive?

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Tinker3 · 17/12/2008 09:33

I had a miscarriage at 11+5 weeks last Wednesday, but baby only made it to 8/9 weeks.. Bleeding had pretty much stopped but still testing positive on a home pregnancy test..

I think the only way I can get over what has happened is to try again.. (and thankfully DH agrees).. How soon did you conceive again? My sister-in-law got pregnant two weeks after a D&C.. Is this common or unusual? Any real life experiences / advice welcome!

OP posts:
UnquietDad · 17/12/2008 09:37

DW had her miscarriage in the January and we began trying again a couple of months later - conceived in August and had healthy DD in May. Hope that helps.

aideesmum · 17/12/2008 12:36

In 2004 I miscarried in the March and fell pregnant again in May, now have a lovely ds (nearly 4yo) - hope this puts your mind at rest.

Not a nice thing to go through at all so keep trying and I hope it works out for you.

Picante · 17/12/2008 12:37

Mc in September, now 5 weeks pg. Good luck.

NattyTurkeyAndEggnog · 17/12/2008 12:39

i had 2 mc one in june one in october, pregnant again, didnt wait so was during first cycle after mc. docs tell you to wait one cycle but that is genrally to date you and save the NHS money on dating scans

catsmother · 17/12/2008 13:48

I miscarried 10 Sept, had my next period 10 Oct and conceived after that ...... but then miscarried again 28 Nov. I am 44, so am terrified about my chances of a) conceiving again at all, and b) keeping it.

I have heard lots of anecdotal evidence about friends and friends of friends conceiving immediately after or soon after a m/c but obviously all the other factors like age and frequency of sex have to be taken into account.

I'm trying again now, though I obviously haven't had a period yet. I can't afford to wait.

jingleallnewjinglebells · 17/12/2008 13:55

Conceived about 5/6 weeks afterwards. Sorry to hear about your loss, and good luck TTC

MrsMattie · 17/12/2008 13:56

Took a 3 month break before trying again, then got pregnant first month of trying.

cornflakegirl · 17/12/2008 14:42

I've had three miscarriages this year, and after 2 of them, have conceived again without waiting for normal period (decided to wait a month after the second one). There are a few threads on here about it, and the considered opinion seems to be that you only need to wait if you want to.

JingleJools · 17/12/2008 14:49

Miscarried on Nov 11th and intended to try again, but stupidly thought my body would behave itself and I would know when OV time approached and feel ovulation.

I had EWCM, BD'ed twice, felt what I thought was OV very strongly, then had pink spotting on Sunday, mixed with EWCM (sorry if TMI !!) Still spotting 3 days later - a little heavier but not much I guess this is too heavy for an implantation bleed so must be AF Very strange though - far too light and, just (TMI again sorry) - not the right colour or consistency iyswim but I guess that is all post MC body screw-ups ? - I was soooo hoping to take advantage of that belief we are more fertile just after a miscarriage ...

LullyMummaOfOne · 17/12/2008 15:03

Hey Tinker3, its good to hear you are going to try again. I dont know if you remember my story from the other thread but i had a MC in july this year and am now 13 weeks pg.

I know its hard going but try to relax & i would reccommend waiting for at least one normal period just so you know your body is back to normal. Others may differ but it was good for me to know my body was working as it should be.

Whising you lots of luck x

RumMum · 17/12/2008 15:15

sorry to hear about your loss,

I had a erpc in the september, ovulated 2 weeks later and fell pregnant, so I didn't even have a period.. DD is 12 now...

Tinker3 · 17/12/2008 15:24

So, in conclusion... Anything goes!!! Thanks so much for responding.. I am hungry for information and anything helps!

OP posts:
puddsmuggler · 17/12/2008 16:24

had mc at 11 weeks last year, had period 4 weeks later and conceived 2 weeks after that. Now have lovely 9 month old DD

Good luck with whatever you decide!

HeadFairy · 17/12/2008 16:26

Tinker, I haven't yet, but I wanted to wish you luck. I mc at 6 weeks in October, cycle seems to have returned pretty much straight away to a nice neat 28 days, no luck yet, but not giving up...... ever due to ov in a week so planning a Christmas love fest!

londontipton · 17/12/2008 16:28

had mc at 6 weeks, was advised to have one normal period. Did so, DD2 was conceived 2 weeks 6 weeks between mc and conception

cmotdibbler · 17/12/2008 16:31

Had ERPC at 9 weeks 28/08/05, BFP 17/10/05, beautiful DS born @ 35 weeks 20/5/06

HairyToe · 17/12/2008 18:54

I had ERPC 18th June,had 2 normal periods then conceived in Sept. In between felt sure things weren't working properly but now think that was just paranoia. Now 14 weeks pregnant and still paranoid but on the upside still pregnant.

Sorry about your miscarriage - take care of yourself and good luck in conceiving again

EachPeachPearMum · 18/12/2008 00:02

m/c in march, conceived 5/6 weeks later... 35 weeks pg now.
I'm sorry for your loss, but hope all goes well very soon Tinker

ThePippy · 18/12/2008 09:23

Sorry to hear about your MC Tinker, I know how tough it is. I had 12wk scan in September and found the baby had died at 8wks, even though I had no negative signs whatsoever, so had to have an ERPC.

After ERPC I waited until after AF before TTC and then I only had 1 more AF visit before getting my BFP just last week, so my LMP was effectively in November and I am due in August. I am 38 by the way so haven't exactly got age on my side.

Last pregnancy was my first and it was a massive shock at the 12wk scan, as I had never even heard of MMC, and I had assumed that getting to 12wk with no bleeding meant I was out of the woods as far as MC risk.

So I am pregnant again (5+something) but am struggling to really feel pregnant and don't think I will believe it at all until the scan.

Good luck with trying again, you will get there!

JingleJools · 18/12/2008 09:28

ThePippy - your story sounds like mine - first pregnancy - to to 11+5 and the day of my dating scan, then MC'ed naturally - very sudden and scary

That was Sept 11th - I now think AF is here, but it is very light and odd. Am very encouraged by all the stories of people conceiving within weeks of MC, but am sure I will be terrified and kind of in denial if / when I conceive again - won't be able to relax for 12 weeks, especially as I don't know WHEN the baby died.

I was 38 when I conceived and am 39 now, so age not on my side either !

I hope it all goes well for you this time

Tinker3 · 18/12/2008 16:57

Thanks again.. this place is such a great source of info and inspriration..

I have stopped bleeding today and I did a hp test this morning and it only showed the faintest of positive lines... I am hoping that by next week it will be a neg and that we too can have a Christmas love fest

I can find no real reason in the research I have done to wait.. To me, there's nothing to wait for, as I don't know how many more miscarriages I will have.. Crack on, that's what I am thinking!

OP posts:
arena · 18/12/2008 17:14

Hiya tinker sorry about your m/c, its good that your pregnancy test is showing a faint positive. I m/c on the 4th of november like you i have no reason not to start trying again.

I think i am pregnant 6 weeks later still showing a strong postive, i went to the doctors yesterday, but the doctor would'nt do anything about it, she said that you can still be showing positive after 6 weeks .

She told me to come back after christmas, if i am still showing positive. Good luck tinker. So i will give you an up date after christmas.

HeadFairy · 18/12/2008 23:02

Tinker, I made sure I double checked with the mw who saw me when I miscarried, she said there's absolutely no physiological reason why you can't try again immediately. Sometimes they recommend waiting to help you heal emotionally. The medical reason for waiting for one cycle is so if you do get pg you can date the pregnancy more easily, otherwise they have to do a dating scan. I felt emotionally strong enough to go for it so we did, no luck yet but we're still trying. Due to ov on christmas day

snowwombat · 19/12/2008 02:11

Dear Tink, good to see you here.Glad to hear about TTC. Our little boy born+died at 20weeks in July (taken 12 months to conceive), conceived again in Sept after two visits from AF. My cycle went straight back to normal.Was far more relaxed about TTC the second time and I am sure it helped (threw out ovulation sticks/thermometer etc!). Best wishes for you+DH

littleboyblue · 19/12/2008 02:15

I'm so sorry for your loss.
I mc on the 3rd May, on the 10th June, we found out I was 5 weeks pregnant, so that gave us a number of days.

Good luck with it. X

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