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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

How soon after miscarriage did you conceive?

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Tinker3 · 17/12/2008 09:33

I had a miscarriage at 11+5 weeks last Wednesday, but baby only made it to 8/9 weeks.. Bleeding had pretty much stopped but still testing positive on a home pregnancy test..

I think the only way I can get over what has happened is to try again.. (and thankfully DH agrees).. How soon did you conceive again? My sister-in-law got pregnant two weeks after a D&C.. Is this common or unusual? Any real life experiences / advice welcome!

OP posts:
WorzselMincepieYummage · 19/12/2008 13:01

Erpc in feb, BFP beginning of July

Good luck x

DungunGirl · 19/12/2008 13:02

Miscarried in March 08, Preggers again in June 08!

Now 24 weeks!!!!

Good Luck!

christmasiana · 19/12/2008 13:19

miscarried jan 05 pg again in apr 05 - was told to wait three months which we did and tbh i think that was a good thing as you need time to get over it all i think

Tinker3 · 22/12/2008 14:18

Well.. Feeling better today (back at work) and have almost got a BFN when testing this morning... The line is SOOOOOOOO faint, DH and I really had to stare to see it.. In myself I feel fine, drinking wine again so that must be a good sign.. And just in time for Christmas too!

I used to use 'Persona' as a contraception and then as an aid to get pregnant but given what happened with the miscarriage, I haven't been able to 'set' it again yet, so am going to use Clearblue's ovulation kit to see when I next ovulate.. Can't be doing with waiting for next AF to gauge it!

Who knows how long it will take but hopefully it will be soon!

Wishing you all a jolly Christmas and I hope 2009 brings you all what you want!!

OP posts:
ziki15 · 10/01/2009 00:19

i like this's encouraging...we are pryaing about what to do next...

i M/c on 11/26/08...part of me wants to try after AF she jus left town....but then the other part is nervous about trying....almost 20weeks is a long time to carry a bb and looz it suddenly...i have no one to talk to...
peps tell me to try (especially my mum) but i'm really ambivalent about the whole thing....

please continue posting happy endings...

dsrplus8 · 10/01/2009 00:32

i mis in oct ,concieved mid-end nov....with twins! good luck TTC

treacletart · 10/01/2009 00:36

Had a missed miscarriage and a erpc 6th October 2006, a period November 5th and a DD August 5th 2007. I just new that getting pregnant again immediately was the best way for me to deal with it. Also I'd heard that you can be at your most fertile directly after pregnancy and I wanted to take advantage of that. I think the main reason they suggest waiting is because it helps to date pregnancy from your last period but it's not crucial. Hope you have a happier pregnancy soon. X

ready2pop · 10/01/2009 11:04

Hi,sorry about your mc.

I had a mc at 8 weeks at the end of Novand and am pg again so conceived about 2 weeks after the mc with no Af in between.

My Dr said there was no reason to wait so we decided to go for it. Just hoping this one sticks around.

Best of luck!

MirandaG · 10/01/2009 11:11

Similarly to ready2pop - I conceived the next time I ovulated after third miscarriage in a row. I get pain at ovulation so it is pretty easy to time! Baby girl born nine months later. I would just go for it. Sorry if this has ben mentioned already - haven't read the whole post, but according to Lesley Regan's book there is no reason why you shouldn't try again straightaway, apart from giving yourself time to recover psychologically from the miscarraige, but sometiimes the only way to do that is to keep trying. I wish you all the best.

ladylush · 10/01/2009 19:12

Got pregnant 4 weeks after ERPC. Good luck

neleh193 · 25/01/2009 19:57

hi all, my name is helen, these messages are really helpful, i also had a missed mc in dec i was 11 weeks and 4 days preg, started spotting, went to early preg unit to be told no heartbeat
had erpc following day, which went as well as could and just had AF exactly 28 days later, feel fine phisically and feel strong emotionally now. i did go to the doc a week after erpc as was worried as still having slight pain, he said uterus was shrinking as was almost 12 weeks preg and i wont get a period for 4 MONTHS!!!!! i started crying and said i really want to try again he said.. "no you should wait 4 months" which made me more upset, there were no other complications in this pregnancy so i dont understand why he told me to wait this long other than the fact that i was so upset when i saw him. i am ready to try now i feel healthy and back to normal, i feel more destressed thinking about waiting!! me and dh want to try straight away, and i think we will, although i am (like everyone) petrified i will cause another mc if we try too early. the doc i saw isnt my normal doctor and i feel he only told me to wait as i was so upset when i saw him, sorry to write so much, but it really does help to write how you feel and i find all these posts so comforting. helen xx

ladyhelen2 · 25/01/2009 20:05

hello helen, saw your post and had to respond, I mc in July at 11 weeks. Ended with an ERPC. Had one period and then pg again. This time am still pg and am now 26 weeks. I had 2 other mc before the last one and didn't wait to TTC.I have no idea whether it would have made any difference but the fact that this one seems to be a sticky one, makes me glad we didn't wait. Do what you feel like doing. Only you can answer that one. If you feel ready, go for it. Good luck.

LeninGrad · 25/01/2009 20:05

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LeninGrad · 25/01/2009 20:11

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

neleh193 · 25/01/2009 20:17

thanks lady helen, that is reasurring news, im really glad you are doing well now, i do feel for you having gone through what you have, it must have been a hard time. i never realised before my mc that there are so many women who go through this draumatic experience. i so want to be pregnant again, and just dont feel like i can wait. i feel really ready, but i just dont want to be in the same position 2-3 months later, but noone can answer that. thanks for responding to me, i do find these forums comforting. thanks lady helen take care.
helen x

Joolsiam · 25/01/2009 20:20

Leningrad (I was JingleJools when I posted on here before Christmas)

I finally had a proper AF arrive last Sunday - just over 10 weeks after the MC at 11+5 - really heavy for 48 hours then stopped abruptly and now just spotting - not a normal AF, but getting there I think. Am pretty sure I ovulated 13 days prior to this, which would be normal for me. This cycle was 35 days though and I normally go 29 days.

The 8 day bleed I had before Christmas (35 days after MC) was, I am guessing, the end of an anovulatory cycle.

Here's hoping for a Valentine's BFP if my cycle is back to normal

LeninGrad · 25/01/2009 21:54

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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