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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Hel please - is this a miscarriage?

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quarkee · 22/03/2008 21:55

I hope you can help me - I started bleeding yesterday and paniced and went to A&E - they scheduled me for a scan today. I have had increasingly heavy bleeding (red w some clots) today but the scan this morning showed a heartbeat! What do I do??? The bleeding is still going on but the doctor said that it could for another day or so - somethnig about the foetus 'burrowing' into the lining?? Am so worried that I may be losing this one. This is my 2nd pregnacny, the first was problem free and i have a lovely DS as a result. Since then I have been diagnosed with PArkinsons however. Can anyone give me any advice as to what I should do? I dont want to rush to A&E again as i got the feeling i may have overreactted butthrn what the heck else are you supposed to do - it was such a shock....I'm sorry this may sound minor compared to those of you who have suuffered multiple mc but i'm so scared...

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madamez · 22/03/2008 21:58

It's possible that you were carrying twins and have lost one, but one is still hanging in there. I am not a doctor or medical expert but wish you lots of luck and suggest that you contact your local Early Pregnancy unit and ask for a scan.

berolina · 22/03/2008 21:58

I'm afraid all you can do is wait and see. A heartbeat is a very good sign. How many weeks are you?

Take it easy - rest cannot prevent a mc that is going to happen at this stage, and not resting cannot cause a mc, but it will be a tough few days of waiting and you will need your strength.

quarkee · 22/03/2008 22:14

thanks for such quick answers/ thoughts - i am 6weeks ie in my 7th week now. the scan showed teh foetus was/ is 5.1mm - will see what tomorrow brings...

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Jackstini · 22/03/2008 22:19

Fingers crossed for you Q.
What the doc spoke about was implantation bleeding - very common and lots of women get this and do go on to have healthy pregnancies. HB is a good sign too.
Can't blame you for going to A&E, it is a natural reaction. Get the number of your local EPAU at the hospital handy and call them if you need more advice or you have further bleeding with clots.

oops · 22/03/2008 22:20

Message withdrawn

quarkee · 23/03/2008 07:36

thanks - I have got the number now and will call them later today if it doesnt tail off a bit - still lots of fresh bleeding this morning

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Flight · 23/03/2008 07:42

Oh good luck today...a heartbeat is a very good sign, plus the foetus sounds about the right size for the gestation.

I hope they can tell you more soon.

Instead of A&E just ring the EPAU, ring them now, they will tell you what to do next and might ask you in for another scan.

Hope it all is Ok xx

quarkee · 23/03/2008 09:45

our epau says i am too early to 'qualify' for their services and have recommended i either call gp or go back to a and e - am on the queue now for the out of hours gp

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lackaDAISYcal · 23/03/2008 09:53

soory you're bleeding quarkee. It is quite common, and the fact that you have seen a HB is a very good thing. It reduces the risk of miscarriage immensely if you see a HB at this stage in the proceedings. MY SIL had very bad bleeding until she was 16 weeks and it turned out there was a haematoma behind the placenta, which resolved itself.

I'm that your EPU say your too "early" to qualify for their services? that sounds just bonkers. Can your doctor refer you to them? I've seen my EPU at six weeks in two of my pregnancies and you can self refer yourself at any time really.

I hope things are OK for you. xx

quarkee · 23/03/2008 12:59

thanks Daisy - my out of hours GP tried to get me a booking for a scan but no joy so I just have to sit it out - thanks re SIL story, makes me feel better - its the not knowing that is the worst thing. Gloucestershrie is having a big rejig on maternity services at the mo so maybe I'm getting the 'benefit'

OP posts:
Jackstini · 23/03/2008 15:45

Sorry to hear you are not getting see Q - I used EPU at 5.5 wks people don't get the same treatment.
Hope you can get seen tomorrow or Tues - let us know how you get on

whoops · 23/03/2008 15:51

Sorry you are bleeding and having to wait.

I had a heavy bleed at 10 weeks with ds - we had a scan 2 days later and saw a heartbeat.

I rang the out of hours doc when it happened and was told if I wasn't in pain to just rest and see my gp the next day (it happened on a Sunday) I hadn't even thought about going to A & E then

lackaDAISYcal · 23/03/2008 15:55

How are things quarkee?

I hope the bleeding has settled down a bit.

quarkee · 23/03/2008 16:30

Still bleeding away with some grumbling pain but no clots just blood mixed up with clear mucus (sorry if tmi ) so on the one hand think it might b slowing down but cant understand why still hurting - i will be on my GP's doorstep Tuesday I think. I was meant to be runnnig this workshop for a big client in London on Tues but cant see that happening now - client will be p*ssd though oh dear. MIL is helping with DS the woman deserves a knighthood (damehood?) we havent told her whats wrong just said I am tired as dont want to worry her if we dont need to - DS having a whale of a time so not all bad - thanks for asking after me guys

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thirtysomething · 23/03/2008 16:38

I had lots of bleeding with small clots around 6-7 weeks with DS. Was convinced must be miscarrying, but scan showed heartbeat and fetal pole. It subsided after a week or so of agonising wait. Doctor said was something to do with placenta trying to grow over cervix and failing to stick. I thought it was plausible at the time but since wondered if placenta grows this early? Anyway, end result was it just stopped on it's own. Had less bleeding in fact when I think I lost an early pregnancy. Fingers crossed for you x

MaryAnnSmotheredinchocolate · 23/03/2008 17:12

fingers crossed here xxx

quarkee · 23/03/2008 18:43

this site is great - i am so glad I posted and so glad everyone has answered me - it is very heartening to hear others' experiences - i had a completely problem free pg with ds so this has come as a real shock - i just wasn't prepared for anything like this at all - at least i know this is all pretty normal if deeply unpleasant and worrying - thanks again. If tiddler gets through this then at least I'll know (s)he is a toughie!

OP posts:
MaryAnnSingleton · 24/03/2008 15:36

any news ? hope all ok xxxx

quarkee · 24/03/2008 18:45

thanks - still bleeding quite a lot but feeling a bit brighter today which i take as a good thing - will be at my GP 1st thing tomorrow to find out more and beg for another scan - wish me luck...

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quarkee · 24/03/2008 20:06

Does anyone know how much it would cost to get a scan done privately if I cant get one done quickly on the NHS? And how i go about getting one sorted out? I have BUPA but i dont want to tell work I am pg (I hope I still am) so any ideas?? i checked one of the commercial scanning co's but they only do scans from 11 weeks

OP posts:
Mum1369 · 24/03/2008 20:14

You can get a private scan at the Fetal Medicine Centre - it's in Harley Street, don't know if that's easy for you to get to ? Can't recall how much it is exactly but you won't get much change out of £100. But if you can afford it and you can't get a scan on the NHS then cheap for peace of mind.
Hopefully they will get you in early tomorrow - make sure you kick up a fuss and be assertive ! Keeping everything crossed for you

quarkee · 24/03/2008 20:37

I am in Gloucestershire but work in London so might be able to do it later this week if i need to - thanks

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MaryAnnSingleton · 24/03/2008 21:03

Good luck tomorrow xxx

lackaDAISYcal · 24/03/2008 21:49

good Luck tomorrow quarkee. I hope you can get another scan.

I paid £70 for a private scan here in Leeds at a screening centre that is attached to the university. We phoned what used to be BUPA, but is now Spire, and they wanted £330

quarkee · 25/03/2008 08:51

just waiting to get my gp appt _ I will ask them the nearest place to go to oif i canr have NHS - the London place is charging £100 so at least i know mkt rate

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