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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Is this the start of miscarrying?

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PinkPP · 15/05/2014 21:18

I'm so worried this is the start of a miscarriage.
I'm 10 weeks today, (second pregnancy) have had sharp pains in the left side for probably weeks but have put it down to wind!
This evening, think it started earlier today really. Have felt like I'm about to start my period! the cramping/sort of dull ache.
Checked and have a light, brown colored discharge.
Phoned the early pregnancy unit who said the only thing I can do is go to A&E! (Have a toddler so can't just go now) but did say it's more positive that it's brown - old blood.
Will phone the Midwives when open at 08:30 tomorrow for the hour. (Or should I go to A&E? it seems dramatic when it's only discharge rather than blood and if I go will they be able to scan me?)
So worried this is the start of losing my baby. Also have a lower backache and the odd sharp pain on the left-hand side.
From googling! it seems it can be normal and all will be ok but have also read where it's also been the start of losing the baby for others.
I know no-one can tell me here.
Please can anyone let me know what happens now? Will the Midwife/GP take a blood test to check still pregnant? and if so how long for the results? Or will I be booked for an early scan? and if so is it only a day or two generally? (I'm stressed with the shock of finding brown discharge following the cramps and didn't have any colored discharge, blood loss etc. with my 1st pregnancy -so no brown discharge as normal with uterus stretching etc).
Sorry for people that may read this and are going through / have gone through so much worse.
There's just no where I know to find information, other than googling!
This is my last chance due to age to have a baby.

OP posts:
domesticslattern · 15/05/2014 21:34

You are right that no one can tell you here whether everything will be OK, I'm sorry.

What I can do is tell you what happened to me when I had brown blood at a similar stage. The midwife on the phone was pretty brusque and said that they said they would not scan me as even if I was miscarrying there was nothing they could do. They said it was a matter of waiting and seeing what happened. They advised me to rest and take it easy.

I found it v. upsetting to not know what was going on and I do gather from MN that others have been able to get an early scan on the NHS but it might be hard to answer your question about when. As it might vary from area to area, how busy they are etc.

In my case, the next day I was very upset so I paid for a private scan (they were happy to see me immediately) and a heartbeat was detected. The bleeding stopped and the pg went on. She's currently 2 and asleep next door.

I will keep my fingers crossed for you. xxx
PinkPP · 15/05/2014 22:08

Thank you for your reply. I'm really pleased everything worked out well with your baby in the end (but not how you were spoken to at the time you had a scare) but thank you also as I can be prepared for being told the same sort of thing when I phone tomorrow morning.

OP posts:
bakingtins · 15/05/2014 22:23

Sorry you have had a scare PP

In most cases you would be sent to the nearest EPU for a scan. Some are walk-in, some require a referral from GP or MW. there's no value in seeing a GP or MW that early on, just request a referral to be faxed. Prob worth a google to find out what arrangements are in your area. I would say no point in A&E unless you get any severe bleeding, they will not have facilities to scan you.

It can often be ok, I know it's very hard not to assume the worst. FX for a good outcome.

PinkPP · 15/05/2014 23:01

Thank you, I will ask for a referral tomorrow when I phone the Midwife Team.

OP posts:
rainbow9713 · 15/05/2014 23:18

Hi, it is always better to get things checked out if you are worried. Remember all pregnancies can be different though!!
I had spotting before and I went to A&E and they wouldn't scan me, eventhough I had already had 3 miscarriages.
The only time I ever got took seriously was when I was pregnant with my daughter who is now 10 months old. I went to A&E with very heavy bleeding at 6 weeks, they said I was miscarryong but took my blood to test HCG levels, I then had to return 2 days later for them to 'confirm' a miscarriage. But my HCG levels had increased.
I continued to bleed heavily every week up until I was 13 weeks pregnant, I went to A&E every time and they did scan me because of my 'history'. (3 early miscarriages, 1 stillborn).
But my daughter is now healthy and happy, so try not to worry too much xx

PinkPP · 15/05/2014 23:37

Thank you rainbow, sorry you have had such losses. Congratulations on your baby girl. You are right about pregnancies being different and I'm so hoping that's all this is.

OP posts:
rainbow9713 · 16/05/2014 09:30

I really think you you will fine, but it is worrying I do understand. Good luck :).
I will be looking out for some good news from you xxx

SeaSaltMill · 16/05/2014 10:44

It could be. But it could be nothing.

If you go to A&E they should refer you to EPU for a scan. Good luck, I hope its nothing x

SeaSaltMill · 16/05/2014 10:44

It could be. But it could be nothing.

If you go to A&E they should refer you to EPU for a scan. Good luck, I hope its nothing x

Tranquilitybaby · 16/05/2014 13:26

You should get your gp to refer you to the EPU. Don't want to worry you but I had indents cal symptoms three weeks ago and I had an ectopic pregnancy. Def worth getting checked out. X

PinkPP · 16/05/2014 15:24

Thank you rainbow, sea and tranquility. Sorry you had an ectopic pregnancy tranquility, I've been worried about this too. My GP has just examined me - there was no pain when she was feeling my stomach and said this was to check for ectopic pregnancy so hoping as I felt no pain it's not. I have a scan Wednesday (the GP was fantastic and asked for one sooner but this was the earliest available date).
So I just have to wait until then. I still have the brown discharge/brown blood spots - both very light and an ache on and off as well as more of an ache one-side.
The Midwife team didn't help this morning, it was just a 30 second conversation where I was told to see my GP to be referred for a scan. The GP surgery was fantastic as they had no appointments, only thing I could do was go in this evening and wait to be seen at some point but the Receptionist called me back and got me the afternoon appointment with lovely Doctor.
So will just have to wait. GP couldn't say obviously, have to wait for the scan. She did say it could all be ok as it does happen in pregnancy as I've been advised here as well as all pregnancies being different. Equally with the accompanied pain may not be good news and told me what to do - going to A&E if feel unwell with it over the weekend and more blood loss.

OP posts:
PinkPP · 19/05/2014 12:02


I had a tiny amount of red blood Saturday night. Last night the brown blood was heavy and this morning red blood soaking a pad in 5 minutes! and have sat on the toilet and lost loads of red blood this morning.
Inbetween sitting with my 3yr old at the breakfast table and saying I had hayfever and needed lots of wees. (-His Dads now looking after him for the day and taking him out for the day).

Life is just fucking shit and so unfair.

I'm just waiting to pass all the blood and dreading passing the sac. I'm not in much pain at the moment.
Do I still go to the scan I have booked Wednesday? to check all's gone or do I cancel now? Is there anything I'm supposed to do or just wait and then it's all over.

I'm so fucking desperate I even made a decaff coffee this morning - like I can't drink caffeine now! Still keep thinking maybe it's just alot of blood loss but my baby will still be ok or maybe it's a twin I'm losing. Then how I saw a medium last month who told me everything will be ok and I'll be pushing a pram at the end of this year.

Excuse the ramble and language is anyone reads this but it helps writing this somehow.

OP posts:
rollonthesummer · 19/05/2014 12:07

Is there an epau at your hospital? I'd try to get an early scan if you can.

I've been pregnant 5 times and had brown bleeding with all 5 pregnancies. Two were miscarriages but I have three healthy children. The bleeding was the same with all of them-the only difference was the early scan showed clearly whether or not the pregnancy was viable or not.

Worried22 · 19/05/2014 12:10

Sorry it sounds similar to what I'm going through/went through at the wkend. I too had scan already booked for tomorrow. I'm going to still go even though I know deep down I've lost the baby, I want it confirmed.

Hope the outcome is different for you, but you might find the cramps become really painful then pass after a big gush (sorry Sad) Try a hot water bottle and paracetamol. Hope things are ok.

rainbow9713 · 19/05/2014 19:56

PINKPP still go for your scan. I had very heavy bleeding with my pregnancy and my daughter is here. At the scan they could see where the bleesing was coming from and it was right next to the pregnancy sac and the same size, although they can't confirm they said it was a strong possibility there was 2 pregnancy sacs there in the beginning.
And although when you start bleeding most times it is a miscarriage unfortunately, I still have to tell you my experience and my pregnancy progressed fine
Good luck and please let me no either way what happens. I am here for u either way. I have lost and been through a full pregnancy so would try my best to help you either way xx

PinkPP · 22/05/2014 14:46

Unfortunately the scan yesterday wasn't good news. There was no heartbeat and growth stopped at 7 weeks.
I just want it to be over now, it's a week since I started spotting and have been bleeding heavily since Monday.
I opted for the medical management - tablets to speed-up passing everything. I was given a tablet yesterday but nothing has happened and have to go back again tomorrow for the pessaries.
I'm fed-up of crying and bleeding now and (as harsh as it sounds) just want it all to be over now. Dreading the pain everytime I have a twinge and passing of the sac.
I didn't opt for the D&C as haven't had GA before and with it being intrusive worried about the very small chance of anything going wrong leading to any temporary infertility.
Hope this doesn't upset anyone.

OP posts:
daisydalrymple · 22/05/2014 14:53

Really sorry to read your posts and i do hope you're managing to rest. I just wanted to say i had a mmc 2 years ago age 40, and am now pg again with dc3. Am 15 wks, and all ok so far. You mentioned this would be your last chance due to age, so just wanted to add some small reassurance about the age issue. Thinking of you xxx

PinkPP · 22/05/2014 22:29

Thank you all.

This is far too much information...(so sorry if this upsets anyone who reads this).


I don't know if I've passed the sac?

About half 4, I was in so much pain -pain in my stomach, like contractions but were lasting so long at a time with hardly anytime in-between. It went on for just over 4 hours. I was sick twice with the pain, sweating and shaking and worried I would faint on the toilet! So I made a 'nest' covering the floor with my toddlers old disposable changing mats, potty-training mattress pads and nappies! -there instead of a pad -as bleed too much. I was in too much pain to move. I saw what I was passing (into the nappies!) which has been constant blood and large clots (-sorry, not as large as a palm of a hand, half the size, two I think were probably as large as). The pain then stopped after the last clot. I'm so relieved the pain has stopped.

The Nurse I saw at the scan said the sac wouldn't 'squish' like a clot would but I still don't know as they were large and I don't know how big the sac would be and if it was part of the clot.

I don't want to go back to hospital tomorrow -the same gynae department as I went Wednesday for the scan and had the 1st tablet and due to have the pessaries. I just can't face going back. The Nurse, Sonographer and Consultant were all so lovely, it's not how I was treated which was wonderfully. I had to have an internal scan and can't face that tomorrow.

I'm so relieved to not be in the pain I was but I feel sore there, exhausted, like I've been punched in the stomach, legs feel shaky and wobbly. I'm so tired.

I'm so sorry if I have upset anyone that reads this.

If anyone has got this far, do you think it's over and I passed the sac? I'm also worried about infection so don't want anything left there. I'm bleeding now but nothing like the 4 hours today, or what I had Monday morning but I've passed so much blood in this time. Maybe I should ask for a scan for next week? I don't think I can go back tomorrow. I can't see I need the pessaries now and they might not be able to scan me anyway (and I can't have an internal scan when I feel this sore).

If anyone could be so kind to give me advice please. I'll report this post later for it to be removed with all this detail and upsetting for people to read.

I'm sorry about this post.

OP posts:
Wineandchoccy · 23/05/2014 08:35

pinkpp I had medical management nearly 3 weeks ago for a mmc and I had to have the tablets twice.

1st day I had them I had pain but only a small amount of bleeding.

24 hours later I had to go back for a 2nd dose of tablets and the pain was intense within an hour and bleeding started about 2 hours after. The process lasted about 3 hours and I passed 2 large clots. I was rescanned 2 weeks after and everything as gone so hopefully you will be the same and won't need anymore treatment or intervention. It does sound like you have passed the sac.

I hope you feel better soon it's the most awful experience to go through, I have found talking about it on here and in real life helps.

I am still bleeding a tiny amount which the epu said is normal and to expect period in 4 - 5 weeks.

Irishmammybread · 23/05/2014 09:18

So sorry you're going through this pink.
It does sound like you've passed the sac but the hospital will probably want to check.I had to have repeated scans after two of my miscarriages as they took a while to be complete even after the sac had passed (though I didn't need any more intervention.)
It's a heart breaking thing to happen, I found the support from Mumsnet invaluable when it happened to me.It takes it's toll emotionally as well as physically so look after yourself.
You'll need time to grieve and come to terms with your loss and decide whether to ttc again or not, I know you said in your OP that it was your last chance due to age but I just wanted to share my story with you, I hope you don't feel the timing is inappropriate.I became pregnant at 44 unexpectedly but sadly miscarried at 11 weeks. We decided to actively ttc though I unfortunately went on to have several more losses.I was told at my age any pregnancy had a 50% chance of being successful. We had decided to give up when I found I was pregnant again and this one stuck, DD3 is now 4 weeks old, she was born when I was 46, so sometimes there is still hope. x

PinkPP · 23/05/2014 13:03

Thank you both.
I phoned the Gynae dept. this morning and they said I don't have to come in today and have instead booked me in for a weeks time to take another blood test and maybe scan.
I thought it was over but passed another clot at midnight had period type pain at night so hardly slept and had cramping again this morning and passed another clot.
The blood loss is also alot but the Gynae dept. said this is normal (I went to bed with a nappy in my knickers wrapped a maternity mattress pad around me and then lay on two and still leaked onto the maternity pads). I'm still wearing a nappy in my knickers as it's too heavy for a pad.
At least the worst is over and hope it all ends soon as I've really had enough.
I can't eat either tried to eat an apple today but knew I'd be sick if I did, which I suppose is to be expected.
Despite how difficult I've found this, I've decided to give myself a break in June, have a period and then TTC again. If successful, it'll take me into next year and another year older but I'm desperate for a baby. If this happens again I'd opt for a D&C.

Also, I've been taking codeine which isn't touching the cramps. Then tried the paracetamol with the caffeine (as have always found they've worked before when in pain) but they're not doing anything. Is paracetamol safe anyway? with the blood-thinning aspect? Also tried the pananadol (sp?) which you can only take for 3 days as strong but still not doing anything. Can anyone recommend anything please?

It's been so helpful the advice received, thank you and just writing this down.

OP posts:
Wineandchoccy · 23/05/2014 13:12

The epu told me to take 400mg of ibuprofen and 2 x parecetomol to the maximum dose it says on the packet for the pain.

PinkPP · 02/06/2014 15:25

Thank you for the advice ref. pain relief.

Sorry, I'm after more advice!

I'm still bleeding heavily. (TMI! but enough to have to change a pad every few hours and twice now have leaked at nighttime onto the sheets :( despite changing pad just before bedtime, wearing big knickers! and then sleeping on a maternity pad or towel - of which it's leaked onto).

Since about Thursday last week, the blood has changed from red to dark brown but it's alot of old blood (and considering the amounts I lost when miscarried).

So it's very dark brown blood, quite a bit of it and I'm sure it smells.

I just want to be able to do things now. Instead of constantly wearing big, horrible sanitary towels and worrying about leaking all the time. I've only left the house since it happened when I've had to - three times. Last Friday I had to go to a meeting, wore dark clothes incase I leaked, then it wouldn't show. Long train journey home made-up of lots of connections. Despite changing the pad a few hours previously, 5mins. before a connection I felt I was leaking and couldn't go off to the toilet due to train approaching and had leaked through pad, onto knickers, then a bit on tights and dress :(

It's only a week and a half since I miscarried but I've had enough now. It's difficult enough emotionally without the physical bleeding too and I'm paranoid about the smell!

Sorry for the essay, please can anyone advise how long you do bleed for in general? (and I suppose old blood will have some odour?)

OP posts:
allisgood1 · 02/06/2014 21:57

PinkPP, first of all I am so sorry for your loss :(

Please go and see your GP tomorrow. I am not qualified to know but it sounds to me like you've retained "products" and this needs looking into ASAP as you could develop a serious infection. You likely need an ERPC to remove the rest. This happened to me twice and was the case both times :( Please please don't let this carry on, call GP first thing tomorrow.

PinkPP · 02/06/2014 23:59

Thank you.
You're right. (-Coincidentally, earlier this evening I went to the toilet and had an urge to push. I did have some light cramps this morning thinking about it and sorry TMI yet again, I pushed and a large clot came out :( since this there's now been hardly any bleeding. A small amount but nothing like before. I'm hoping it's just the end of it all now and the bleeding will stop and it's over with!)
I can't believe I've just left this! I'm so stupid! but have been ok at home so avoided the hospital and GP. Despite all being lovely I just didn't want to end-up a crying mess infront of them again and regress.

Today was the date for my 12week scan (would have been 12wks last week). I phoned to cancel yesterday - the switchboard put me through to the maternity ward who couldn't cancel it for me or transfer me and said to phone the switchboard again but couldn't say what was the right department to ask for. I said to the switchboard operator when I phoned that I needed to speak to the department that does the 12 and 20 week scans and I know it makes me a bitch wasting their time not going to the appointment but I held it together talking to the SB person and then maternity ward and knew I'd end-up crying phoning again trying to speak with the right department if the SB person managed to even put me through on the 2nd attempt.

I've got an exam tomorrow morning that I can't miss. Not looking forward to leaving the house! but hoping the blood loss remains just the tiny amount it now is or even stops which would be great! but will phone GP surgery 1st thing Wednesday morning for an appointment for Wednesday.

I just can't wait for it all to be over but the thought now of trying again terrifies me! I just could not cope with this again. People on here have been through so much worse. I've read threads in this section in the last week that I can't even reply to and cry reading them. This is my last chance though.

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