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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Pretty sure I'm having an early mc. Please share your experiences of this...

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IawnCont · 25/08/2012 19:17

I'm about 6 weeks. 2 previous pregnancies, no bleeding in either.
I am passing a brown discharge with spots of blood... Achey tummy (though not bad). There's a lot of discharge, mostly yellowy. Never had this before, and my gut tells me it's an mc. I daren't hope that there's something still in there...
Do I need to phone a doctor or something? Seeing as it's too early to scan anyway.
I was just wondering if anyone had the same and how did it turn out... I know everyone's different but I feel pretty alone now (though DH is being bloody lovely.)

OP posts:
SayCoolNowSayWhip · 25/08/2012 19:21

I would ring your doctor or your local midwife (I know you won't have had a booking appointment yet, but your local health centre should be able to point you in the right direction). Discharge and spots do not always mean a mc, so try not to worry until you know something more. You may be referred to an early pregnancy clinic where they can do an internal scan through your vagina (sorry, I forget the technical term). I had that at 6 weeks with my first pg because I was getting intense pain and they thought it might have been ectopic. All was well and we got to see the baby's heartbeat 6 weeks earlier than we thought we would!

I really hope all is well, but do ring your out of hours doctor or the NHS helpline. If you start getting really really bad pains in your tummy I would go to A&E just to be sure.

Fingers crossed for you.

IawnCont · 25/08/2012 19:25

Thank you. I did just that- I'm waiting for them to phone me back now. I have a feeling I'll start to bleed properly overnight or tomorrow. I am guessing the doctor will tell me to take another test after the bleeding stops.

It's just so weird. Half of me is thinking that at least it wasn't later on, and thanking my lucky stars for my lovely children, but there's a little voice whispering "they were tiny little dots of cells once, this one might have been just like them." :(

OP posts:
nananaps · 25/08/2012 19:26

Hi, this is awful for you.

If the pain gets worse, and isnt relieved by paracetamol, and the bleeding worsens to more than 2 cups of blood in an hour, you will need to go to A&E.

They will give you adequate painkillers, and will monitor your blood loss.
You will also be offered an internal scan. This will show how things are going for your pregnancy.

All the best x

nananaps · 25/08/2012 19:28

For me, pregnancy tests are always positive up to 2 weeks after the bleeding caused by miscarriage has stopped.

Pregnancy hormones do hang around in your system for quite some time after the miscarriage is complete.
This is not an accurate indicator of if you are miscarrying or not unfortunately.

CaptainHoratioWragge · 25/08/2012 19:28

Oh I'm so sorry, you must be so worried. My bleeding at 6weeks did end in a MC, but I know other people whose pregnancy continued ok after bleeding, so there is hope.

I was too early for a scan but it was clear from blood tests that a MC was inevitable, you could ask your local EPU to do these for you. (I was also advised on MN to use a CB or FR digital to see how many weeks it thought i was- obviously if my HCG as falling this result would be fewer weeks than it should be).

My MC started as brown blood and then went to red.
Not yellow, though, & i'm wondering if that might be a sign of infection?

I know its a bank holiday weekend, but I would still be tempted to go to A&E in case it is and you need antibiotics or other treatment. If you are going to go, i'd seriously think about going NOW before the saturday night drinking crowd start turning up. I know this is a dreaful prospect, but to be honest, you are going to have a dreadful evening either way, at least this way you would be looking after yourself.

I also have a lovely DH, but I really sympathise with the feeling along thing. It is a horrible, horrible thing to have to go through. I'm thinking of you.

WhenSheWasBadSheWasHorrid · 25/08/2012 19:32

I had brown bleeding with dd when I was 5 weeks preg. Early scan (6 weeks) confirmed heart beat and she was fine.

I don't want to raise any false hope. My bleeding was all brown (no red spots or yellow). I think captin is right go to a&e or out of hours clinic. Best of luck.

IawnCont · 25/08/2012 19:32

Thanks Horatio. I'll mention the yellowish tinge when the doctor rings back.
I thought I was kind of safe, having had two straightforward pregnancies. I feel so guilty. Last summer, I lost weight stupidly quickly and didn't eat enough, and I can't help but think I've buggered up my body by doing that. But there's no possible way of knowing if it was that or not. :(

OP posts:
SayCoolNowSayWhip · 25/08/2012 19:40

Oh please don't try and feel guilty - I know it's easy to try and blame yourself and think it's something you've done. If it is, sadly, a mc, then chances are it's just the way it is, and it's nothing you have or haven't done.

Hang in there and yes, I would agree with the others and say if it gets worse then go straight to A&E.

Thinking of you.

CaptainHoratioWragge · 25/08/2012 19:40

Please, please don't blame yourself for having problems.

I'm sure you haven't done anything to cause the bleeding.

Sometimes shitty things just happen.

As well as my 6 week MC I've had one at 20 weeks- so thats nearly 5 months of potential stuf I can sort through: maybe I should have worn my coat on Xmas day, maybe I shouldn't have dyed my hair etc. That way madness lies, believe me.

I still have my fingers crossed this is a horrible scare for you, not a MC, but either way it is not your fault.

IawnCont · 25/08/2012 19:49

You've made me cry. Thank you for being so nice. I know it's futile to question my own guilt, but once I stop and let myself think about it...
Doc rang back. He said it could go either way, but to put my feet up this weekend.
THANK YOU for being so supportive and nice.

OP posts:
SayCoolNowSayWhip · 25/08/2012 19:57

Keep us informed - if you want to. Have a rest and again, take further action if it gets worse.

racingheart · 25/08/2012 20:02

Losing weight won't have harmed your baby. It's not that, so please don't feel bad or blame yourself. You didn't do anything wrong. MCs are very common.

I remember having lower back ache - a dull ache, and my feet felt hypersensitive, then as it progressed it felt like labour. That was at 13 weeks.

IawnCont · 26/08/2012 07:46

Thanks everyone.
No bleeding overnight but I can feel a bit of pain building up now...

OP posts:
babyjames · 26/08/2012 09:07

Keeping everything crossed for you IawnCont Did the hospital tell you to go in for bloods? x

IawnCont · 26/08/2012 09:22

No, they just said that I should relax and see how it pans out.

Started really bleeding now. DH has taken the children out for the day to give me some peace, so I'm alone. But okay. DS2 kept coming in to hug me this morning, far more than usual. He probably senses something isn't right, though DH and I try to keep everything normal for the children. I'm so lucky to have them all.

OP posts:
IawnCont · 26/08/2012 11:54

Does anyone know if it's normal to feel nauseous and dizzy during a mc?

OP posts:
MiggleMoo · 26/08/2012 12:30

Hi IawnCont I am in the exact same position as you. Light bleeding started yesterday and got really heavy today. As this is my 3rd in the last 5 months feeling a bit of an expert on the subject - unfortunately.
Yes I feel nauseous and dizzy, just relax, cuddle up in a warm blanket, put your favourite tv programme on and (as silly as it sounds) let yourself wallow for a bit. My DH has taken our ds out as well so I can get some peace.
Do watch how dizzy you feel though - sometimes it can indiciate too much blood loss too quickly.
It is such a horrid, devastating blow! As I said to my DH earlier, it is not only the grief of losing the pregnancy you then have to go through a week of horrid pain, cramps and bleeding - which is a real kick in the teeth! Hugs xx

IawnCont · 26/08/2012 12:34

I'm sorry this is happening to you too MiggleMoo. It's bloody horrible isn't it. :(
I wasn't expecting the dizziness. I just tried to get to sleep, but when I lie down the whole room spins around me, and that makes the sickness worse. Also, if I lie down, I have the occasional feeling of falling... I do have these dizzy spells once every 3 months or so, but not this extreme.

OP posts:
MiggleMoo · 26/08/2012 12:43

My dizzy spells and sickness have never been as bad at that sounds... I would keep a close eye on it and maybe see if you can get someone to be with you. Do go to A&E i it gets any worse and that doesn't sound normal to me?

Yes it is bloody awful! Sad but I am finding this one more easily to deal with than the first, like you my experience before this was just a straight forward pregnancy, fell pregnant straight away and really easy path to having our ds, expected it to be the same when ttc for dc2 and found first miscarriage the worst by far as it was a complete shock. Almost expected it this time!

hugs x

IawnCont · 26/08/2012 12:45

May I ask miggle if your mcs happened at the same point in your pregnancies? I know we'll keep on ttc, and can imagine not being able to relax at all...

OP posts:
MiggleMoo · 26/08/2012 12:50

Yes - all around the 6 week mark. As this is my 3rd I will be pushing for some sort of investigation this time. It turns ttc and even getting that first positive on a test into quite a stressful and scary thing which is a shame. I am trying to step back a bit now and give myself a break before ttc again. I haven't had a cycle inbetween any of them and fell pregnant everytime straight off, just getting them to stick seems to be the problem!

I really hope this is ust an unlucky one off for you and next BFP goes the whole 9mths. x

BalloonSlayer · 26/08/2012 12:54

All my MCs were early too, although one was a missed one, so I didn't find out for a while.

With my first one, I got up in the morning and was very sick and was running with sweat, like someone had put a hose on the top of my head. That eased off and I wondered if it was unconnected, but later in the day I did have to go to hospital and while there they decided that I had an infection so I had to have antibiotics.

I don't like the sound of your dizziness. I wish you'd phone the doctor back and ask him.

Sorry for what you are going through, and you too Miggle. Sad

IawnCont · 26/08/2012 12:56

Thanks Miggle. I'm sure it's awful for this to repeat itself, and I know that if I'm ever lucky enough to have a positive POAS again, I won't be able to enjoy it completely.
I hope you don't mind if I ask you another question. Please don't answer anything if you don't want to.
How did you know you were ovulating after mc? Do I just see it as a period?

OP posts:
MiggleMoo · 26/08/2012 12:58

BallonSlayer you have just reminded me of another pattern with mine - the night before each of them I have been violently sick, had really bad shivers and heart racing, next day bleeding starts been the same each time.

I do agree though IawnCont please do ring you're Dr back.

MiggleMoo · 26/08/2012 13:00

Yes, I was told by the EPU to take my dates from the 1st day of miscarriage. however this doesn't always work properly as when i ovulate I reallt feel it and know it hasn't always stuck to that pattern. It can throw your cycle off a bit and cause confusion which is why some people prefer to wait a full cycle before ttc again and they can know dates better, I've never been that patient!

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