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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

I'm miscarrying:(

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babyjames · 19/08/2012 12:59

I'm miscarrying and I'm an emotional wreck. Please help me through this.

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Haylebop12 · 19/08/2012 13:07

Hold in there, this will get easier. Is this your first pg? How many weeks are you?

olympicblues · 19/08/2012 13:11

Im sorry, are you at home alone, is there anyone you can ring?

Weeyun · 19/08/2012 13:17

I'm so sorry. I don't have anything helpful to say at all, just really didn't want to leave you thinking nobody's listening. Did I see you on the other thread saying you're scared to go to the epu? Please don't worry about that, I'm sure your's will be a lot better than that, do you have someone to go with you?

babyjames · 19/08/2012 15:55

Started spotting Friday and now bleeding properly :( got to wait for the EPU to open tomorrow. Went to hospital and waited most Friday night to be seen but had so many emergencies we came home as I thought if it's going to happen there is nothing they can do. I have one amazing DS who is 2 and took several years to conceive. Doesn't make loosing this baby any less painful though. Thanks for taking time to reply

OP posts:
babyjames · 19/08/2012 15:57

I was about 7 weeks so very early. I was so happy and excited and feel been cruelly snatched away.

OP posts:
Haylebop12 · 19/08/2012 16:03

It dies get easier... My mc was end of June and just started TTC. Remember if your concerned about bleeding go to a and e, cant believe they didn't see you quicker.

Haylebop12 · 19/08/2012 16:05

Have you passed any clots yet? I started spotting on the Thursday and passed everything Saturday night.

babyjames · 19/08/2012 16:14

Sorry your going through the same Hayle. No clots yet but lots cramping and blood. Feel quite light headed. Not long till tomorrow now.

OP posts:
Haylebop12 · 19/08/2012 16:20

Just be prepared, I don't wanna scare you but my bathroom
Was a bit of a mess when I passed all the pg tissue. Mine happened at 1am. I slept on a towel just in case and I needed it.
Take ibuprofen and paracetamol and a hot water bottle is a good idea.
Be prepared to sit on the loo for a couple hours when your passing. Once that's done bleeding really should settle.
Sorry if tmi but i felt as though I was not told enough about the physical side of miss carrying and only how I would feel emotionally. It's distressing but it will get easier. If u wanna cry just do it!

teaandchocolate · 19/08/2012 19:30

So sorry you're going through this, it's really an awful thing to have to experience. I've had 3 so do know how you feel. I also have a dd who is 2.

I have only had one natural mc (others were mmc) and I was really frightened of what to expect. Haylebop has really good advice although I just wanted to let you know about my experience which was different. I was also just over 7 weeks but for me it was just like a heavy period - heavy bleeding & cramping but I didn't pass anything that was clearly pregnancy tissue (a few small clots but that was it). Physically it really wasnt too bad. I think mc seem to be all quite different (mine definitely were). But I just wanted you to know that they're not always physically difficult. I slept on a towel after having read threads on here but really didn't need too. I just had a scan a few days after the bleeding started and by then everything had gone.

Hope you're doing ok. I was devastated after the last one at the start of July but feeling much better now so I do think the hormones and physical exhaustion add to the trauma of it all.

coffeeandcake · 19/08/2012 19:34

BabyJames so sorry to hear your news. Big hug.

Haylebop12 · 19/08/2012 19:46

Tea, my mmc was at 9 weeks do
I guess that's why I noticed what I passed. Agreed everyone us different. I had very little pain but a lot of blood loss.

Lukethe3 · 19/08/2012 20:30


Unfortunately I'm joining the club too. I'm 7+4 and have started miscarrying this morning. This is my 3rd m/c but thankfully I already have 2 DS. I had an erpc for my 2 previous ones, but looks like this one will happen naturally. I'm a bit nervous as to what to expect. I've had mild bleeding today and a few small clots but no pain. I'm worried because I run my own business and have to work tomorrow from 8am to 8pm, no other option. I'll just have to get through it. Am hoping that I won't bleed too much or have bad cramps.

Hugs to everyone else going through this, it really is heart breaking.

ChildOfThe1980s · 19/08/2012 21:01

Thinking of you BabyJames and Lukethe3

I Mcd naturally yesterday. Went up to the hospital but they said there's nothing they could do. I passed baby (9 weeks) and a lot of blood, but there were only mild cramps.

I have my scan tomorrow. Might still need a D&C.

Have you got someone with you? You will probably need someone to talk at and cry with over the next few days and weeks.


babyjames · 19/08/2012 21:58

Child and Lukethe3 sorry to hear you are also experiencing a MC.
Hoping that mu DH work will let him take off tomorrow so he can come with me to hospital. Is a D&C medication child?
Feeling really numb and emotional on and off. So sad we have to experience this. Thanks for taking time to message everyone.

OP posts:
Haylebop12 · 19/08/2012 22:18

D&c is medical procedure to remove all pg tissue. Generally under anaesthetic. The epu should discuss this with you? I'm guessing. I found out at my 12 wk scan I had mc'd so I was already at hosp.

babyjames · 20/08/2012 10:23

Had bloods today as I insisted. No scans available until tomorrow and have to travel to closest City as home town fully booked until Wednesday. I know the outcome but still torture!

OP posts:
Haylebop12 · 20/08/2012 11:01

Yes I understand. I didn't feel like I was close to the end until I produced a BFN at my follow up. Didbt have to have a scan then. I hope you can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Lolcbcb · 20/08/2012 12:59

I'm so sorry you are all going through thisSad
Yesterday it was a month since I mc'd so I know the pain.
Just wanted to send u all hugs x

ChildOfThe1980s · 20/08/2012 20:16

Thank you Lol

I had the scan today and I don't need a D&C - phew.

Hope you are all ok.

RileyLeeHargreaves2012 · 20/08/2012 21:51

I feel for you, its a hard thing. I'm 18 & I've had 2 miscarriages this year one at 23weeks on April 6th baby boy Riley and I'm currently going through one now at 7and a half weeks. Do you need a scan to see if everything passed through? I had 2 d&cs after riley but they only scanned because I was really ill. how are you feeling? X

Haylebop12 · 20/08/2012 22:00

I was told a scan would only be necessary if I still produces a positive test.

Lolcbcb · 20/08/2012 22:48

I was told the same Hayley. I took a pg test and it was negative so it was the end of it. No scan, nothing.

Haylebop12 · 20/08/2012 22:56

Yea so it seems to be across the nhs then. Had my first AF 33 data later and currently TTC cycle 1...

Haylebop12 · 20/08/2012 22:56

Yea so it seems to be across the nhs then. Had my first AF 33 data later and currently TTC cycle 1...

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