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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Im unreasonably fucked off and angry to now be feeling sick.

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mrsnesbit · 09/04/2012 13:07

For what?
For what?
For fuck all thats what.
All this nausea and sore boobs, and feeling shit for fuck all, nothing, nada.
What have i done to deserve this? I just dont understand.

I will know soon enough, just want it over & done with. Going to just get the pills and get it done.
Why is it so fucking easy for the rest of the world to just "fall" pregnant and then to stay pregnant?
We are good & nice people, we are in such a great time in our lives to do this, it would be so so hard, but we could do it.


OP posts:
BuckBuckMcFate · 09/04/2012 13:09


Rant away. It's just not fair sometimes is it?

BuckBuckMcFate · 09/04/2012 13:10

Btw, meant to say I think you are very reasonably fucked off

StealthPolarBear · 09/04/2012 13:11


Sazbrilla · 09/04/2012 13:12

Hi mrsnesbit. Didn't want u to go unanswered. I know exactly how you feel Hun. All those people who can just do it. But it will get easier. The pain and anger never completely IRS away it just gets easier. There are plenty of success stories on here after having a mc it gives you hope. I'm soo sorry for your loss xxx

mrsnesbit · 09/04/2012 13:14


fuck the fuck off miscarriages......

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FoofFighter · 09/04/2012 13:39



Rant away lovey xx

I've "only" had one and it's shit. Shitter than shit. Wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy and I don't say that lightly (lots of enemies Wink) so can't begin to imagine what the plural would feel like.

mrsnesbit · 09/04/2012 13:58

Hmm feel marginally better after eating a whole easter egg, and carrot battons with a dip. Nausea less now.

Still wanna rant tho about the twattyness of it all.

Scan on Wednesday. Will be able to see more clearly after that, practical head will go on, emotional one will go back into the cupboard never to surface again.

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MrsMcEnroe · 09/04/2012 14:04

I'm very sorry for what you're going through mrsnesbit

I've had one mc and it was dreadful. I have nothing but sympathy for you and your DH.

It is a horrible thing to have to go through. Rant as much as you need to.


FoofFighter · 09/04/2012 14:08

Don't know your history mrsnesbit, what's your situation just now?

NoMoreMarbles · 09/04/2012 14:11

I am ranting with you my dear! My body's being an arsehole too! Come back to the mosh pit if you feel up to it and GL for the scan.
mrsnesbit · 09/04/2012 14:16

Think i am having mc number 7.
Small scale brown discharge for the last 3 weeks. All the symptoms of pregnancy, but for me that means absolutely fuck all.
I am about 6-8 weeks, we stopped ttc so i stopped writing dates down. so not sure.
Im 41, last mc was last summer, it usually takes up to 2 years to concieve, so this one was a complete shocker.
I have blighted ovums usually, therefore all pregnancy symptoms are strong, but do not instill any confidence in me whatsoever. I always miscarry regardless of strong symptoms.

Got a scan on Wednesday to see if there is anything there. There wont be anything there i know.

Going to get contraception as soon as this is over, its the end, no more.

OP posts:
Ellovera · 09/04/2012 14:21

So sorry :-(

namechangingagain · 09/04/2012 14:23

Im so sorry :( xxxxxxxxxxxxx


FoofFighter · 09/04/2012 14:25

bloody hell Sad

really don't know how you are still sane, i know I wouldn't be. I really don't blame you for saying enough is enough even though it must break your heart to do so.

mrsnesbit · 09/04/2012 14:29

Its ok, im very very settled with the whole thing in my head, yesterday and today have been unusually dark days for me.

Whatever throws itself at me, i usually brush off.

This is very final, but i had already done the whole "final decision" thing last summer. Soto have to do it again is proving a challenge.

OP posts:
LackaDAISYcal · 09/04/2012 14:36

I can only imagine how distraught and angry you must feel :( I've had two mcs, and thepain never leaves. To have gone through it six times already though :(

I'm so so sorry.
FoofFighter · 09/04/2012 14:41

It's hard letting things out of the box in your head that you thought you'd dealt with already, I know that much Sad

mrsnesbit · 09/04/2012 14:51 can jolly well get the fuck back into that fucking in no mood to scrap with shitty sadness today.

Im going to furiously iron my mountain of ironing, {grin]ive just furocisously mopped the floors...dh has said "tea?" in a very "dare i speak" way Smile

OP posts:
booboomonster · 09/04/2012 15:30

mrsnesbit, I am so so sorry. 7 miscarriages does seem too much for anyone to bear. Is there any hope? Life certainly is not fair. Thinking of you.

funthatisfunny · 09/04/2012 20:00

Shit mrs that is a nightmare :( Rant away.

Good luck, good luck for scan on weds. I hope hope HOPE it is the best news ever and you can dust your emotional head off and kick the practical one into touch Wink


FoofFighter · 10/04/2012 14:53

How are you today mrsnesbit? x

topsmart · 10/04/2012 15:46

Och mrsnesbit, just read this, how are you today?
Seven is an impossibly horrid number to go through. You should feel proud of yourself for getting through them and carrying on with life. I've had four. I also never trust symptoms - the scan is the only information i believe.
Miscarrying is shitter than a shit thing and the most unfair thing in the world when others have babies so easily.
I hope the scan brings good news, or at least closure. I find waiting is the worst. At least with the scan you can plan what to do next. Good luck x

MadeInChinaBaby · 10/04/2012 16:11

I'm sorry to read you're having such a difficult time.

How are you feeling today? X

FoofFighter · 11/04/2012 12:37

Just checking in to see if you have any news yet mrsnesbit?

mrsnesbit · 11/04/2012 14:53

Well scan showed nothing. Yolk sac & fetal pole, other than that nothing. Measuring 6+4 which is my date exactly.
Got to go back in 10 days for final scan.
I cant remember there ever being a yolk sac or fetal pole on previous blighted ovums. I vaguely remember a yolk sac that did not develop any further.

So, still in limbo.

Any one had this on a 6 weeks scan then a tiny bean on a subsequesnt scan 7-10 days later?
Squeezing a teeny tiny bit of hope into my very closed & dark mind..........

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