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Low-carb diets

Low carbers! What have you eaten today?

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SouthernComforts · 24/04/2015 15:51

I've had:

Breakfast - 2 bacon + 2 eggs scrambled

Lunch - prawn salad with real mayo

Snack- some crumbly cheese

Tea - will be chicken tikka masala

Not brilliant or exiting but I'm going shopping tomorrow and thought we might be able to inspire each other..

OP posts:
trinitybleu · 25/04/2015 11:17

Yesterday I had:
B - Greek yogurt and some granola (had run out of frozen berries, don't like honey etc.)
L - middle of a sausage roll and salad (friend ordered for me and didn't think!)

then the Asda man came Grin so
D - burgers, cheese slice, gherkins, coleslaw, mayo

B - Greek yogurt
Snack - pepperami

beerbelly · 25/04/2015 12:43

Breakfast - cheese and mushroom omelette
Lunch - Chilli con carne with cheese and cream, courgettini on the side
Dinner - will be at a BBQ so hoping I'll manage!

SouthernComforts · 25/04/2015 16:07

Well last night I got pissed on vodka sodas! Banging head, but no carbs Grin

Then caved and had a hash brown on my fry up.

Hey ho, will do better tomorrow!

OP posts:
Boardingblues · 25/04/2015 18:42

DH took me out for dinner last night - to Yo! Sushi…. Hey ho, I have never rated so much sashimi in one meal! Still tis the thought that counts

Boardingblues · 25/04/2015 18:45

So yesterday I had:
Two tablespoons of tuna with mayo, rocket, cucumber and two slices of gherkin for lunch

Half an Atkins bar as a treat

3 servings of salmon sashimi, 2 of tuna, 2 of the rare beef (avoid the sauce) and some cerviche with a glass of prosecco.

Boardingblues · 25/04/2015 18:49

Today so far I have had two M&S snack cheese bars

One avocado with fired chilli and mayo

Some pork scratchlings

One litre of water and some coffees with naughty milk to get moving

Dinner will be steak with roasted asparagus and courgettes with some fine beans. Not forgetting the horseradish sauce!

parabelle · 25/04/2015 21:00

Scranmbled egg and one tomato
Chicken salad
Choux bun
Cheese and salami
It started well.

SouthernComforts · 26/04/2015 13:51

Grin we are so good at this! Haha.

I worked last night so just had 2 eggs, 2 sausage, 2 bacon and a tablespoon of beans for breakfast/lunch.

Had a milky coffee with 1 sugar and a big glass of sugar free vimto.

OP posts:
trinitybleu · 26/04/2015 17:31

so further to precious post ...
L - shared a platter at Harvester with DP ... loads of chicken, plus a bit of chorizo and ribs with carrot, lettuce, cucumber, tomato, beetroot, courgette, green beans and blue cheese dressing. Yum.
D - cheese, ham, apple, pickled onions

L - Scallop, bacon and egg salad. Cheese board (3 crackers only)

ShebaQueen · 26/04/2015 17:36

Breakfast - scrambled eggs and bacon
Lunch - spinach with mushrooms and two chicken legs
Dinner - will be salmon fillet with more spinach, broccoli and cauliflower
Loads of water, I am in the zone, but only two weeks in so at this point my resolve is usually pretty good, I normally start to weaken around week 4.

I'm missing crisps, alcohol and bread, but am determined to resist as I have never been so fat and unhealthy.

Iamblossom · 26/04/2015 17:47

Chicken thigh, piece of smoked fish, sausage

HolgerDanske · 26/04/2015 17:51

Brunch (actually more like a very late lunch):

Crustless quiche made with shallots, mushroom, spinach and cheddar.

Smoked salmon and tomato on the side.

thenightsky · 26/04/2015 17:56

Full fat yogurt
two coffees (with double cream)
Chicken breast with sour cream and chive dressing
Broccoli and courgettes smothered in butter
thats it so far... was going to have salmon for dinner but cannot find any in the freezer so its going to have to be an omelette or something.

trinitybleu · 26/04/2015 21:05

Just finished the day with brie, hummus, salami, loads of celery, plus some apple slices and pickled onions.

Boardingblues · 26/04/2015 21:30

I am seeing things here that worry me….

Sugar in coffee = 25% of your daily carb allowance!
Carrots, beetroot, hummus, apple, tomato!!!!!!

All delicious, but make sure that you are not sabotaging yourself with them pesky carbs!

Boardingblues · 26/04/2015 21:34

So far today….

3.5 frankfurters and some low carb coleslaw
2 glasses dry prosecco

Snack - some fois gras (naughty birthday present)

…. these two are the reason that dinner is very late into the oven

That will be slow roasted belly pork (we will be eating at 22:30!!!) with purple sprouting broccoli and asparagus

HolgerDanske · 26/04/2015 21:38

Tomatoes are fine in moderation... Mine was small and only about 3g carbs, so I'll be ok I think.

Fourarmsv2 · 26/04/2015 23:27

Doing a water weight strip so yesterday was lamb chops and a latte for breakfast and belly pork for lunch and dinner.

Cheated with about 5 spoonfuls of Greek yog at bedtime.

Today was belly pork for lunch and breakfast. Was going to have lamb chops for dinner but got peckish watching kids at cricket training so had a packet of celery and half a tub of Philly.

Hope the scales are kind tomorrow! Away for the BH w/e and will be off plan so need to be low before I go!

SouthernComforts · 27/04/2015 00:39

I know boarding blues! I'd normally have 2 sugars and 4-5 cups a day, so 1 cup with 1 sugar is a huge improvement.

Plus I haven't eaten anything since then! Thanks to double shifts I've just got home. Too tired to eat now.

OP posts:
nocarbsbeforecuba · 27/04/2015 10:56

Yesterday was omelette and greek yoghurt for breakfast (strange combination but I like it!)

Lunch was cheese platter with a handful of olives

Tea was shepherds pie that DP made (I left most of the potato topping but caved and had a few mouthfuls- eeeek)

Today so far- omelette and greek yoghurt again
Lunch will be mackerel with spinach salad
Tea will be roast chicken with veg and I'll watch DP eat his lovely roast potatoes Sad

HolgerDanske · 27/04/2015 11:10

Have roast celeriac, it's delicious!

SouthernComforts · 27/04/2015 11:18

Lunch will be some sliced chicken, ham and cheese followed by Jillian Michaels shouting at me for 26 minutes.


OP posts:
trinitybleu · 27/04/2015 12:17

Carrots - not great but will reduce
Beetroot - didn't realise at the time, have learnt now, was only a tablespoon
Hummus - 2g carbs for the spponful I had, or am I missing something? I had allowed for it
Apple - was probably less than half as shared with OH, but will avoid
Tomato - they're ok, aren't they?

To be fair, I was a total bread and pasta monster (6/8 slices a day and 200g portions) til a week ago so still learning and still a lot less than before!

SouthernComforts · 27/04/2015 13:04

Snap trinity.
My diet was crumpets or bacon sandwich for breakfast, panini for lunch and something with pasta/pizza/chips for tea. Plus endless sugary coffee.

I think I've made a big big change.

OP posts:
nocarbsbeforecuba · 27/04/2015 13:53

Oh yes Southern, I forgot about celeriac, I'll pick some up tonight on the way home!

I was a massive carb eater also and have, around a year ago, lost just over a stone from just cutting out 'bad' carbs. I was eating porridge for breakfast and would have a wholemeal pitta at lunch with soup and STILL lost weight. So I agree that you've made a big change! Of course I put the weight back on again when I started eating huge portions of pasta and rice with most evening meal, hence why I'm back here...

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