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Low-carb diets

Low carb for perimenopausal vegetarian?

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BlogOnTheTyne · 01/05/2014 08:55

Would it work? Don't eat fish or meat but do eat eggs and cheese.

Factors to consider: age 51: sudden weight gain of about 1 stone, directly related to 'deepening' of perimenopause/nearing menopause.

Absolutely no time in any day whatsoever to faff around with special meal preparation or to exercise (single mum/full on days/work/DCs from 4.45am till 10pm).

Looking for 'grab and go' foods that keep me feeling energised and not hungry.

Limited budget.

What do you think?

Most of all, is my age and stage of life against me, as I understand that my body is fighting to retain oestrogen by building a new layer of fat around the waist, before giving up completely, so I sink into higher risk category for heart disease/cancer/dementia/diabetes/stroke - due to little oestrogen in post menopausal women?

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BlogOnTheTyne · 05/05/2014 08:57

Veteran low-carbers, does the non-response to my OP imply that this just isn't going to work for me and that you have to be meat-eating, younger and with more time on your hands to use the low-carb. model?

OP posts:
BIWI · 07/05/2014 14:07

I don't know much about vegetarian low carbing other than:

  • it's harder than if you're a carnivore (no shit Sherlock, I hear you say Grin)
  • it is possible

There are lots of veggie recipes on the Bootcamp recipe thread [[ that might be helpful ]]

I started low carbing when I was 52, and definitely perimenopausal. Now 54, I'm still low carbing (most of the time, anyway!) and it's become pretty much an established way of life.

One of the best things about low carbing, from my point of view, is that because my appetite is suppressed, and I can eat lovely food, it never makes me feel deprived. So being perimenopausal, or - as I am now, menopausal - didn't actually make any difference. It was easier than having to do some God awful low calorie plan!
BIWI · 07/05/2014 14:09

Rose Elliot has written a veggie low carb diet and an accompanying cookbook which might help you. Some of the recipes in her book are lovely.

festered · 08/05/2014 20:00

I'm a vegan and I low carb-I think It's definitely possible even if you're busy :)

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