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Low-carb diets

Week 7 - Autumn Low Carb Bootcamp - Have you tamed your inner gobbler?

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BIWI · 21/10/2013 07:42

Well, the proof will be in the low carb pudding

Come and confess all ...

Hope you have a good week.

Mine's getting off to a great start by going out this evening to see a friend I haven't seen for about 20 years, and so there will be wine involved.


OP posts:
NigellasGhost · 27/10/2013 09:26

BIWI I find that when I'm LC-ing I don't get thrush, whereas I was always very susceptible to it. Could be because of the yeast/gut thing in the article StuntNun linked to? I found the article very useful and interesting, thank you very much. I wonder would it be worth buying those supplements or would that be a "faddy" purchase? Could we buy similar from the UK? Do I really want to be taking MORE supplements, along with the fish oil and vitamins ones I'm already taking?

Willie - thank you for explaining about the fat fast. I believe this only worked for me because I have been LC-ing for a long time now and would not recommend it to anyone who has started LC-ing relatively recently.

MaryZombie · 27/10/2013 10:43

I forgot to weigh on Monday but have updated with Tuesday's weight. Considering I had a night out with a Chinese takeaway I'm pleased to have lost a little.

But it's a bank holiday weekend here, the kids are on half term and I'm out again on Monday, so just stalling would be an achievement this week.

I've discovered I can fall off the wagon as long as I do it in one big go, and then climb straight back on. For me, the fact that I haven't touched bread, rice, pasta, potatoes or bread (or any wheat) seems to be enough. I can have the odd sneaky bar of chocolate and a couple of milky coffees a day.

Is this bootcamp 8 or 10 weeks? And what do we do when it's over. If I don't have to check in I might just stop as I have no self control whatsoever.

whodunnit · 27/10/2013 10:57


Very intersting links, stuntnun - I have saved to favourites - the lady seems to make sense and put it in a very practical way.

Water is turning out ot be my downfall this week. If I don't make a good start on it early each day, then I tend to forget most of the day to drink anything. I used to be a ten cups of tea a day girl, so it is odd for me not to even want to drink. And it seems odd when constant consumption of tea and food was very normal for me not so long ago. I am starting to think that my pint glass inthe bathroom is the way forward Every time I have a pee, I drink a pint of water. I shall perseve and see if it works. And I was catching up with four pints ina row over an hour last night, my chemist- mate said I could damage myself.... any truth in that one? I think I realy need to pace myself and be consistent.

Will maybe go for a quick blast inthe 40mph winds and then settle with furry blankets, DVDs and lots of water for the afternoon to avoid the rest ofthe storms, whilst keeping a beady eye on that slightly dodgy tree in the the front garden.... I might just move the sofa a bit further away from the window....

AuntieMaggie · 27/10/2013 11:01

Nigella last year after boot camp I ended up with really bad thrush over xmas and I put it down to eating loads of sugar (and carbs) that my body wasn't used to anymore. My gastric disease was also really bad which this woe really helps with.

If you're doing ok on the supplements you're already taking I wouldn't add anymore.

Weighed myself a day early this morning and down another 2lbs :) despite the little slip ups... Anyway back to it today and I'm gonna try to nail it for the rest of bootcamp and get another stone before xmas!

tenementmonster · 27/10/2013 11:23

Maryz- I am going to graduate from this one then go straight on to the next a lot of timber to lose yet!

will there be a new BC?

MaryZombie · 27/10/2013 11:30

I hope there is a new one.

I've just realised that I seem to be the greatest loser on the spreadsheet. Which really shows how overweight I was Shock

Congrats to the upduffed, btw Flowers.

And more Flowers to everyone who has stuck to this for the seven weeks so far. Especially those who are stuck atm.

StuntedFrankenNun · 27/10/2013 11:54

Nigella I'm sticking with a vitamin and fish oil supplement but I do use a coarse salt which contains potassium, calcium and magnesium, or fine Lo-Salt which contains potassium. Between those and occasional nut consumption I hope I'm getting enough minerals.

I think it takes more than four pints to induce hypernatremia Whodunnit. When marathon runners get it, it's usually because they have already depleted their electrolytes before they drink a lot of water. But your body can only process so much water at one time so if you drink four pints of water at once most of it is going to go straight to your bladder so it won't give you as much benefit as four pints over four hours iyswim.

Negroni · 27/10/2013 12:20

Hello all and sorry for being such an occasional poster on this bootcamp. It is because i have not been doing so well, bootcamp wise, just STS mainly, which I like to think is better than gaining!! puts positive spin on low carb failure Have stopped the weekly weigh ins for now but still very much continuing on this WOE.

Humph Congratulations on your new baby - fabulous news!

Nigella Why do your think the fat fast would only work for long time low carbers? Also, what is the key to your fabulous weight loss. I think (could be wrong) we were around the same weight in the summer/ end of last bootcamp but now you have stormed ahead - was it just sticking to the WOE? and not cheating like me Am sure this is a stupid question and the answer is just "yes!"

Well done to all the losers and thanks for keeping on posting. I do keep up with the thread and find it v helpful, just sometimes don't feel like I am doing well enough to post anything helpful!

BIWI · 27/10/2013 12:25

When Bootcamp is finished (and it's 10 weeks), I'll start an ongoing chat thread rather than a new one every week. It's important, I think, to know that there's somewhere we can all come to moan/vent/preen!

OP posts:
MaryZombie · 27/10/2013 12:40

Thanks BIWI.

And then I presume we will all need a new Bootcamp on January 1st?

I reckon I will try to keep losing until the kids get their Christmas holidays, and then just forget it all for a fortnight, hoping that I can avoid putting on too much.

Negroni, I'm not sure you have to post "helpful" things to post on this thread - I seem to mostly moan. I don't know enough to offer any advice. Though I'm learning all the time.

NigellasGhost · 27/10/2013 13:15

Negroni there's nothing wrong with a good moan - I am sometimes absent from the threads for ages because I'm being a complete carby twat - goodness knows I do find this weightloss thing difficult sometimes - STS week in, week out was awful and I do mean for weeks on end. Perhaps next time that happens I'll make sure I come on here and moan about it so that the threads aren't just full of people losing pounds and pounds every day!! Regarding fat fast - I don't know the answer to your question, just that people who have just started LCing aren't really recommended to do it, and I don't want to encourage new LCers to try it before giving normal LCing a good go. I'm just not an expert and don't want to encourage the wrong thing! You started a while back though didn't you? What do you weigh?

thenightsky · 27/10/2013 13:22

Mega carby twat me yesterday Sad

Started well with a late breakfast, more a brunch, of scrambled eggs with double cream and butter added and 3 bacon rashers, followed by coffee with double cream.

All fell apart after a knackering visit to Ikea and Costco. Came home with sweet potato pakora, spinach and pine nut ball things, bottles of cava and a massive box of choc chip shortbread. Yes, I had a go at all of them things.

StuntedFrankenNun · 27/10/2013 13:48

Afaik Negroni the fat fast is only recommended for people that have been LCing for over a year. If you look at the links I posted earlier today, they state that it can take a long time, i.e. months, for your body to adapt to the LC diet.

I had originally planned to diet from mid-June to mid-December then stop but I honestly don't think I could go back to my previous WOE now as I have lost weight but I also feel so much healthier now. No IBS, no period pain, no 'tummy trouble' the day after a curry, my gums don't bleed anymore, my eczema has cleared up, I haven't taken my asthma inhaler in so long I can't remember, even my allergies (dust and cats) aren't as bad. I think I must have had a real, systemic, inflammation issue that was making everything else worse. My perennial rhinitis is vastly improved and apparently I don't snore any more which could be because of the rhinitis improving and/or the weight loss. I'm going to view Christmas as an opportunity for a few planned cheats: a bit more booze, a roast potato with my Christmas dinner, and a tiny portion of Christmas pudding with lots and lots of extra thick cream. I think if I were to hit the mince pies, biscuits and chocolates then I would gain a load of weight and feel very bad about myself in the New Year.

Wossname · 27/10/2013 14:49

Thanks Willy for info re fast, too hardcore for me then! Will stick to the low carb eating and try some Quorn stir fry or mince, as captain suggested, if its low carb enough

Lily, have you found losing weight easy-ish while not eating meat? I am definitely liking this way of eating, but probably too much as I think i am over eating. According to scales Ive lost 7lbs in 1st week, but i am not convinced thats possible while inhaling the
amounts of cheese and cream I have.

BerylStreep · 27/10/2013 17:04

Hello all, just checking in. Am away in Tenerife for 10 days. Can someone update my weight on the SS please as I don't think I can on the phone. Pretty much sts. was 199 lb the other day.

I really am thinking quite seriously about a tummy tuck / lipo, it is my main area where I carry my bulk (well, apart from my thighs, arms and back). This woe is great for me, no sugar highs and lows, love the food, don't gain weight, etc. however I'm not really losing either.

Having spent most of the morning people watching round the pool, I realise that people really do come in all shapes and sizes, and I suppose part of me realised that I will never have the body I had when I was 30 ever again, but nor do I want to have this pregnant looking gut either. I'm fed up with catching people glancing at my tummy wondering, or even worse, asking, if I am expecting. Some silly woman once refused to allow me to check onto a Flybe flight a couple of years back because she thought I was too pregnant to fly despite me telling her 3 times I wasn't pregnant Angry. I plan to see my GP once home to discuss some options.

Anyhow, in the meantime I plan to relax and enjoy myself. We are in the most wonderful hotel with lovey lc food. We have our own private pool on our terrace, so it is absolute private bliss! Just going to go for a stroll along the beach.

whodunnit · 27/10/2013 17:22

ooh Beryl lucky you! Sounds like you are already having a great holiday it's nice to have time to relax and think about stuff (and people watch...)

I remember going to centreparc a few years ago and I noticed that swimwear is a great leveller. I am very fat and I thought that anyone who wan't was therefore thin and looked great. Down by the pool , there was hairy people, people with huge scars, weird legs, acne, all sorts.. and I realised that they were possibly as paranoid as me but about completely different things that I would never have guessed about. They were probably not bothered at all about my size but were checking me out for hairiness or other things that they were concerned about. Or not at all concerned about probably. No offence to anyone, but it was a great realisation to me that we really all are different and it is not a competition.

And then I stopped being bothered and ate mars bars until now......

NigellasGhost · 27/10/2013 18:03

you are so right whodunnit - we all have our little fixations (or not so little)!! A really good friend of mine couldn't stand her nose despite it looking fine to the rest of us. She did have a nose job and hasn't looked back since - she's very pleased - although we can't really see much difference and think she looked fine before anyway. But the main thing is she is happy.
Beryl is it actually fat around your tummy, or more loose skin?

thenightsky · 27/10/2013 23:59

HELP... can someone link to me to some proof that it is NOT OKAY for bootcampers to eat rice and pasta. I've got some twat berating me on Facebook and telling me that 20g of carbs is too low and I should be eating enough to meet my energy requirements for each day.

Why would I do that? If my energy was fullfilled by eating carbs, how the fuck would the fat get burnt up?

She is telling me that brown rice is good and pasta is good as long as it is the green spinach kind! Arrrrrgh!

BIWI · 28/10/2013 06:53

Why bother with a link? She's not going to take any notice of you!

Just block her from your Facebook.

Off to start the new thread ...

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BIWI · 28/10/2013 06:58
OP posts:
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