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Low-carb diets

Week 7 - Autumn Low Carb Bootcamp - Have you tamed your inner gobbler?

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BIWI · 21/10/2013 07:42

Well, the proof will be in the low carb pudding

Come and confess all ...

Hope you have a good week.

Mine's getting off to a great start by going out this evening to see a friend I haven't seen for about 20 years, and so there will be wine involved.


OP posts:
tenementmonster · 24/10/2013 17:42

happy to report that i am half a pound off a stone's weight loss.

if you are a bit sick of celeriac, i tarted it up by making it into a bubble and squeak thing. 3 well done bits of bacon, chopped up with grated cheese, grated courgette (and a couple of grates of onion), and the mashed celeriac. I tried to bind it up with egg and fried it. Ok it doesn't hold together like bubble and squeak, but it does taste like it. And not celeriac, which is a bonus.

sybilfaulty · 24/10/2013 17:58

Where is everyone? It's a quiet thread this week. Hope everyone is ok and not posting because too much fun to be had I. Real life.

New, sorry that life has been tough. Hope you feel better for your rest and that life will calm down for you a little

Am struggling today a bit. Very tired and eaten crust if toast and a fish finger. Had 4 l of water too. Just need my bed! Am going to have frittata for supper. Made an excellent hash with mashed swede, kale and lamb on Monday. Tipped with a fried egg. Perfection. Good way of ekeing out not much meat, too.

sybilfaulty · 24/10/2013 17:59

Tenement , we clearly are thinking along the same lines. I didn't put an egg in mine though. Will try that next time.

Ohfuckohfuckofuck · 24/10/2013 19:00

Hi; nothing to add, had a crappy week but ok food wise (more or less).

I've STILL got bad toothache and ont get to the dentist until Monday. That's stressing me out, making drinking and eating painful and just generally meh.

Totm has passed so weight dropping fast, but still not quite back to last Monday's, not too far off though, so will hopefully have a real fldrop by Monday.

Today I had only coffee with cream for breakfast, a cou

Ohfuckohfuckofuck · 24/10/2013 19:05

Lazy tired thumbs!

A couple of spoonfuls of tuna mayo with cucumber for lunch and a homemade lamb burger with mayo and avocado salad for dinner. I'm stuffed, it's so odd.

I've had lots of energy too but a bit zonked now. DH bathing dc then off to do shopping in tesco once I've bf giant 18 month old at bed time.

Hope everyone is ok, it is strangely quit. Hopefully it's jus. That we've all got the hang of it now!. I'm sticking to it, baked bread and brownies for my adorable carny twats this week and have crisps and yummy choc gingerbread in the cupboard which I've not touched or thought about.

StuntedFrankenNun · 24/10/2013 19:10

I was a bit worried about having lunch in Ikea today but it was fab: tomato and mozzarella salad or smoked salmon and salad. I did have a sneaky panna cotta but that's not too bad right? It is my favourite favourite dessert and it was delish so it was worth it. Grin

toomuchicecream · 24/10/2013 19:19

Evening all - just had a delicious dinner. Meatballs fried in plenty of butter with lots of mushrooms and garlic. When they were cooked I added some double cream, Boursin and tomato puree so it looked a bit like tomato & mascarpone sauce (for benefit of DS of course...). I served it with cauliflower mash, but I blended the cauli in the food processor and added butter, cream and a little bit of mustard. Yum yum!

whodunnit · 24/10/2013 19:57

Hello all

Yes it has gone a bit quiet hasn't it? Maybe it is now normal and really a WOE for most. Though there were quite a few who hadn't weighed on the spreadsheet, so msybe we hsve lost a few? And so close to the end....

I have just had a lovely tea of salmon and stir fry veg with thai coconut milk sauce. This WOE has got me cooking when I have never really got into it before.

And have done 3 two mile walks and rewarded with a cream tea - of which I unpicked the cream cheese with smoked salmon sandwich and left the bread. V delicious though, and the others scoffed the scones, jam & cream.

Hope everyone is well and the toothache has gone, ohfuckohfuck. Toothache is about the worst pain I've ever had.

NewStartNewStory · 24/10/2013 22:05

Possible some are mn'ed out after the crazy that happened on mn last night?

NewStartNewStory · 24/10/2013 22:06

Sorry you are still suffering with the toothache Ohfuck :(

Ohfuckohfuckofuck · 24/10/2013 22:31

Thanks nsns I hope you're feeling well.

So what happened last night then?

LilyAmaryllis · 24/10/2013 22:40

Wow that press release is GOLD. I AM going to send it to my mother!

I was one whole lb down this morning for no reason whatsoever - I've been scoffing cheese and nuts etc! And I even ran out of butter yesterday. I had to mash my swede with olive oil, which I can not recommend taste-wise.

I think its stress. Serious horrid work deadlines plus I move house on Saturday NOOOOOOO! I still have an executive summary and some edits to do on a report tonight.

NewStartNewStory · 24/10/2013 22:47

Pag sums it up much better

Tried, my sleep pattern is a bit off atm and got side tracked last night. But so much better for the adventures. Tomo I am intending to be back on the wagon, I also intend to stand on the scales tomo too. I have a nice spread sheet of my own that I am intending on using. Graphs and everything. Hopefully the prettiness of it will keep me on track

bigkidsdidit · 25/10/2013 07:24

I've been thinking about which carbs I'd like to reintroduce when I'm at goal weight. Definitely more wine, and maybe a few roast potatoes when i do a roast. But that's it, really. I genuinely don't feel deprived, I think I could eat this way forever :)

Wossname · 25/10/2013 07:51

Sorry to jump on but i am after a bit of advice- i started bootcamp on Monday and i am quite enjoying it so far and have lost 4lbs, yay! However i dont really eat red meat so i am a bit concerned that i am having too much cheese and not enough good fat. Could someone check my average days food please?

B 2 coffees with cream, full fat Greek yogurt with splash of cream.

L Romaine lettuce with tuna+ full fat mayo, cucumber and cheese cubes to snack on.

D Mushroom omelette with 2 eggs and feta, lots of fresh spinach, cucumber and mayo. Also been having bit of salmon/mackeral/chicken breast on the side.

Plus gallons of water.

Am i on the right track? I havent had any tomatoes or tomato sauces but fine that a bit limiting. Am i able to have Quorn? The only meat i can stomach is chicken breast really, wish i could eat other cuts or types, it'd be so much easier.

Wossname · 25/10/2013 07:52

Sorry for massive post Blush

captainmummy · 25/10/2013 08:25

Woss - Looks ok to me; bit heavy on dairy but if you don't eat red meat you are limited. Do you eat pork? Sliced up in a cream sauce a la stroganov? Belly slices would be excellent too. If you eat chicken try the thighs/drumsticks, they are fattier than breast - and more flavourful. I had Quorn the other day (pieces, stirfried) but I am on maintenance, so don't know if they are ok for bootcamp. Check the label - if it's less than 3g/100g it should be ok - but it is low-fat, so fry in butter and add cream/cheese/oil.

Fish is great - esp mackeral and other 'oily' fish.

Ohfuckohfuckofuck · 25/10/2013 08:27

Can you eat the skin on the chicken? If not, not much point!

Perhaps you need to consider looking at he veg lc tab on the spreadsheet (linked in he op) think there's a separate thread too. It sounds like it might suit you more.

WillieWaggledagger · 25/10/2013 09:02

Biggest Loser of the Week: bigkidsdidit
Biggest Overall Loser: whodunnit
Biggest %age Loser Overall: Maryz

NewStartNewStory · 25/10/2013 10:08

Well done to the losers!!!!!! Grin

scales were kinder to me then i deserve. A hell of a lot kinder to me then i deserve.

Back on track this morning:
B: 2x coffee (sweet and milky -just less sweet then it used to be), 3 eggs scrambled.

next job the water. 3 ltrs to drink. lets do this Wink

BIWI · 25/10/2013 10:38

Brilliant performances!

And for all those of who worry about losing our marbles as we get older, have a read of Dr Briffa's latest blog

Low carbing not just good for our weight but also our brains/mental health

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BIWI · 25/10/2013 11:58
OP posts:
BIWI · 25/10/2013 12:00
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NigellasGhost · 25/10/2013 12:16

I'm not weighing in but I'm really happy - definitely under 10 stone and I believe still heading downward. A 4 day "fat fast" kick started me so thanks BIWI for that one!

now going to read those links BIWI has posted .....

BIWI · 25/10/2013 12:52

Good to hear it, Nigella! How did you manage the fat fast? It sounds absolutely dreadful to me!

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