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Low-carb diets

Week 7 - Summer Low Carb Bootcamp - Hurtling to the Finish Line!

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BIWI · 10/06/2013 08:32

Morning everyone. Hope you all had a good weekend and that there wasn't too much cheating! Grin

Here is the Spreadsheet of Fabulousness

So we have four weeks left. Time to shed a good few more pounds if you stick to the rules

I go on holiday in less than three weeks, so it's nose to the grindstone for me from now on.

OP posts:
bulletwithbutterflywings · 10/06/2013 20:34

Just given in to a bit of 80% dark chocolate and whipped cream - damage limitation!

VikingLady · 10/06/2013 20:37

I've lost nothing Sad

Had a bad weekend, nothing on Sunday I could eat for lunch so ended up with toast (visiting sick PIL), then too depressed to be bothered cooking and had chinese as DP had ordered for himself already. Plus the wine.......

Back on course today though. Next week I'll take a packed lunch and get dinner ready in advance!

NewStartNewStory · 10/06/2013 21:13

crabby your kind words have helped tonight. I have had a hideous pain level kinda day and I popped on line to distract myself from the point of tears cheating. There is all sorts of stuff in the house for being a sugary twat. I was considering just saying fuck it and falling into a bowl of ice cream and syrup yes i know Blush I know i don't want them I know exactly what the problem is and it is not that i actually need sugar or food. So seeing the words have helped to steal my determination to stick to this woe tonight. thanks.

TreeLuLa · 10/06/2013 21:38

Lost a lb.

Have committed with a friend to exercise twice a week - don't do any at the moment so will be an improvement!

Well done all you losers Grin

CiderwithBuda · 10/06/2013 21:59

I had wine. Almost a bottle. And it's Monday. DH is going away tomorrow until late Friday and we were cooking and chatting and he opened the wine and I took out two glasses. It was nice though. And when I did WW weigh in day was treat day so am doing the same! Have a week to recover! Bad I know but it was so nice to sit and chat over a few glasses of wine.

CrabbyBigBottom · 10/06/2013 22:04

New you are so welcome! I'm glad that I could be of any help, and so sorry to hear you're in such pain. Step away from the syrup... you know it makes sense... Grin Does a night of rest help the pain? You'll certainly feel mentally better today if you avoid falling face-first into sugary twatdom, and hopefully you'll feel physically better too. Flowers

Grin at middle forcefeeding daisy.

Decaff nuts would be a good grab-when-you've-got-a-minute snack. I read somewhere that they aren't well absorbed and therefore don't elevate blood sugar as much as the carb content would suggest. I need to look into that more though.

CrabbyBigBottom · 10/06/2013 22:06

Buda that sounds like a fine reason to me, and you'll have the memory of a pleasant evening together to last you the week he's away.

thebestpossibletaste · 10/06/2013 22:14

Well done New, I know that feeling too, but the ice cream and syrup won't help. It's all in our minds, isn't it? Hope posting here will help ou.

newlark · 10/06/2013 22:14

signing in - up 1lb this week but have had visitors and lots of trips to coffee shops Blush. Going to try to be stricter this week...

NewStartNewStory · 10/06/2013 22:37

It did help thebestpossible Drank some water, made a hot water bottle ate some babybel cheese and then starting sorting a few bits out. Crabby in theory a good night's sleep helps but tbh i have pushed myself far to far into burnout and i know that it will be a least a week if not two before i start to feel a bit better. Need to sort a plan for the week that takes into account as much rest as possible. Whilst allowing me to get essential stuff done.

I need someone who can act like BIWI and the rest of the thread to sort the rest of my life out. This thread is brilliant for advice, straight talking, kicks in ass as needed as well as kinda words and support. The food and eating aspect is starting to get controlled. Just the rest of it needs a magic wand Blush

couch25cakes · 10/06/2013 22:59

I agree this is a wonderful thread
what happens at the end of boot camp? Are we thrown out to fend for ourselves?

BIWI · 10/06/2013 23:05


No, don't worry - we will carry on chatting! What's happened with all the other ones is that we keep a general chat thread going until it's time for the next Bootcamp. (Which I haven't thought about at all yet - but I guess will probably be starting in around October, as a run up to Christmas)

OP posts:
NewStartNewStory · 10/06/2013 23:12

Bloody hell BIWI could we at least get summer out the way before you start throwing around the word christmas? Shock Like the trauma of swim wear isn't enough you have to remind me there is the whole issue of christmas parties Sad I will need some counselling or something at this rate. Oh the trauma....


BIWI · 10/06/2013 23:15


OP posts:
BIWI · 10/06/2013 23:15
OP posts:
NewStartNewStory · 10/06/2013 23:20
milliemoomay · 11/06/2013 00:07

Hello - Week 7 already. !! It'll be chrimbo soon.

Biwi I'm in awe of your organisational skills and I like the idea of a general chat thread. This whole thing has been so brilliant, and it's really helping to transform me, physically and emotionally. Thank you - you're a star.

Well done on the walk sans painkillers Crabby. I love the eggs in clouds recipe but it's beyond my culinary, erm..'exepertise'. Separate an egg.. the mind boggles.

I'm weighing in tomorrow as I started on a Tuesday. How weird that I feel nervous?! Hmm

muffinheaven · 11/06/2013 00:15

Thanks crabby - I'll have another read of the rules but think I'll take your advice and stick to what I'm doing, got another 20lb to shift yet!!

Tigglette · 11/06/2013 07:00

He folks, well done everyone on keeping going - I've STS for the past couple of weeks and didn't get a chance to weight yesterday. This morning I find I'm 5lbs lower! I've been definitely losing inches so the weight needed to catch up at some point, and it has! That makes 12lb this boot camp and 35lb since January. Happy days!

Tigglette · 11/06/2013 07:02

Sorry, I've just completed the most fabulous spreadsheet and its actually 13lb this Bootcamp. Can we make it a stone - yes we can!

TheChocolateTeapot · 11/06/2013 07:19

Tiglette - fantastic. Do you have any words of wisdom to share? For me it's a long, slow, two steps forward, one step back approach. I guess I'm about 6kg down since January but it is soooooo slow. Trying to console myself with the fact that I am now in my BMI range so that may explain it but I still want to shift another 4 kg in the next 5 weeks.

MrsHerculePoirot · 11/06/2013 07:32

Well I STS again! I know it is because I stick to it well during the week and then go off plan completely at the weekend because there is always something going on. I am getting slightly better in these situations but need to work on it!!! At least I am maintaining and not putting on... In the long run I could live like this forever and be quite happy!

captainmummy · 11/06/2013 08:13

I've lost a lb! Oh the joy! I've STS for sooo long (maintaining, I say!) and haven't lost the 3lb I put on at Easter. Well 1 have gone !!

TCT - it is slow, but that's a good thing! And 6kg is fantastic - that's over a stone.

CrabbyBigBottom · 11/06/2013 08:16

MillieMoomay separating an egg is easy!
Have two bowls ready.
Carefully crack one side of the egg shell, just as if you were going to fry an egg.
From that split, pull the shell open slowly while holding it over one bowl.
The white will start to slide out. Let it, but keep the yolk in the shell.
When your egg shell is in two halves, you can pour the yolk back and forth between the halves until all the white is in the bowl.
Carefully tip the intact yolk into the other bowl.

Repeat with as many eggs as you like, using a separate little bowl for each yolk, but adding the whites all into the same bowl. Then you whisk the whites with a hand- held blender or whisk. It takes a few minutes with the electric whisk but ages by hand.

I bet you can video tutorials on youtube for separating an egg and for whisking whites too. Wink
CrabbyBigBottom · 11/06/2013 08:28

Yay Captain Well Done! Smile

New well done on not being a sugary twat! Grin Why do you think you push yourself to the point of burnout? In what way will it take you a week to recover? In terms of pain? Or exhaustion? Or both?

Well I weighed myself this morning as I ate loads of nuts yesterday and felt that I had overall a quite carby day. I'm about half a lb down so still showing as 11st 11lbs, but I am now in the wii's 'ideal' range rather than the 'overweight' range. It's a little victory (hell, got to cling to those!) but my mii now looks happy and it plays celebratory music when it shows my weight. I'm determined never to upset my mii again! Grin

Yesterday's food
B - spicy nuts
L - boursin, tomatoes, pesto, slice parma ham
S - nuts again Blush
D - gammon slices with buttered leeks, griddled asparagus and a creamy sage and mushroom sauce.
P - strawberries and clotted cream. Oh my!

I've always had a really sweet tooth and would have added sugar to that, but last night it tasted incredibly sweet just as it was.

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