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my ex is a complete w**ker

29 replies

ratbunny · 29/12/2008 17:12

he just is.

handed in the divorce papers today, and asked the people behind the desk if they could play a little fanfare for me (they didnt).

Sooooooo glad to get rid. What a waste of space he is.

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jooseyfruit · 29/12/2008 17:14

doo doo do do do do doooooooooooooooo

there's a fanfare for you!!!!

you sound very relieved.

congrats on your freedom!

ratbunny · 29/12/2008 19:08

Its just that when I confronted him about introducing his gf to ds (the one he left me for, then dithered between the 2 of us for 6 months, and has only been back with her for 4 weeks - I asked that he left it 3 months of REALLY BEING WITH HER before introducing her), he told me that I dont make life easy for him.

I mean WTF?!?! I took him back 5 times (yes, I know, stupid thing to do), have never stopped him seeing ds, have bent over BACKWARDS to keep the relationship between him and ds, and he says I make his life hard.

How? By not staying single? By not being his best mate? By not inviting him round and being his best mate? By asking he pays maintenance? By not dropping all my plans so he can reschedule his access AGAIN?

I mean HONESTLY!!! what does he expect from me?


OP posts:
ratbunny · 29/12/2008 19:22

sorry, this is all unnecessary, but he really is a twat. just need to vent

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popcorn123 · 29/12/2008 20:53

Glad you are finally getting rid of him!
Definately a twat of the highestr order!

skramblenotdieting · 29/12/2008 23:51

Fanfare for you

lou33 · 29/12/2008 23:53

i thought this thread title was one i had written and forgotten about

ratbunny i sympathise hugely

ratbunny · 29/12/2008 23:55

well thanks very much

I am very disappointed the court didnt do that fanfare for me. Maybe when I get the decree absolut they will?

OP posts:
lou33 · 29/12/2008 23:56

we will do a mn fanfare of raspberries to him

Ireallymustgotobednow · 29/12/2008 23:58

Sounds like you are well rid. You vent away to your hearts content

Hope things settle down for you now x

fuzzywuzzy · 29/12/2008 23:59

so's mine, ratbunny, may I suggest you cease putting your life on hold for said w@nker, get on with whatever makes you and your baby happy, and ex can fit in as and when he chooses....also when ex talks I find (silently) repeating wanker in time with ex's rant makes the conversation pass in a far more pleasant fashion for me.....can't say I ever listen to what he says, because frankly I intend on doing exactly as I so choose.

spookycharlotte121 · 30/12/2008 00:06

Lord he sounds just like my ex.... everything you described is my ex! Just think he is out of your life now and it can only get better. Stop bending over backwards for him too, if he wasnts to see his kid let him do it when he is supposed to. I should take some of my own advice too lol.

Ireallymustgotobednow · 30/12/2008 00:07

Top tip, fuzzywuzzy

ninah · 30/12/2008 00:21

sounds like congratulations are in order

skramblenotdieting · 30/12/2008 00:29

More appropriate Fanfare

ratbunny · 30/12/2008 07:46

thanks everyone.
I just needed to vent. He is such a tosser. I really hope his new relatioship lasts long enough for me to move away and find a lonvely man. Then hopefully she will have another affair (this is her 2nd - she'd only 23!!).

I love fuzzy's tip. I will try that in future!


OP posts:
ratbunny · 30/12/2008 07:49

what is also keeping me going is that xh now resembles a 23 yr old himself. He has bleached his hair, and has gone all goth! pmsl. He is a mid 30s with a responsible job - they must be laughing at him at work. Its like - woosh, there goes a mid life crisis.

Today, I am going to get mum to open the door to him when he drops off ds. Here's hoping she will keep a straight face

OP posts:
ratbunny · 30/12/2008 12:46

well he just dropped off ds, and wanted me to thank him (?! not sure what for? for dropping him off? for taking him out?), then wanted me to talk to him.
Well, he wants me to be nice to him. I told him in no uncertain terms that I hate his guts for what he has done and what he is continuing to do. I told him everything I wanted to - that he left me for a younger model after our PLANNED FOR baby and then treated me like shit toing and froing between the two of us, to look at how many people disapprove of what he is doing and that I would like to stick pins in his eyes. And that if he wants to make things 'easy' for me that dont introduce our son to the woman who broke up his family, and stay away from me.

oooohh, that felt GOOD

OP posts:
elastamum · 30/12/2008 12:59

You go for it girl!!! Sounds just like my ex, I know just how you feel. Well done you {grin]

LiffeyValleyOfTheDolls · 30/12/2008 20:33

#Rat, you can't reason with a man who sees nothing from any perspective but his own, ever, I have an x like that too.

If you said the word selfish though! you'd be bitter....

LiffeyValleyOfTheDolls · 30/12/2008 20:35

On the subject of maintenance... I asked for some basically, and my x won't give me any as 'it's all about money with you people'.

So, we need money, he won't give us any, and yet he genuinely feels he has the moral highground because I asked for money. it beggars belief. Everybody else can see through it, but he thinks I'm a money grabbing wench. A money grabbing wench who is not getting a PENNY though, that kind.

misscathcart · 30/12/2008 20:36

well done!!!
I handed mine in about 3 weeks ago
we should have a little mn party when they've both gone through!
A good start to the new year.
It's a huge relief to hand them over isn't it?

Janos · 30/12/2008 21:31

ROund of applause here for your ratbunny.

What is it with grown men who act like the worst sort of dippy, self absorbed teenager? It's pathetic.

Janos · 30/12/2008 21:32

I'm getting all my words wrong today..hope you know what I mean

BlueSapphire77 · 30/12/2008 21:49

LOL @ Ratbunny .. pins in eyes

ratbunny · 31/12/2008 09:32

BlueSapphire - I know! I was so chuffed with that phrase! I didnt even know I wanted to stick pins in his eyes until I told him! In hindsight, its so obvious..

lillyvalley - so true. he only sees things from his own perspective. so sad really. but SO glad to be rid.

bring on 2009!

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