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does anyone know if there is any double or extra payments 4 ppl on benefits before xmas??

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missxvamp · 08/12/2008 19:47

hi im just trying 2 find out if anyone knows if there will be any double payments orrr extra payments made b4 xmas? im worrying because i hav 2 bills kindly going out on the 22nd and 23rd rite b4 xmas ahhhhh and im reslly worried now that im gonna b skint 4 the whole period of xmas. so if nyone has ny ideas please post a comment thanku

OP posts:
Lulumama · 08/12/2008 19:48

why don;t you call the DWP?

NorthernLurkerwithastarontop · 08/12/2008 19:51

if you have payments due on the bank holiday days they are usually paid early but not double, just the usual amount.

mashedup · 08/12/2008 22:52

There's a notice in my local post office, benefits, pensions, and tax credits are being paid early, but not double or extra. My tax credits are due on 26th Dec and 2nd January, so they're being paid on 24th Dec and 30th Dec. The dates vary depending on which day you get paid. I think benefits are being paid even earlier but not sure.
Hope this helps.

gillybean2 · 12/12/2008 18:02

If you get paid 4 weekly you will get 13 payments and therefore will get a double payment one month. Is that what you are referring too? Mine happens to fall in December, very useful!

kormaisforlifenotjustchristmas · 12/12/2008 18:08

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

juicyjolly · 12/12/2008 18:11

You only have to check at the post office when you pick up your benefits.

MotherChristmas2OliverJames · 12/12/2008 18:14

Well actually some companies do give an xmas bonus

I thought i remembered somethng like this being said sometime this year, but then i wasn't a LP so didnt take much notice.

juicyjolly · 12/12/2008 18:16

I think what the op means when she says double is, instead of picking up the one weeks money....if the next week,fortnight, falls on a holiday then she can get it in the same week as the first payment.

Dont panic though......she doesn't get any more benefits money, it just arrives early and she has to do without in the week the benefit would have been normally due.

ramonaquimby · 12/12/2008 18:16

Christmas bonus for reaching targets, meeting deadlines, that sort of thing. bonuses for those on benefits? not a great spend of public resources I'd say

kormaisforlifenotjustchristmas · 12/12/2008 18:17

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

hecAteAMillionMincePies · 12/12/2008 18:18

you do get a £10 christmas payment.

kormaisforlifenotjustchristmas · 12/12/2008 18:18

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LittleJingleBellas · 12/12/2008 18:19

Dream on

Pensioners get a bonus.

No-one else does.

Prepare for a barrage of mean minded twats telling you you're a skiver and should get a job without knowing anything about you or your life. Ignore them. Happy Christmas.

LittleJingleBellas · 12/12/2008 18:20

ooh sorry just saw hecate's post, I didn't know you got £10 now.

Happy Christmas again.

hecAteAMillionMincePies · 12/12/2008 18:21

there's to be dla extra in jan of £60 or £70, bella. Believe it when i see it though!

Switchoff · 12/12/2008 18:25

Talking of early payments ,DP's wages are due to go in bank on boxing day does anyone have any idea when they will go in?

I am thinking Saturday ,could do with it Xmas eve .

RE benefits : If you get paid on a Thursday or Friday your money should go in a couple of days before HTH.

juicyjolly · 12/12/2008 18:36

No, people on benefits do not get an extra £10 bonus.

Only if you are receiving a pension or DLA as far as I know, but definitely not the ones who just receive ordinary benefit.

hecAteAMillionMincePies · 12/12/2008 18:39

don't they? oh. sorry. yes, it was on my dla, I thought it was for everyone.

MotherChristmas2OliverJames · 12/12/2008 18:58

"a bonus is like a gift though isnt it ? a thank you for your hard work ?"

So those of us who have no choice to be on benefits shouldnt get any help at christmas?

When i worked (and have worked continuously until having DS) i used to get a generous bonus at christmas.

i am not in the situation where i can just go out and earn it for myself.

FYI i work very hard bringing my DS up and studying thank you very much! please will you explain why i shouldnt get any help in the christmas period?

or should we just sit back and watch everybody else have a lovely christmas and just accept that because i cant work our life should be crap?

ramonaquimby · 12/12/2008 19:01

well no - I work in the public sector and don't recieve xmas bonuses or any bonuses at all.

I'm not getting any help at this time either - lots of people aren't

goldFAQinsenceandmyrrh · 12/12/2008 19:02

ooo that's a point - my IS goes in on a Thursday so I should get it a few days before shouldn't I.......(as Christmas falls on a Thursday) - ooo might have some extra money to spend in London

Lurkinaroundthechristmastree · 12/12/2008 19:06

Why should we get extra money though? I can only afford presents and ordinary stuff like new coats, shoes etc by getting a loan from the Social. I wouldn't have any extra money otherwise but I certainly wouldn't expect a Christmas bonus on top of what I already get.

MotherChristmas2OliverJames · 12/12/2008 19:06

BTW i dont think i am actually getting any bonuses but i dont see why, if i did, people would have a problem with it?

We dont ever get to treat ourselves, dont spend money on alcohol/cigarettes/dvds/cds/games/urm... anything really and still find money tight, the stuff i have is ok but only because i had it before me and XP split.

and then christmas comes along and puts a whole load more strain on...

kormaisforlifenotjustchristmas · 12/12/2008 19:47

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

thisisyesterday · 12/12/2008 19:58

ditto Korma, we are totally skint atm. DP doesn't get a christmas bonus.
we have to get over it and live within our means.
just like everyone else, and that incluides people on benefits.

if you don't have the money you can't spend it. my mum brought us up on less than no money, but I had a lovely childhood.
money isn't everything you know

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