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A man I like added me as a friend on facebook (why yes, I AM an adult, what makes you ask?)

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ThatBigGermanPrison · 17/07/2008 09:51

And after a horrible break up and a massive dry patch I am very very excited because (and given the ex's snooping history, I may have to delete this later) I want out on Sunday night and he walked me home and we had a little kiss and it was lovely ... one glitch - he's only 22.

Now I have had to switch facebook off. I may have to switch the computer off and go out too.

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themildmanneredjanitor · 17/07/2008 09:52

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ThatBigGermanPrison · 17/07/2008 09:56

Am not young, I am a crusty 28.

He thought I was younger apparently, which is good cos I thought he was older.

Oops though. That's what you get for drinking lager top instead of lager shandy. One (male) friend commented loudly "Ugh, the hormones buzzing round you two are disgusting, fuck ouff outside!"

So we did


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themildmanneredjanitor · 17/07/2008 09:57

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

themildmanneredjanitor · 17/07/2008 09:57

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ThatBigGermanPrison · 17/07/2008 10:11

6 year age gap is nothing after you are about 35 I think. when you are in 20s and the girl is older ... well.

I am totally getting ahead of myself now. He's probably only being polite. I am trying SO HARD to play it cool, and I'm shit at it!

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solo · 17/07/2008 10:16

Oh! just enjoy whatever happens with him. Enjoy the flirting(it's practise if nothing else)kissing(more practise)enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!
And by the way young lady 28 is not bloody OLD!!!, wish I was that old!

Beetroot · 17/07/2008 10:18

you are a youongster adn go enjoy feeling young again

miffymum · 17/07/2008 10:18

Lucky you. Have lots and lots of ... fun and anything else that comes your way. 6 year age gap doesn't matter, it depends on your and his personalities more than anything else. My DP is 5 years younger than me, it's no big deal.

allgonebellyup · 17/07/2008 10:26


ThatBigGermanPrison · 17/07/2008 10:27

Nothing has happened, I'm just making mountains out of molehills.

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themildmanneredjanitor · 17/07/2008 10:27

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

solo · 17/07/2008 11:25

mmmmm, so do I tmmj, but rarely get any intimacy including a good snog

ThatBigGermanPrison · 17/07/2008 12:00

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WilyWombat · 17/07/2008 12:02

Less of an age gap than me & DH, once you get past 20 its not about years but emotional maturity Just enjoy it.

fawkeoff · 17/07/2008 13:30

.....that is so nice...i know how you feel about the younger thing.....i have an 23 and he is 21...only 2 years and i find it odd.........dont go for younger men at all....i like someone a bit older.....ha admirer is very forward but funny getting
"let me come round and rip yer back out"

trying to tell him that its not charming....funny but does nothing for me

fransmom · 17/07/2008 13:32

28 is old?????????

i am 33 and no way am i old girl, enjoy yourself!!!

lou33 · 17/07/2008 13:34

lol @ 28 being old

i guess that means i should be looking at saga holidays then!

fransmom · 17/07/2008 13:35

hello lou! hows you?

lou33 · 17/07/2008 13:36

blimey fawke he sounds like a catch (not)

at your age i preferred older men too, it's only now i am older the younger ones seem more appealing

lou33 · 17/07/2008 13:36

hi fran

IllegallyBrunette · 17/07/2008 13:37

Where do you all keep meeting these blokes ??

Perhaps I need to move further away than planned [girn]

ThatBigGermanPrison · 17/07/2008 13:52

I met him in the pub.

I have a friend who knows absolutely everyone. She has barmaided or served in nearly every shop and pub in this town, and she is naturally chatty and smily - so she knows everyone. I met nearly everyone I know through her.

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OverMyDeadBody · 17/07/2008 13:56


I'd say enjoy him, nothing like a toyboy to spice up your life

It doesn't matter how old he is, all that matters is how good his technique is

fransmom · 17/07/2008 14:13

i think i would like to meet your friend lol i odn't know hardly anyone!!

ThatBigGermanPrison · 17/07/2008 14:15

Christ knows it needs spicing up.

People can be very different in many ways though. The best kisser I've ever, er, kissed is an inarticulate bad tempered semi alcoholic. He's not very good looking and is a complete misogynist. But if you found yourself lip to lip with him, you better kiss the evening goodbye unless you are very VERY happily married, because he is a superb kisser.

He's a total-blood-rush-to-the-pants, weak-at-the-knees kisser. And he's just such an unlikely candidate for that skill!

That's not the bloke I'm talking about though

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