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A man I like added me as a friend on facebook (why yes, I AM an adult, what makes you ask?)

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ThatBigGermanPrison · 17/07/2008 09:51

And after a horrible break up and a massive dry patch I am very very excited because (and given the ex's snooping history, I may have to delete this later) I want out on Sunday night and he walked me home and we had a little kiss and it was lovely ... one glitch - he's only 22.

Now I have had to switch facebook off. I may have to switch the computer off and go out too.

OP posts:
citylover · 17/07/2008 14:32

The guy I am still hankering over is six years younger. Makes no difference. We like the same things.

Was married to a guy 11 yrs older and would go for younger anytime.

Go for it.

prettyfly1 · 17/07/2008 14:50

i am 26 and the bloke i rather fancy is 22. nothing wrong with a younger man me lovely - good luck to ya. Oh that first snog feeling -so much fun!!

fawkeoff · 17/07/2008 15:50

ha ha lou.....utter non catch.....but looks so lovely.....nice for the attention...apart from the vulgarity ..........not hsppening

lou33 · 17/07/2008 16:47

that kind of talk is an instant turn off for me

fawkeoff · 17/07/2008 17:46

yes....i brought home the fact that he is just a 21 year old jack the lad.......oh well......NEXT ha ha

ThatBigGermanPrison · 17/07/2008 22:15

Ah boo. He's obviously not interested. No contact since. He was just being polite, he has got SQUILLIONS of girls (young pretty girls) in his friends list.

Tell you what though, POF is quite good. I have a date in a couple of weeks with a man from there.

OP posts:
fransmom · 27/07/2008 14:55

bgp, hows things with you?

ThatBigGermanPrison · 27/07/2008 21:12


he didn't get back to me.


So much for a thread of hope!

OP posts:
fransmom · 28/07/2008 14:29

obv can't stand women being more experienced lol

reallyfatcow · 31/07/2008 02:32

haha !!! how old are you???
without sounding slutty, (which obviously means it is lol). recently a 22 year old for me and previous to that a 19 year old, (he did say he was older!!) hehe
you're grown up and as long as your kids aren't harmed who cares what fun you have???
go for it while you can!!!!!!, (i certailnly am!!)

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