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have you noticed the smell in the air?

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southeastastra · 18/04/2008 18:04

noticed here and thought it was just muck spreading season

OP posts:
princessmel · 18/04/2008 18:06


We'e near you SEA.

Ds went outside this morning to go to school and said 'I can smell dog poo'. I said it was manure.
Will read link now.

maidamess · 18/04/2008 18:06

Yes it really stank (stunk?) in Kingston.

My dd was manically checking the bottoms of everyones shoes for dog poop.

MaureenMLove · 18/04/2008 18:07

Nope not me. I'm in South London and I must just be acustomed to the smell of the sewage works just across the river!

Quadrophenia · 18/04/2008 18:08

This morning I commented to dp about a really awful smell in the air, it smelt of drains or rubbsh bins, we are in Northampton (of course it could have just been drains or rubbish bins)

Buda · 18/04/2008 18:10

Well we were driving though Austria earlier this week and all noticed the manure-like smell but no animals in sight. So maybe it came from there.

southeastastra · 18/04/2008 18:12

it was really strong here wasn't it princessmel, the euro whiff

OP posts:
princessmel · 18/04/2008 18:16

Yes foul. I hope it's not a permanent thing.

SEA we could walk past each other all the time and not know it!! In the shops, town, park etc!!

southeastastra · 18/04/2008 18:19

i know, weird isn't it

OP posts:
EffiePerine · 18/04/2008 18:22

That's what it was! I have been unfairly suspecintg DS's nappies...

princessmel · 18/04/2008 18:24

What do you look like?

Your dc are older than mine(iirc) so we wouldn't be in a lot of children type places together. eg the farm, soft play etc.

But shops , restaurants etc yes.

GrapefruitMoon · 18/04/2008 18:26

I'm not too far from you SEA and noticed a funny smell outside yesterday - dh and I were frantically checking the drains (had problems in the past) and then it was gone...

southeastastra · 18/04/2008 18:30

i haven't seen you (looked at your profile!), i'm just average

OP posts:
princessmel · 18/04/2008 18:32

If you see me now , you have to come over and say that you're SEA.

What does average mean?

janeite · 18/04/2008 18:32

Aha. I kept checking my shoes this morning, thinking I'd walked in something horrible, and couldn't understand why I could smell something horrible but see nothing. Thankyou for solving this mystery!

sallystrawberry · 18/04/2008 18:32

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

southeastastra · 18/04/2008 18:35

average height, highlights, not very exciting. course i'd say hello! i'll look out for you now.

we do get alot of muck spreading smells here don't we but this one was slightly different.

OP posts:
Blu · 18/04/2008 18:35

Streatham smelled like a farm this morning - I thought I must be imagining it and was going to post and see if other S London MN-ers had noticed it!

CarGirl · 18/04/2008 18:36

I thought it was me and my oversensitive nose getting even worse!

princessmel · 18/04/2008 18:37


I'm going to be wondering about every highlighted, average height woman I see now!

Yes it must have been different for ds to notice it. But there are loads of fields all round us that can be smelly.

PaninoPan · 18/04/2008 18:38

on the news - it's apparently smells of industry/farming/domestic stuff thaat has drifted over from the continent where it had become stationary in the still air, and has just started drifting across southern England.

It must be simply awful for you.

wilbur · 18/04/2008 18:42

I thought I was imagining it too, but then all the kids stood on our doorstep sniffing the air this morning and it was just like they were muck spreading on Balham High Road. Bleeurgh.

marina · 18/04/2008 18:46

Was really noticeable in our part of SE London.

Assumed it was Crossness Maureen! It usually is, or the Tunnel Refinery


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Blu · 18/04/2008 18:50

Who on earth is Crossness Maureen, and how does she come to have such a serious personal problem?

She sounds like a childminder in Viz.

Might change my MN name....

marina · 18/04/2008 18:54

It's what we used to call a "sewage farm" when I was a kid blu!

I'll have you know that

  1. Crossness has a mighty Victorian steam pump house that is open to the public on "steam up" weekends throughout the year (eg, Open House, it is a fantastic example of industrial engineering)

  2. My grandpa was the p/t gardener there in retirement. Apparently his wallflowers were the envy of Belvedere. I can't imagine what he was putting on them (His allotment was also freakily productive...)
marina · 18/04/2008 18:54

Arf at the Viz childminder. I'll leave Maureen to sort that one out

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