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Alan Bennett: Ban Public Schools

391 replies

DaDaDa · 24/01/2008 17:21

Have we done this one yet?

In an ideal world, I agree with him.

lights blue touch paper, retires to safe distance with nice cup of tea and digestive biscuit

OP posts:
niceglasses · 24/01/2008 17:24

Hes bang on. I always knew he was a top bloke.

southeastastra · 24/01/2008 17:25

he's right, of course

ArcticRoll · 24/01/2008 17:26

Hear hear.

NoseCheese · 24/01/2008 17:27

I love Alan Bennett.
Unfortunately though, the state school system is failing so many of our children, that I think it's important for other choices to be available.

bundle · 24/01/2008 17:27




Kathyis6incheshigh · 24/01/2008 17:27

He seems rather keen on grammar schools

bundle · 24/01/2008 17:27

er, nosecheese, have you ever thought WHY it's failing?

Kathyis6incheshigh · 24/01/2008 17:28

"He added: "If the state schools here in Britain were the best and you had to compete to get into them, then the whole nature of education would be transformed.

"It's the paying: it's the fact that you can buy advantages for your children over and above their abilities than seems to be wrong. ""

ArcticRoll · 24/01/2008 17:28

Exactly bundle.

MaryAnnSingleton · 24/01/2008 17:29

I love,love,love Alan Bennett - not because of this particularly,but because he is a treasure.

NoseCheese · 24/01/2008 17:29

Yes I have, thank you, Bundle.
Not sure why that warranted a though.

Tortington · 24/01/2008 17:30

but then my twins felix and felandera would have to mix with common people who do not value eduation

i work harder than ordinary people and i get more money and it shows - why shouldnt i send my children to a school where they dont have to associate with common people.

of course as to divert the light i suggest that we make this resoundly about religeous shools - arn't they shocking and devisive - has the spotlight gone off this subject now...ahhh yes - christians - they are a bad lot with their jesus clap trap education oh how rubbish < has anyone noticed yet?>

now if you parents had brought YOU up with any degree of competancy - you would have gone to public school bad become a city lawyer - it is resoundly your fault for being too stupid to take up any of lifes chances - life does give chances to poor people but they are either a) too laxy or b) too thick

bundle · 24/01/2008 17:31

because the decision makers/mover/shakers think they can PAY for better education and couldn't give a tinker's cuss about the state system.

if they were IN it it would HAVE TO WORK


flyingsaucers · 24/01/2008 17:33

I absolutely agree.

It's ridiculous that a privileged section of society can pay for a better standard of education that available to everyone else - and it really does educate people to believe themselves superior, more confident and more deserving. If it was scrapped, maybe we wouldn't be such a divided society with such a huge difference between haves and have nots.

cazzybabs · 24/01/2008 17:34

Why are private schools disavantaging other childreb? parentrs who send their children still have to pay tax thus funding state schools without using up resources. surely the same could be said for those who pay for extra-curricula actvities - this offers a advantage or those who can pay for extra-tution.

cluckyagain · 24/01/2008 17:36

Great - so if you're not the brightest in the area, you DEF get to go to a rotten school - now that IS fair......

niceglasses · 24/01/2008 17:36

Yeah Cazzy but surely it is to do with the standard of education? Why should those who can afford it have a better standard?

To me, it should be the other way round!

Tortington · 24/01/2008 17:37

citing people who can pay for extra curricular activities as being unfair - is really a poor argument to back up the unfairness of privat education - .....its ok other things are unfair too!?

perhaps if your children were forced through no other option to attnd the shit fucking poorly resourced pieces of crud that some of our children have to learn in daily - then you and other rich people - usually with power and influence - would cockin well bloody do something about it - but as it is - let them eat cake.


cazzybabs · 24/01/2008 17:39

Who is to say private education is better thanb state schools - what about buying a house in a good area to get the best state school?

OrmIrian · 24/01/2008 17:39

Don't disagree TBH. Level playing field for all children and all that. Assuming that your playing field hasn't been sold off for housing that is...

niceglasses · 24/01/2008 17:39

Just as bad.

Tortington · 24/01/2008 17:41

are you trying to tell me that people pay for private education but public education is fine?

the housebuying this is also unfair - another unfairness doesnt make your argument to keep private schools right.


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flyingsaucers · 24/01/2008 17:42

yeah but you wouldn't have to move to get into a better state school if there weren't so many shit state schools, and there wouldn't be if the kind of money invested in private schools was spent on the local crappy comp.

kerala · 24/01/2008 17:45

Yes - if there was no alternative and the children of politicians/upper classes HAD to go to state schools you can be sure standards would improve across the board and fast.

I saw Alan Bennett coming out of our local dry cleaners. My mother insisted on going up to him to say hello and how she loved his books etc but he was charming to her.

cazzybabs · 24/01/2008 17:46

i really fail to see how closing all private schhols would some how benifit those in a deprived area (who lets be honset it those we need to some improve our standard of education for) ...i am clearly being thick....there is also a big difference between state schools in a nice area and those in a deprived school.

I think we need to improve the how people see the importnace of education and how we see people in general. Look at Sweeden everyone is valued (from toilet cleaners to doctors - they are all seen the same)...I am not sure it is even to do with fudnign of state schools - I think it is an attidtide people have where education ios seen as a waste of time by some people

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