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What the hell is wrong with these people???

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cushioncover · 26/10/2007 13:29

Can't find to link but just saw this on the BBC 1oclock news.

A woman collaped dying in her doorway and her 26yr old neighbour, far from ringing for help, instead decided to abuse her.

He urinated on her, threw water over her and covered her in shaving cream. All this he filmed on his mobile phone!
She later died.

Why would someone do such a thing? Poor, poor woman. They think she may have been conscious too! How utterly disgusting.

OP posts:
3littlebats · 26/10/2007 13:30

Please tell me he got a prison sentence.

cushioncover · 26/10/2007 13:32

Yes he did, thankfully. (I didn't catch how long)
Things like this really are beyond my comprehension.

OP posts:
Freckle · 26/10/2007 13:39

Jailed for 3 years, which means he'll probably serve 18 months - but I suspect his time in prison will not be a comfortable one.

JillJ72 · 26/10/2007 14:14

Perhaps it should be done to him, see how he likes it. But then again, he'd probably take a perverse pleasure out of such disgusting abuse. Why on earth are people like this walking the earth? Why oh why oh why?

CrushWithEyeliner · 26/10/2007 14:16

Good God

DUSTIN · 26/10/2007 14:17

I saw this on the news and couldn,t believe it! I don't understand how people can be so cruel. Shocking!

PirateoftheScarybeing · 26/10/2007 14:19

f ing bastard

spooklesandwhine · 26/10/2007 14:37

Shock Angry

lomondgore · 26/10/2007 14:41

That is shocking, so

ElenyaTuesday · 26/10/2007 14:47

Did you read that a crowd gathered and laughed and filmed it on their phones!!!!!! Horrendous.

CatIsSpooky · 26/10/2007 14:51

I heard this on the radio-I was horrified
just disgusting
glad he's been locked up-hope worse happens to him in gaol

elenya I hadn't heard that bit-
god people are foul

SharpMolarBear · 26/10/2007 14:56

Yes, I heard about this, poor woman. I hope her family at least got some comfort from his jail sentence and the fact that the same will hopefully happen to him in there. Poor, poor woman

clumsymum · 26/10/2007 14:56

I heard this on the Radio news too, while I was driving home.

It horrifies me, not only that a person would do this to someone (we will always get some mentally damaged person in society capable of such terrible acts), but that other stood and watched, let it happen, did nothing to stop him, nothing to help the poor victim.

I'm terrified for what our world is becoming. What kind of society does ds face as he grows up? As I'm disabled, do I have to feart for my life?

SharpMolarBear · 26/10/2007 15:00

i think the worst thing is that she was dying and at her most vulnerable, was abused and no one helped her.

EmsMum · 26/10/2007 15:05


CatIsSpooky · 26/10/2007 15:05

I know SMB-why would people's reaction when seeing this happen be to regard it as some kind of entertainment? why wouldn't they try to stop it? I don't get it. Agree with clumsymum- I can cope with the idea of one lone sicko better than the idea of a whole group of voyeuristic sickos.
It's really frightening.

BrownSuga · 26/10/2007 15:12

i live in the town in happened in . f&*ckers

LittleBellaLugosi · 26/10/2007 15:16

There's something extremely puzzling about this incident. The guy was an ex soldier apparantly. It may be that he was mentally ill (undiagnosed) which would explain (though of course not excuse) his shocking and mad behviour. But nothing explains the behaviour of the passers-by. Is Hartlepool particularly known for its level of stupid people? Or is this now normal behaviour, are we all out of touch?

BrownSuga · 26/10/2007 15:18


BrownSuga · 26/10/2007 15:19

they hung a monkey in the napoleonic wars, they thought it was a french spy. (seriously)

CatIsSpooky · 26/10/2007 15:19

I don't want to believe this is normal behaviour
I can't

LittleBellaLugosi · 26/10/2007 15:20

The Youtube comment was quite telling I thought.

SharpMolarBear · 26/10/2007 15:21

BrownSuga I live in Durham. Is Hartlepool really that bad??

clumsymum · 26/10/2007 15:23

And they voted in Peter Mandleson !!

CatIsSpooky · 26/10/2007 15:24

agree LittleBella
displays a frightening lack of empathy-violence just seen as entertainment. Never mind there's a person suffering, dying in fact.

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