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Woman gives birth in paint aisle at Wilkos and her husband had to come from home!!!

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WendyWeber · 29/07/2007 11:36

I can only think they were desperately finishing the nursery (I thought I was disorganised )

OP posts:
Beetroot · 29/07/2007 11:39

30 mins?

Trinityrhino · 29/07/2007 11:40

she must have bee contracting beforehand...surely?

hippipotami · 29/07/2007 11:51

Never mind 30 minutes, Karissa??

lulumama · 29/07/2007 11:52

wow !! some women do have silent labour, and very fast ones ! bless her, hope they gave her free paint for the nursery !

bananabump · 29/07/2007 11:53

In 30 minutes could they not have even attempted to call an ambulance, or get her in a back office or SOMETHING?

There was a thread on here recently showing a video of a women giving birth in MFI, with loads of people gawping (not to mention the person videoing it ffs)

Is it a case of having loads of painless contractions and then a sudden urge to push, or did they just leave it far too long? Can't help thinking I would have insisted on getting off the shop floor!

lou33 · 29/07/2007 11:55

i gave birth in 22 mins

its possible

LieselVentouse · 29/07/2007 11:55

I dont believe this for a minute

WendyWeber · 29/07/2007 11:56

The phrase "sharp end" makes me cross my legs

OP posts:
popsycal · 29/07/2007 11:57

I gave birth in about 30 minutes.......

lulumama · 29/07/2007 11:58

why not liesel?

i have recently doulaed a lady who has had 5 children, and 1 was born on the antenatal ward as her labour was so fast, MWs did not believe she was in born 3 minutes after she got to delivery suite..

it happens...

LadyOfTheFlowers · 29/07/2007 11:58

'tis very possible.

bananabump · 29/07/2007 12:02

For all of you who had very short labours, they weren't first babies were they? (I know I'll be in labour for a week anyway)

popsycal · 29/07/2007 12:02

I did not get to the delivery suite
ANd had it not been sunday morning at 7am, I would not have got to the hospital!

popsycal · 29/07/2007 12:03

Mine was my second - though my first was less than 4 hours

lou33 · 29/07/2007 12:03

mine got shorter each time, but my first was only 2hrs 20 mins

LieselVentouse · 29/07/2007 12:03

Believe the short labour, just dont know why she couldnt have made it to an office/toilet/whatever.

popsycal · 29/07/2007 12:05

I didnt actually realise I was in 'proper' labour until 20 mins before ds2 was born and then I didnt realise how imminent it was.

My dad did, however, as I told him to 'f off' when I had my first contraction, 25 mins before ds2 was born

lou33 · 29/07/2007 12:05

if she is anything like me , the contractions are one on top of another, which makes it pretty impossible to move

popsycal · 29/07/2007 12:06

ditto lou

robinpud · 29/07/2007 12:30

Never mind the length of labour- Wilkos fgs.. in a paint embarassing

What would baby have been called if it was in Jo Malone shop or at boden sale I wonder..

TranquilaManana · 29/07/2007 12:39

have had a half hour and a 45 min labours.
first one was longer. about 5 hours from first contraction, tho only about 45 minutes of strong ones.

why on earth was she at the diy and her dh at home?? she really needs to learn to delegate

lulumama · 29/07/2007 12:46

once i was in established , strong labour, and getting to transition and then pushing, i was not able to move! not at all!

and agree with delegation


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beansprout · 29/07/2007 12:49

Perhaps it was just precipitous labour. I think she deserves a bit of sympathy, not scorn!! I suspect this wasn't on her birth plan!

beansprout · 29/07/2007 12:50

And show me the store manager who wants a woman to give birth in their office when they could just call "cleaning to aisle 23" instead

WendyWeber · 29/07/2007 12:51

He was probably doing man things with drill

Bet they wish now they'd done it a leetle bit earlier!

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