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Train defecator hunted by police

34 replies

Tinker · 24/10/2006 19:10

It's probably very wrong to find this funny isn't it?

OP posts:
JoolsToo · 24/10/2006 19:12


nutcracker · 24/10/2006 19:14

Thats is disgusting.

NOMurDErousPLUME · 24/10/2006 19:15


lulumama · 24/10/2006 19:16

not funny...he might be disturbed....and the people who have to clean it up....

SPACEdoutzombieCADET · 24/10/2006 19:19

its disgusting.

Quadrofiendia · 24/10/2006 19:26

This behaviour is very common with people suffering from mental illness, three people who i know that did this all had psychosis a bit worrying more than anything else.

LIZS · 24/10/2006 19:27

how horrid.

belgo · 24/10/2006 19:32

Wouldn't like to be a cleaner on those trains.

hatwoman · 24/10/2006 19:34

agree with qf - I can't really see how anyone could do this and not be in some way ill. how truly horrid.

hatwoman · 24/10/2006 19:36

but I think it's probably ok to say something about symbiosis ...

CreepyCrawlyCarmenere · 24/10/2006 19:36

I love the fact that they have published his picture and that he will be easily recognised by it. Of course I have sympathy for him and his family if he has mental illness but if he doesn't(or if it is marginal) his number is up as of today!
And it is funny because it is bizzare and revolting.

questions · 24/10/2006 19:41

I used to work in a job that put me in contact with the police a lot -they said that in a lot of burglaries the offender defecates at the scene of the crime. Its something to do with the adrenalin and fear of being caught causing the urge to defecate and also the "marking their territory" thing too

plummymummy · 30/10/2006 22:03

Personally I doubt he has psychosis as he wouldn't wait til the carriage was empty. This is a calculated thing - maybe a grudge dirty protest or maybe he has a anti-social personality disorder (which is not the same as a mental illness). Either way, I would not like to sit in that carriage after he's been at work!

misdee · 30/10/2006 22:03

he has been arrested now/

RancidRhubarb · 30/10/2006 22:04

Hey Tinker! I saw this and laughed and thought about putting it on Mumsnet, but I'm glad I didn't now!

Just to stick up for you though, even though it is disgusting it is also bizarre enough to be amusing ok!

ShowOfBloodyAndSeveredHands · 30/10/2006 22:09

DH runs a hotel/restaurant and a couple of weeks ago some lads on a stag night who were staying in the hotel defecated in the kettle, the sink, the shower and on the window sill. Police thought it was all very amusing and did sod all. DH has been trying to bill them for the cost of professional cleaning but without the police's help, he can do very little.

Disgusting creatures.

plummymummy · 30/10/2006 22:35

The Police don't give a shit

QuootieSpookypie · 30/10/2006 22:44


Mirage · 31/10/2006 20:29

Quadrofiendia,my dh says that he assumes that you work in the mental health field?Otherwise he says that knowing 3 people who are poo smearers is quite worrying.

My sister runs a dance school & they had a phantom crapper who kept leaving one in the washbasin in the ladies loo.She suspected the amateur dramatic society who used the premises at the same time.

divastrop · 31/10/2006 20:37

when i worked at M+S many years ago,somebody curled one in one of the fitting room cubicles.i wouldnt have thought m+s customers would be so revolting!and they used a pair of tight they hadnt paid for to wipe themselves...ewww.

Marina · 31/10/2006 20:38

I once found one in an AV cubicle in a library

VeniVidiVickiQV · 31/10/2006 20:41

The suspect or the evidence Marina?


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ghosty · 31/10/2006 20:46

I knew a guy at University who used to crap in his housemates' rooms (usually on their beds) when he was pissed off with them. Once he had a row with his girlfriend and went to her house to crap on her doorstep [vomit]

I heard that they are happily married with two children now ....
Mirage · 31/10/2006 21:04

eeeewww Ghosty!

Marina · 31/10/2006 21:11

Evidence, unfortunately, VVVQV.
Wish we had bagged it and sent it in the internal post to the Vice Chancellor now

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