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just seen the news headlines I do find this disturbing..North korea goes nucleasr

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zippitippitoes · 09/10/2006 18:03 what will the fall out be?

OP posts:
TwigTwoolett · 09/10/2006 18:04

am I the only one who wants to say "Nuc-U-lure" a la Simpsons and George W?

zippitippitoes · 09/10/2006 18:06

i always cringe when people put that extra syllable in!

OP posts:
SenoraPostrophe · 09/10/2006 18:11

It is worrying.

But actually, I've been too busy getting wound up by the responses of other countries to worry too much. why exactly is it so "provocative" or even "unforgiveable" for N korea to test a nuclear weapon when the UK, US etc have no intention of giving up their already tested weapons? I just hope the diplomats are more diplomatic than the spokespeople who've been quoted all over the place.

zippitippitoes · 09/10/2006 18:13

yes i guess that's my reaction..the reaction to it is concerning

OP posts:
southeastastralplain · 09/10/2006 18:15

i love this from the bbc:
Believed to have 'handful' of nuclear weapons
But not thought to have any small enough to put in a missile
Could try dropping from plane, though world watching closely

Socci · 09/10/2006 18:33

Message withdrawn

Callisto · 09/10/2006 20:46

I worry that N Korea will do something now it is a nuclear power (though by all accounts the bomb it has is so big it can't be put on a plane so not sure how much of a threat it actually is) to back up all of the sabre rattling that has gone on for so long. I also worry that China has its own agenda which will include some sort of expansionist policy that will take advantage of any shift in power.

The reaction of the other nuclear powers is justified as I don't think we are on the verge of invading another country just yet (and please don't mention Iraq). The balence of power has altered in the east and I for one don't think it is for the better.

But having waffled about the above, I also think that the timing was brilliant as the S Korean president (I think, maybe foreign minister) is about to take over from Kofi 'Corruption? What Corruption' Annan so it could just be sabre rattling after all.

Callisto · 09/10/2006 20:47

And by the way, did any of you realise that Eire has a nuclear capability? Three bombs if I remember rightly.

donnie · 10/10/2006 14:18

agree senorapostrophe.
I am no fan of the regime in North Korea but there is so much hypocrisy in the world about who is ' allowed' nuclear capability and who is not. All dictated by the US, as usual.

Callisto · 11/10/2006 11:26

Arrrrgggg. I can't believe that Jack Straw asking women to remove their veils gets 700 responses and possibly the most worrying international development for a decade gets 10. What the hell is wrong with everyone? Why are you not discussing this?

Spidermama · 11/10/2006 11:29

There's been some doubt now as to whether or not N Korea really did test a nuclear bomb. It may be untrue.

LiliLaTigresse · 11/10/2006 11:29

well according to Jane's and other sources, there is still a debate whether this really was a nuclear test or not
They still have to get the bomb small enough to fit into a missile, which will take a little time but they will be able to do
I think the main concern with this is that they will sell it to Iran, or to terrorists

EnidVorhees · 11/10/2006 11:30

Am I the ONLY one who has seen team america world police?

fairyfly · 11/10/2006 11:31

No Enid, my boyfriend does impressions everytime this comes on the news and i slap his hand and send him to his room.

EnidVorhees · 11/10/2006 11:35

sorry but it is so funny

I cant help saying 'who's laughing now Hans Brix you c*r' whenever I see him

FreakyFloss · 11/10/2006 11:38

i've seen it enid - twas ok film but it was a good likeness of the nutter.

donnie · 11/10/2006 13:20

well callisto if you read the piers morgan thread you will observe that a great number of MNers are only concerned with sex, shopping and celebrity and have probably never even heard of North Korea. It is pathetic in the extreme and has infuriated as well as saddened me.

What I find worrying is the response NK has made to the US's and UN's call for action: NK has said further tests will depend on what the US does.
I personally feel that if Israel is freely ' allowed' nuclear capability then surely it must be a free for all.
Why is the US the arbiter of these matters?

Callisto · 11/10/2006 13:54

Hi Donnie, looks like it is just you and me that are worried by this. Piers Morgan is so repulsive, I can't believe anyone would want his opinion on anything, especially as he is a known liar. How depressing that MN is full of celeb-fucking airheads too. I expected more for some reason.

I agree about the US but the UN is so spineless and with the S Korean (is it foreign minister) as the new president you can bet that nothing will happen. So I can't really blame the US for doing the whole 'worlds policeman' routine and they are the most powerful nation so at least people listen when they say something. I don't know what the answer is but unstable and aggressive closed nations getting nuclear capability is never good. Iran and N Korea can be lumped into one in this case and will be swapping tips too. If Iran gets nuclear capability I would imagine it won't be long before some of the other Arab nations decide that they had better have them too. It wouldn't suprise me in the least if N Korea becoming nuclear sets off a mini arms race among S Korea, Japan, Taiwan etc.

And was it a nuclear explosion? The US says could have been a lot of TNT, China says definitely was. But the timing was everything so if they haven't got one right now it is only a matter of time.

themoon666 · 11/10/2006 15:35

Not only you two worried. I'm extremely worried too. I'm old enough (40+) to remember all the worry about cruise missiles and the cold war. I thought we had consigned all that worry to the past.

This development is, IMHO, far worse and far more scary. At least the USSR and USA were pretty much evenly matched (remember mutual destruction).

NK and Iran are much more unstable due to their leaders. I could write loads more, but it makes me go cold and shivery, this terrible subject.

Not discussing it won't make it go away though.

Socci · 11/10/2006 15:36

Message withdrawn

Socci · 11/10/2006 15:40

Message withdrawn

Callisto · 11/10/2006 15:51

The problem with N Korea getting the bomb is that it alters the balance of power in the far east. It is very serious indeed and, as I mentioned before, could fuel another arms race specific to the region. Kim Jong-Il will have absolutely no qualms about using any nuclear capability that N Korea has. Yes, there is an aspect of it suiting our govt that this is in the papers but it would have made the news whatever.


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southeastastralplain · 11/10/2006 15:57

i think people are very concerned but maybe they would rather not know all the details, it's so worrying.

Callisto · 11/10/2006 16:03

Ahhh, the old head in the sand routine? Brush it under the carpet and pretend it isn't happening? That is how horrific things are allowed to go on the world over.

southeastastralplain · 11/10/2006 16:31

i don't do that! what can we do about it

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