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And the most costly place to live in the UK???

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seb1 · 16/08/2006 13:31


OP posts:
seb1 · 16/08/2006 14:04

Guess nobody is surprised by this then

OP posts:
expatinscotland · 16/08/2006 14:09

2nd . . . Edinburgh.

Big shock there.

Quootiepie · 16/08/2006 14:10

Cardiff? mum was gonna invest there...poo

Quootiepie · 16/08/2006 14:12

oh, not house prices...must read link 1st!

zippitippitoes · 16/08/2006 14:12

It puts the lie on London being such an expensive place to live..mind you i have known this for ages, but Londoners don't tend to beleive it!

expatinscotland · 16/08/2006 14:13

I've been saying that for years.

Now we're getting serious about getting out of here.

We've both just had enough.

seb1 · 16/08/2006 14:14

Where do you fancy going Expat?

OP posts:
Misspiggy · 16/08/2006 14:20

Expat - my friend and her husband lived in Edinburgh for the last 2 years of his Army career and fancied settling there when he left the Forces but couldn't afford it so they decided on Dalgety Bay (sure you know it but just over the bridge in Fife). We have just returned from visiting them and they love it. We had a look in Your Move (as you do!!)and the prices there are unbelievably reasonable. Just a thought!

expatinscotland · 16/08/2006 14:24

Fife's gotten too dear now, too. Anything w/i commuting distance to Edinburgh has, really.

We used to live in a dodgy area, and we're just not willing to do that anymore.

We're not looking to buy, that's completely OUT of the question, but to rent and place w/outdoor space and 3 bedrooms.

Not really sure yet.

DH is an East Coaster, so think we'll just start looking at the entire East Coast and see where we wind up. Don't fancy commuting long distances into a place like Edin or Glasgow, but would consider from a smaller town or village to a bigger area.

We know we can't stay here long-term - we're so fed up over the overcrowding and no space outdoors and balls to the wall w/money every month b/c the cost of living is so incredibly high in relation to wages.

There's just no future of the sort we need here.

Such is life.

expatinscotland · 16/08/2006 14:25

Something a lot of people don't realise is, when they see the price of the house, is that people don't make very much money here comparitively.

Again, we're not looking to buy. There's simply no way till my darling father passes away and I inherit, which I know he has to one day, but I hope we have him for a few decades, tho, as he is so dearly loved.

Misspiggy · 16/08/2006 14:41

Must admit I was amazed to find that my friend's DH has a job with the Scottish Courts Service (working in Edinburgh) over seeing the security of all the Sheriff Courts etc so lots of travelling, nights away from home etc plus huge responsibility and he earns £2k less than me p.a (and believe me I'm not rolling in it at all) but I work and live on the oputskirts of London. My DH was out of work for 2 years until fairly recently so we survived (loosely speaking!) on my wages so I know how hard it is when payday means nothing except that the bills get paid. Hope something comes up for you Expat and that dad is around for many years to come.

expatinscotland · 16/08/2006 14:42

It all works out how it should do in the end, is how we see it!

Uwila · 16/08/2006 15:13

Oh don't get me started on the cost of living in the UK....

chocolatemummy · 16/08/2006 15:16

I am just about to move from sussex back to the midlands because its a lot cheaper, the house prices are cheaper and so is everything else. Its a rip off down here

expatinscotland · 16/08/2006 15:17


My house in Denver sold last year for $190,000.

House. Detached. Garage. Attached. 2 full bath and a downstairs loo.

A cry a river when I think of that house.

expatinscotland · 16/08/2006 15:18

That would be the house DH bought me out of in 2001 and I wound up redundant and used hte money and all went tits up.

expatinscotland · 16/08/2006 15:18


Uwila · 16/08/2006 16:03

Don't you mean EX H?

expatinscotland · 16/08/2006 16:05

He is still a darling, tho, Uwila, and we're still friends, although now much more happily remarried to other people.

CountessDracula · 16/08/2006 16:09

I could have told you this

Number of times I have thought about moving out of london only to discover it would leave me worse off

Uwila · 16/08/2006 16:12

Oh come on CD, you do NOT want to move out of London.

CountessDracula · 16/08/2006 16:29

No, but I have thought of it

The Count in his misguidedness sometimes wants to

Not atm thank god!


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Uwila · 16/08/2006 16:31

Oh yes. I remember. Winchester!!! That was close. It's the only time I've ever felt sorry for you.

seb1 · 16/08/2006 19:22

Expat, would you commute back to Edinburgh or would you look for new jobs?

OP posts:
expatinscotland · 16/08/2006 23:28

'Expat, would you commute back to Edinburgh or would you look for new jobs? '

No, I wouldn't commute into Edinburgh. Not ever. It's MUCH more difficult and expensive to commute into Edinburgh than other places.

We're saving money just now, slowly, for deposits on a place to rent, van to hire to move our gear, etc.

Then, we'll be looking for new jobs.

I used to commute when I lived in the US. Petrol was cheap, I made loads of money and I had a cracking car and huge house.

But it was so dire I became a pack a day smoker.

Can't imagine doing that now w/kids.

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