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Fergie got pissed and tried to shag Beckham.

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bubble99 · 23/05/2006 20:16

Sarah Ferguson, that is. Not Sir Alex. VB not best pleased.

It said so in the paper - so it must be true? Wink

Whatever. It made me smile.

OP posts:
hulababy · 23/05/2006 20:17

Isn't the party highlights or something being shown on ITV at some point, or is it ITV2? Bound to be in OK I bet!

notasheep · 23/05/2006 20:18

But then she would shag anything-lots of policemen apparently

bubble99 · 23/05/2006 20:20

But isn't she supposed to be a royal-ish laydee?

OP posts:
Rhubarb · 23/05/2006 20:22

He was probably fascinated by a woman who could do more with her mouth than just pout!

bubble99 · 23/05/2006 20:27

She's done that pouty thing to death, hasn't she?

Please note. This is not an anti-VB thang. I just loved the idea of a slurring Fergie and a fascinated and (probably) aroused Beckham.

OP posts:
Rhubarb · 23/05/2006 20:29

and when she takes her clothes off she probably doesn't resemble one of the characters from 'Funny Bones'

JanH · 23/05/2006 20:30


Emphasis on the -ish I think, bubble. She was always a bit of a goer Grin

(Allegedly Shock)

bubble99 · 23/05/2006 20:31

She's definitley an 'up for it' rugby club kind of gal, isn't she?

OP posts:
motherinferior · 23/05/2006 20:32

I have to admit that under the influence of an extra sherry I have been known to slur over far less attractive propositions than Mr Beckham.

He wouldn't have to talk or anything, after all.

Rhubarb · 23/05/2006 20:32

I'll bet he was "up" for it an' all!

bubble99 · 23/05/2006 20:35

According to Hula it's been filmed for future broadcast. Are editors kindly souls, in general? Or will her amorous meanderings be there for all to see?

OP posts:
thewomanwhothoughtshewasahat · 23/05/2006 20:40

is it true that VB was waaring £2m round her neck?

Rhubarb · 23/05/2006 20:41

doubt it, her body'd never take the weight!

BudaBabe · 23/05/2006 20:59

OK so you're David. You can have VB - skinny, doesn't look like she'd be much fun. Or Fergie. Not so skinny. Up for a laugh. Not so worried about messing her hair.

Which would you go for????

Rhubarb · 23/05/2006 21:01

But doesn't he regularly play away anyway?
Married to a pouting stick who can blame him?

sugarfree · 23/05/2006 21:05

I think it's on tv on saturday night.I think it's fair to assume that VB has made sure she has approval before it's aired.

Rhubarb · 23/05/2006 21:06

Lots of pouting will ensue then!

WideWebWitch · 23/05/2006 21:08

Oh, she wishes! When's it on then?

bubble99 · 23/05/2006 21:08

What is it with the pout?? She looks good when she smiles.

OP posts:
FrannyandZooey · 23/05/2006 21:09

I agree VB is total pain in ares etc but a bit harsh to suggest its fine for him to be unfaithful because she is too thin. I notice a lot of threads like this slagging off VB when it would be really unacceptable to say "oh well her husband shags around because she is a bit porky"

Ulysees · 23/05/2006 21:09

Oh dear Fergie you'd have to gag him first shhurely?

Good for her though Grin

I thought you meant Black eyed peas Fergie and couldn't imagine her after Becks??

Rhubarb · 23/05/2006 21:09

She smiles? Really? Would that not crack the layer of foundation?

(I'm gonna get lynched soon by VB supporters aren't I?)


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FrannyandZooey · 23/05/2006 21:10

(am really not VB supporter)

Rhubarb · 23/05/2006 21:10

F&Z I'm just playing! Although I do think that she sets a bad example to all the teens out there. Thin is not a good look and it's not good that it's being promoted by models and celebs like her.

Ulysees · 23/05/2006 21:11

Yes it's a shame for VB really. She does look so much better when she smiles and laughs.

I don't advocate Fergie shagging Becks btw, just us oldies having a flirt Blush

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