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Pete is caught again this time injecting a fan.

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jellyjelly · 28/04/2006 09:04

Why cant this man not be sent to prison. Taken from msn.

A shocking picture of junkie rock star Pete Doherty allegedly injecting a drug into a girl fan's arm has emerged.

The image shows the singer holding the syringe as the girl lies apparently unconscious on a kitchen floor.

The Sun newspaper said the picture was taken at Doherty's home in Hackney, east London, within the past five weeks.

They also published a picture of supermodel Kate Moss, 32, who they said has been secretly seeing Doherty, 27, despite their apparent public split.

A second picture of Doherty shows the singer jabbing a needle into his tattooed forearm.

Tony Linkin, of Coalition public relations, who has spoken on behalf of Doherty, said he was not aware of the pictures and said he could not comment.

He said Doherty is currently not represented by a manager.

Doherty was in London on Thursday night after his band Babyshambles performed at Plymouth Pavilions on Wednesday, he added.

The pictures are the latest episode in Doherty's battle with heroin and numerous encounters with the law.

Last Friday, he was bailed after being arrested on suspicion of fresh drug offences in East London. The arrest came just three hours after he was spared jail by magistrates for possessing controlled drugs.

OP posts:
lou33 · 28/04/2006 09:17

oh dear, i think he is beyond hope now tbh, it's v sad, but i dont think anything will change him now

Freckle · 28/04/2006 09:19

It does rather smack of double standards. If he were just some druggie off the streets, he'd have been jailed a long time ago.

Mind you, I don't quite understand the media's obsession with him.

alexsmum · 28/04/2006 09:19

i just don't understand how, when he gets arrested every other day, he has escaped being banged up! it's just a piss take!

podkin · 28/04/2006 09:24

Sorry but this thread title gave me an odd mental image of Pete Burns doing something unmentionable to one of those office fans...until I opened it...Grin

FioFio · 28/04/2006 09:27

This reply has been deleted

Message deleted

Hausfrau · 28/04/2006 09:28

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

jellyjelly · 28/04/2006 09:30

I think he can be and is a good musician and i like this music but i think the guy sucks completly and for his personal life i think it is a waste of a life.

OP posts:
sugarfree · 28/04/2006 09:56

Total oxygen waster.Angry

zippitippitoes · 28/04/2006 10:02

I think it is very unfair that he appears to get preferential treatment..for being a "celebrity"

katierocket · 28/04/2006 10:03

yes but talking of double standards, I think Ms Moss's recent revelations would have been dealt with very differently by social services if she'd been a single mother living in a council flat that a multi-millionaire.

NatalieJane · 28/04/2006 10:04

Maybe they aren't locking him up in the hope that he will OD. It would save a lot of money...

puddle · 28/04/2006 10:05

Agree with Freckle. I can't believe the amount of space he gets in the Guardian of all papers. They are obsessed with him.

cupcakes · 28/04/2006 10:21

I saw \link{\this?tag=mumsnet&ascsubtag=mnforum-21 book on The Libertines} prominently displayed on a stand in Borders the other day. Not only do they look like they're half way through shooting themselves up on the cover but it has the byline "The Story of Peter Doherty and Carl Barat and How They Changed British Music".
Eh?? What have I missed? Changed British Music my arse.

jOoLsTOo · 28/04/2006 10:23

that picture alone should be enough to put anyone off who is thinking of giving drugs a go - who wants to look like that!?

jellyjelly · 28/04/2006 10:26

I agree cupcakes never thought of the cover like that.

OP posts:
Moomin · 28/04/2006 10:26

it's ironic that if the half-arsed idiot does end up killing himself he'll be lauded in some quarters as an english kurt cobain - you know what the media's like. I've heard ONE song that he (PD) wrote that i thought was beautiful - can't even remember the title now, jonathan ross played it, and some stuff by the libertines but how that that be more influential than, say the artic monkeys or the streets or stuff like that? He's a bore and so's the media coverage of him

desperateSCOUSEwife · 28/04/2006 10:33

he is a pathetic excuse fo a human being

and he will never even come close to kurt cobain

nailpolish · 28/04/2006 10:35

the most annoying thing about him is that stupid hat. what the hell does Kate see in him? bet his gaff is worse than a students flat.

i wonder when the last time was he changed his sheets.

Kate could have any number of gorgeous rich men, but she chooses him. WHY? i feel sorry for her little girl

charliecat · 28/04/2006 10:38

has anyone seen the pictures? Why would you inject someone with whatever while they were laying on the floor out of it already????

Moomin · 28/04/2006 10:39

well she's a bit of a car crash herself isn't she. good luck to the pair of them, they'll need it

desperateSCOUSEwife · 28/04/2006 10:39

apparently nailpolish a smackhead is never satisfied sexually
(yes I had the nerve to ask one once)
maybe it was just part of his persona but he did tell me this

km is renowned for being sexually hyperactive
maybe this is the reason

nailpolish · 28/04/2006 10:41

men who are high/tripping or whatever can (if they are lucky) get am erection but lots find it difficult to ejaculate (sorry if its a bit early for this)

dont know about women tho

Moomin · 28/04/2006 10:43

bloody hell- scruffy b*stard, crap dress sense, lives in a dirty hole, is a junkie and a crap shag to boot! nice one kate

desperateSCOUSEwife · 28/04/2006 10:44

moomin you forgot drinks drives Grin

nailpolish · 28/04/2006 10:44

you forgot cant sing

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