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David Cameron's Wife is in Labour............

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HRHQueenOfQuotes · 14/02/2006 13:01

well ok she's probably a Tory like her DH - but her 3rd baby is now on the way. She's going to have her hands full, they've already got a 3yr old and a 2yr old !

OP posts:
HRHQueenOfQuotes · 14/02/2006 13:03

gosh and I've just read here that their 1st born have severe disabilities (doesn't say what). I reckon he must be pretty good in bedroom

OP posts:
gladbag · 14/02/2006 13:15

Good luck to her

Their son has CP - see here

HRHQueenOfQuotes · 14/02/2006 13:19

aha thanks for that CP - that article on the news was rather 'vague' - disability......that's like saying a criminal was a 'man' and leaving it at that isn't it.

What a lovely article though.

OP posts:
Lonelymum · 14/02/2006 13:20

What does her being a Tory matter?

Lovely picture of him and his son in gladbag's link. He is pretty handsome isn't he? I have never noticed before.

PeachyClair · 14/02/2006 13:26

Good luck to her- hope all goes well.

Enid · 14/02/2006 13:28

he looks like my dh

Lonelymum · 14/02/2006 13:28

Why Enid? I have just declared him to be a handsome man! Your dh must be a bit of all right too.

Enid · 14/02/2006 13:30

oh cos everyone says it

and I am a vehement anti-tory and hate to think I have married a posh boy

Blu · 14/02/2006 13:32

Glancing on this thread i feel i have ventured into some bermuda Traingle where logic disappears without trace....

Lonelymum - i think you might find the 'Tory' thing is a pun on 'in labour'.

QoQ - please, explain why he must be good in the bedroom on the grounds that he has a son with a disability? And why not splashing the deatils of the disability is like describing a criminal as 'a man'...I am mystified....

uwila · 14/02/2006 13:35

Good luck to Mrs. Cameron, and the new baby.

CaptainDippy · 14/02/2006 14:04

Mad as badgers - but all the very best to them!!

morningpaper · 14/02/2006 14:06

Gosh the last person in the world i'd want leading the country is a man with 3 children under 3...

HRHQueenOfQuotes · 14/02/2006 14:07

no no no you completely misunderstand me - he's got 3 children (or will do very soon if not already) under 4 - therefore must have a healthy sex life.

The bit about a 'man'/criminal thing is obviously not how it came out to mean.

What I meant is that there are 100's (1000's??) of different disabilities, when I'm talking about my mum I don't just say "oh she's disabled" I say "she's got Parkinson's" makes things a little clearer. In the same way a first hand witness of a crime who saw the criminal first hand wouldn't just say "on it was a man" - they'd probably give more details.

Tory - is indeed a pun on Labour (phew at least some of what I say makes sense to someone ).

Me+Logic= once in a blue moon

Given that article (written a few months ago now) I don't see how saying what disability Ivan has is 'splashing' it around - obviously not 'secret'.

OP posts:
HRHQueenOfQuotes · 14/02/2006 14:17

She's had a little boy

OP posts:
uwila · 14/02/2006 14:29

Born on Valentine's Day. How very cool.

uwila · 14/02/2006 14:36

I though he appeared very quickly. He was born by caesarean.

ruty · 14/02/2006 14:59

unfortunately Cameron still voted against more flexible working rights for parents of disabled children

Lonelymum · 14/02/2006 16:40

Thanks Blu. I am ashamed to say that the labour pun completely passed me by. I too thought we had entered the twilight zone in which all Conservatives were being condemned to childlessness on the basis of their political beliefs.

Actually, I still think we are in the tiwlighjt zone when Enid expresses horror that her dh looks like a very handsome man... but there you go. Doubtless I would feel the same if my dh suddenly resembled Tony Blair.

PeachyClair · 14/02/2006 16:56

Hmmm, handsome is in the eye of the beholder- or (imo) more in the experience... dc looks the spit of my ex = not handsome to me, but probably ten years ago i'd have thought him gorgeous.

Congratulations to them both though

Tinker · 15/02/2006 13:51

I'm still aghast that David Cameron can be descibed as "a very handsome man"

Enid · 15/02/2006 13:52

yeah alright tinker

lets not dwell on it

Tinker · 15/02/2006 13:52



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Tinker · 15/02/2006 13:53

Do you look like the beautiful Samantha?

Enid · 15/02/2006 13:54


have never seen pic of her

Enid · 15/02/2006 13:55

have googled her

no I do not

thank the lord

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