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The 2 recent child abductions, I feel so utterly horrified by them and yet it isn't even the first item on the news...

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WideWebWitch · 04/01/2006 20:31 are we inured to it? I am so utterly horrified by these 2 events, I've been thinking about them on and off all day and just feeling horror and sorrow. I know it's rare and yet it doesn't feel it atm. How do we live in a society with people like this in it? I don't suppose I want answers, these are unanswerable questions, but I did want to get this down somewhere and out of my head. I'm sure I'm not the only one feeling like this today.

OP posts:
welshboris · 04/01/2006 20:34

Its a reflection on our society today, it seems we are immune to such shocks.

But this has been on my mind allday, surely everyone else feels the same? Who decides what goes on the news? It has to be men, I know its an awful thing to say, but they just see it as another news story

We are getting more and more like America every day

polly28 · 04/01/2006 20:34

not so sure it's any different than times gone by,just we hear about them all now.
Agree they are horrific and awful to think about,quite sickening.

doormat · 04/01/2006 20:36

very stories
cant bear to look at the thread as it makes me sick

giddy1 · 04/01/2006 20:38

Message deleted

hunkermunker · 04/01/2006 20:39

WWW, I had to turn the radio off yesterday because they were talking about a man being paroled - he'd murdered three children he was babysitting because the 9mo wouldn't stop crying. They started to go into more detail and I was almost sick.

I just can't listen to it since I've had DS - makes me want to do big choking gulpy sobs and hug DS so hard. I did forensics at university (as part of my course, not the whole thing) and have seen horrific things - I must have been harder then because it didn't upset me nearly as much.

tamula · 04/01/2006 20:42

Words cant express how sad this news is, there is no words to convey my disgust and sadness for those families.

It does make you cry, I cry over what might, could and hopefully never would happen to my precious baby, can you imagine your worst fears and then some being realised?

cupcakes · 04/01/2006 20:45

I don't understand how the news works either. Weeks of reports on George Best's decline and then this slips away with hardly anything.

shrub · 04/01/2006 21:03

i cancelled my tv licence last year and hardly listen to radio anymore because of the news. i just can't function when i hear such horrendous news and i don't want my children to hear it and i'm just not ready to answer their questions - there are no answers the last time i put the radio on was when a 3 month old baby had been murdered - i still can't get it out of my mind but also aware these things happen every day around the world. yes its news but how does the media decide what is newsworthy and the amount of information they give out about these horrific things happening - how do they measure the amount of detailed information to be newsworthy/of human interest/important for the listener to know?
some of our family think we are weird for not having tv. i use to watch loads before having my children - was almost desensitised to all of it.
agree welshboris we are turning into america or should i say the media is turning into america - they appear to despise and sneer at it but admire it at the same time

calebsmum · 04/01/2006 21:08

hunkermunker, that was in The Sun and it made me ill, horrid evil bastard impaled 3 babies on railings because the youngest was crying and now he's walking the streets. Just hope as they posted his picture he's someone getting the shit beated out of him. Bring back capital punishment, some people don't deserve to be on this planet

TwoIfBySea · 04/01/2006 22:11

I do think that the news has become more about celebrity nonsense than true proper informative news.

I feel the same WWW, I don't know the full details of those 2 events because I can only hear the briefest snatch of it and I get too upset. Perhaps we are more intuned because we are mothers?

I just know that when DH heard about the 3y little girl he said that all paeds should be shot and I agree. I would never have felt so strongly before dst came along but now I just feel utter horror at what people can do to such innocent little children. Evil, just evil.

Janh · 04/01/2006 22:15

Actually I wonder if it's a policy decision by the responsible media to downplay these things - partly because the details are so revolting and partly because of the reasoning behind not publicising eg kidnaps - taking away the oxygen of publicity, not putting ideas into peoples' heads?

We know too much already it doesn't need to be top of the news IMHO.

Janh · 04/01/2006 22:17

Incidentally the man who will be getting parole who murdered the 3 children did it 30 years ago...

SueW · 04/01/2006 22:17

Perhaps since the people taking the 3yo have been caught and there seem to be clear witnesses to who took her, it's felt unnecessary to provide any more info. Perhaps the family have requested as little publicity as poss.

Heinous, totally heinous crimes. Glad I am obsessed with locking doors.

hunkermunker · 04/01/2006 22:18

Could well be, Jan - I've not read any details of the latest story though as I know I'd end up rocking back and forth, sobbing messily. Just the headline on Yahoo has shocked me beyond belief.

hunkermunker · 04/01/2006 22:19

Don't think that he should be out ever though Jan and it's made me question my peace-loving anti-death-penalty stance.

TwoIfBySea · 04/01/2006 22:23

Thats true Jan, I didn't even think of that.

edam · 04/01/2006 22:26

The most recent kidnapping can't be reported in detail because people have been charged (I think) ? that's the law. There will be full reporting when it comes to court.

In the other case, I think the police are probably giving out as much information as they can given that they are in the middle of an investigation.

Both are terrible, awful things to happen. They aren't being treated as unimportant or less newsworthy, but there are limits on what can be said at this point.

Janh · 04/01/2006 22:27

Oh, I agree, hunker - just meant to point out that horrible things have always happened.

How do you deal with people who do things like this? Castration sounds like a fine idea, without anaesthetic even better - would that deter them though? Nothing seems to - the death penalty never did.

WideWebWitch · 04/01/2006 22:36

Janh, good point about responsible journalism being possible. I suppose it's not just the not first item on the news thing, it's the full horror of it all. I sometimes don't want to live in a world like this, dykwim? (not in a suicidal way, in a wanting to live on a deserted tropical island kind of way).

OP posts:
TwoIfBySea · 04/01/2006 22:38

I just know, from what I have read and heard, that paedophiles don't seem capable of rehabilitation. I'm sorry if anyone is upset at the idea but I believe that children have more right to live their lives without threat than these evil **s have to walk this earth.

The law should be so vigilant and sentences so long that these bastards never see the light.

BIL is a prison officer and from what he has told me the abusers should be put in with other prisoners so they can be dealt with.

Mytwopenceworth · 04/01/2006 22:52

I know that people say if you look at the statistics, there hasn't been an increase in recent years and it only seems like it because it gets reported more, and who knows, that's probably true, but i still feel scared i won't be able to keep my babies (I know they are growing up, but i reserve the right to call them my babies!) safe.

I dont understand it, i really dont. it is really frightening to think of just how much danger there is out there.

hunkermunker · 04/01/2006 22:54

I don't know what the deterrent is - I think that lots of early intervention and society being a bit more caring of people in general might be a start, but you can't legislate for nutters or psychos and there'll always be those who are just beyond any kind of help. Those, we string up with piano wire, I think.

QueenVictoria · 04/01/2006 22:57

It makes me feel totally helpless.

That i know that there are children out there that are beyond anyones help, now or in the future. That children could be suffering right now at the hands of some evil b*stard and there is nothing i can do to help the poor little things.

I just dont understand how people can do such things.

Ailsa · 04/01/2006 23:34

Although I've been numbed by recent events, I still check the local papers (Websites) in the hope that something has changed, i.e. that those responsible are caught and locked away, or, kept locked away. I totally agree with others that have said that things probably aren't any different now to years ago, they are just reported more. How does it go? Ignorance is bliss.

The case where 3 children were murdered, happened in my city so it's been all over the local paper. When dh & I were looking for a house 14 years ago, we looked at one on the street where it happened. DH didn't tell me (he's lived in the city all his life) until we were looking out of one of the upstairs windows that 3 children had been murdered not far away. We put an offer in on the house, which fell through anyway, but I don't think I would have felt comfortable with living there knowing what had happened.

SueW · 05/01/2006 17:21

Update on poss other attempted abductions the same day

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