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Divan beds. To valance or not to valance?

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dragonbutter · 22/03/2009 18:50

I don't do frills!

Is there an alternative to valances to cover up the bed base.

Tell me everything you know.

OP posts:
Flum · 22/03/2009 23:09

We have a pale biscuit linen one from Oka it is lovely and very understated. It does not need cleaning. Have had it 2 yrs and not done yet. But would probably need as often as a sofa would need doing. no picture of the linen one for some reason

frumpygrumpy · 22/03/2009 23:23

yeah dragon, upholstered. It looks fab.

dragonbutter · 22/03/2009 23:28

bit pricey for me that one flum.
frumpygrumpy, it would look fab, just not sure i can be arsed.

have lost interest in my own thread now, that's not good.

i'll probably just leave the bed as it is.

what an outcome!
OP posts:
frumpygrumpy · 22/03/2009 23:33

"have lost interest in my own thread now, that's not good"

ask the bed shop to cover it......shouldn't cost that much. Ours had a small selection of faux suede. We ended up sourcing our own fabric to tie in with the rest of our room and they upholstered it. Its in a different fabric but toning with an upholstered headboard. Wasn't too pricey IIRC.

dragonbutter · 23/03/2009 00:12

bed shop?
it's 3 years old now.

OP posts:
StealthPolarBear · 23/03/2009 12:17

Well db, it's been nice talking to you. Same time next weekend?

dragonbutter · 23/03/2009 18:12

i'm more of a weekend mnetter these days.

OP posts:
VALANCE · 19/06/2009 10:45

Please stick to the bloody subject. Can't recall what that was? Valances - whether they're consigned to Room 101 and eternal damnation for being doiley-tastically naff, or whether they are acceptable in certain (God knows which - it's why I'm here) formats/situations.

I have a new divan (my first) with lots of storage and am thinking of getting a valance despite liking modern/clean/minimal/industrial design. The John Lewis standard and subtle pattern on the divan is acceptable, incidentally. Their £318 divans (kingsize, free delivery) seem excellent, having spent just one night on it. By the way, I don't have a child who's ill. And I don't watch Lost. Lastly, Cloverfield is tripe - I'd rather discuss valances.

nevergoogle · 21/12/2013 22:06

yes i do want to reanimate this zombie thread 4 years on.

because it's my thread. and I didn't valance.

the base of my bed is now marked and stained and now I have to valance anyway.

let that be a lesson to you all.

i googled 'alternatives to valance' and found myself here, talking about the same thing. go figure.

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