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Friday Fly - It is too damn early to think of a title

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Bewilderbeast · 22/08/2008 03:20

morning all

note the time

Ds has tonsilitis - this is the second night dp and i have had no sleep. I am a zombie. I have however just managed to clean the calpol of DS's wardrobe.

OP posts:
Shannaratiger · 22/08/2008 05:13


Bewilderbeast for ds's tosilitis, hope you manage to get some more sleep.
Have sent dp off to work with a cup of tea, I know I spoil him, so now I'm off back to bed fro an hour.

BiancaCastafiore · 22/08/2008 07:44

Morning all Bewilder hope ds feels better soon and you managed to sleep x
Ludaloo Great to have you back to normal!

I am up packing lunches as we are off to work at a festival every day from today till Tuesday. Thankfully it's local enough for us to commute so we haven't had to buy tents etc to camp. Still, it a lot of is set up day - we open at 5pm then long shifts all weekend and take down again on Tues. (they always call packing up a "break down" at these events - we even got a note round once which said "Help everyone enjoy their break down, be considerate to other stall holders "
Fingers crossed for good weather and lots of customers

Hope you all have a good day x

Jas · 22/08/2008 07:54

Bewilder. I hope you manage some sleep at some point today.

TMH - Have a lovely you leave today?

Ludaloo - Good to have you back to normal

Bianca -= Have fun

I did links to uk timed emails here Tigger and Skramble that may be of some use

We leave at 4am tomorrow, so I have a bit more packing, sandwich making and last minute cleaning to do, plus lunch with a friend to break up the monotony.

Shannaratiger · 22/08/2008 07:56

Morning again

DD woke up at 6am, so had a little nap. I've been on here way too long allready today.

Get up done
Make bed done
Get dressed to shoes done
DC?s up done
Make DC?s beds done
Put W/M on done
DS bottle done
Check calendar
Breakfast 3 doing*
Wash up
Dry up & put away
Shine sink
DC?s dressed
Washing out or T/D done (yesterday evenings)
Clean toilet ( S & S)

I've decided when DD goes to school I'm going to re-do the babysteps and join slimming world with my friend. I want to be back to asize 12ish by my birthday in October, the first step is to buy some sweetners and cut out the 2 heap tsps of sugar in my tea.

Don't know what I'm going to do today, probably clean the kitchen floor (hoovered it yesterday after the plumbers had left), put the clean washing away.

DS is asking for a nappy change
Have a good morning everyone

scattyspice · 22/08/2008 08:37

Morning all.
Hope the sleep deprived don't suffer too much today (I'll join you as DD was up 1/2 the night as usual).

Bianca good luck at the fest. Hope you make some money! (don't have a real breakdown though!)

Visit a friend this pm
Plan to meet up with some friends nxt week (can't believe only 1 week left ).

TheMadHouse · 22/08/2008 09:17

Morning Ladies

We are off in ten mins and it is not Raining - yipee

I am just going to go round the house and do my last min things.

See you next week

Take care

Jas Enjoy France

Bianca Not at Reading are you

RubyRioja · 22/08/2008 09:20

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

EustaciaVye · 22/08/2008 09:43

Morning all. Broadband has been out which is why I've been awol.

Havent read previous threads so hope eveyone is ok. Managed to tidy house a bit with no computer to distract me and kids have been happier with my full attention

Have friends coming over this morning but hope to give upstairs a good clear out this afternoon.

All baby stuff (cot, moses basket, bath, bedding etc) is going this weekend. A teeny bit but it will be good to clear the space.

tigger32 · 22/08/2008 10:04

morning, thanks everyone for your tips.
I started baby steps yesterday afternoon and spent a good hour and half scrubbing and polishing the sink, it looked fab! However within half an hour of finishing I felt the stars of a migrane I was in bed 20 mins later. I was up at 6am this morning with my boys and felt so bad (migrane still) that I did very little and have only just got dressed can't believe I've failed on day 2!!! I'm now picking myself up though and am going to have a quick tidy.

tigger32 · 22/08/2008 10:06

* should be start not stars *

lucysmam · 22/08/2008 10:14

good morning

I'm feeling all refreshed for a change, lo slept ALL night without waking which is a rarity at the mo!

Bewilder sorry to hear about ds's tonsilitis, hope he's feeling better soon

Bianca what sort of festival is it?
Jas have fun packing
Mad have a good time
Ruby I have lazy pottering around days when I feel like that & things seem to get done

EV think about all the space you'll have for more toys!!!!!

well my job for today is wash and td all our baby clothes/bedding etc as we've decided to try and sell it all to make space for some more crap toys at xmas otherwise our lo will be getting clothes and nothing else. MIL bringing the suitcase from hers for me to sort tomorrow. I am being a bit sentimental though and taking out some of the tiny tiny 3lb baby stuff and am keeping most of the unisex stuff for the next one.

Just how much to sell it for?? anyone any ideas? there's easy 15 bin liners full from tiny baby to 18mo

other than that beds are made, brekky had, all washed & dressed. pots draining ready to be put away. oh papering back hall and i'm going to see what else we have to sell in between wm loads.

right, off to load wm, check on oh and put kettle on, have a good day all, ttfn xx

lucysmam · 22/08/2008 10:14

ooh, Ludaloo I almost forgot all about you, will email you when wm is on and cuppa made

sagacious · 22/08/2008 10:40

Hi all bewilder hope you get a better nights sleep tonight and your lo is better soon

luda good to have you back IYKWIM

tigger don't be so hard on yourself.. hope the migraine clears (i've only ever had two and they knocked me out for days)

Having an easy day in sagville, dc's are still in their pj's watching spongebob and playing marble run.

Mr Sainsbury (ok sainsburys online) has just dropped off a weeks worth of shoppping so have got pain au chocolates for brunch [yippeetreattime]

House fairly ok am keeping on top of it 9(pointedly ignores Mount Everest of ironing in utility}

Have main important phonecalls (floor will cost £4.5k so loss adjuster will have to come and check it..[fingerscrossed]) and booked dh's opticions appt.

Off for coffee and pains


grouchyoscar · 22/08/2008 11:28

Thanks for the thread BWB Poor DS, tonsilitis is awful, like swallowing razor blades

Mad have a good time
Hello Luda good to have you back

make bed
make breakfast
Empty DW
Put away
Make pizza dough
clean the worksurfaces
Clean the hob
Clean the table
Shower me and Ed
Load WM and run

Got to go to the library and get him to rugby training today. He is refusing to get dressed or budge
Plenty of arguments to come

ludaloo · 22/08/2008 11:30

Morning all Thanks for the welcome back

Bianca hope the festival goes well

tigger I suffer from migraines too...its horrid, you have my complete sympathy
Hope it doesn't last too long.

Lucy I'll check my mail in a mo...thanks

Shannaratiger · 22/08/2008 12:12

I was about to wake ds up and meet my friends for a picnic in the park when men arrived to brick up outside, plaster over inside and possibly fit a nwe radiator. It's nice to have instant hotwater though so can't complain.

tigger hope your migrane clears up soon. You are much more important than FLYing so take care of yourself.
scatty agree about the holidays goign quick.
I was goign to try and be a good mum and take them out loads and visit people, but I just get too nervous and stressed and end up just going to the park, the kids love it but I just feel guilty all the time.
TMH enjoy the dry weather.

EV I've been getting rid of DS's baby clothes as I go along but he's going into a big bed tomorrow ( if dp manages to build it) so the cots going to the dump and the big buggies going to somewhere.

lucy glad you got a good nights sleep adn are feeling better. 15 bin liners
sag enjoy your easy day, hope the floor
Hello luda, grouchy and anyone else that follows.
I'm off to make a round of tea's.

sagacious · 22/08/2008 12:19

am mn'ing from downstairs and directing troops (they are attacking the marblerun)

shanna Don't feel guilty .. they're having fun.. If feeling brave (babysteps.. why not arrange to meet people at the park?

Need food (was v good and didn't have the pain au chocolat .. dc's devoured them so I had fruit Halo

lucysmam · 22/08/2008 12:22

hey Shannar, why not try and sell cot for a few quid? or take to a charity shop rather than skip?

& yup, 15 bin liners easily, maybe more, just don't know what to ask for them. thought maybe £25 for a bursting at the seams bag or £200 for the lot but would that be unreasonable do you think?

well the wm has been on twice but it looks like rain n i still haven't a clue where clothes airer is so looks like i will be td-ing!

My lo and me have just been for a wander over to the co-op and she's now refusing to get out of her buggy! she's sat in front of cbeebies atm with a biccy which makes me sound like a terrible mammy but its easier than dealing with the tantrum if i make her get out

off to clean bathroom via the kitchen to put kettle on in a min and then find out a fleece blanket to cut and use for nappy liners (ta for the idea Jas )

Shannaratiger · 22/08/2008 12:31

lucy I would sell the cot but the drop down side is broken.
LOL at lo staying in the buggy I've done the same thing before with ds not wanting to get out of the high chair.

EustaciaVye · 22/08/2008 12:42

Shannara - put it on freecycle. Someone might collect it and save you a trip.
My kids would love going to the park all the time. Dont feel guilty.

I have had play doh out this morning , and paints

DD1 has been a star and completely tidied up after friends left. Now they are both having a nice lunch in front of tv

RubyRioja · 22/08/2008 13:04

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lucysmam · 22/08/2008 13:21

Ruby imagine everyone naked?? usually only good if there are fit blokes though!! lotsa practice in front of mirror, write notes or highlight important bits instead of reding whole thing from page

EV I love play d'oh, sit and play with it with lo often. we use a big plastic table cloth on floor so it doesn't get everywhere & only a few colours out at a time too so she can't make too much mess (or i can't)

Shannar pop it on freecycle and say side is broken. someone may be able to fix and get some use out of it, i would have loved to afford a drop-sided cot when lo was tiny but thankfully someone gave us a lovely little rocking crib. which we're now selling on although am quite gutted about selling it all, its not realistic to keep it here

well i made cuppas with cold water as i forgot to boil kettle!!! yuk! and now have a very tidy kitchen and bathroom although i'm sure it won't last. My lo has ventured out of buggy and is now putting raincover over Upsy Daisy and packing her bag to go on it so we have peace for now. And mil is coming up for a bit so will play with lo while i supervise oh in back hall for a bit and get some more stuff out to wash. think i may make hot cuppas though before i do anything else & see if my lo wants something to eat although i don't think she's all that bothered atm

EustaciaVye · 22/08/2008 13:48

DD1 such a star. She has just helped me tidy and dust her bedroom, my bedroom and our spare room. I changed DD1s bedding and gave the bathrooms a once over too so only room left upstairs to do is DD2s and she's asleep in it. Need to run hoover everywhere but will do that when they are in the bath tonight.

RubyRioja · 22/08/2008 13:50

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

rowingboat · 22/08/2008 16:50

Hi everyone
I'm just back from work and a little reccy in Habitat - they have such gorgeous things in there, but quite pricey.
The LO returned to nursery today and there were some wailing children. Luckily the LO made a beeline for the waterplay area and looked very pleased, despite not knowing any of the teachers.
When I went in there was a lady clutching a little stuffed monkey, looking anxiously at the nursery window. I think 'first day' perhaps?
Lucys I haven't forgotten you, but we had visitors yesterday and work today, not enough time.
Still keeping at the basic routine - it is such a life saver, otherwise I would be waaaaaah!
Ruby I'm not the best public speaker, and need to do lots of deep breathing exercises before anything like that. Mind you, it does help. When is the interview?
I will see if there is anything in the library. I know this sounds daft, but have you tried you tube, it has guides on loads of things.
Eustacia - send your lovely DD1 round here after, I need a bit of a hand.

Have to make dinner - pasta
do hotspots
bathroom s&s
another tile
Make a card for DP's birthday tonight - while he is out seeing Hellboy II.

Will be back later and read all the posts properly.
Bye for now.

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