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Have you ever been to a house that you thought was too tidy

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nkf · 16/08/2008 11:20

I know too tidy is relative and most people wouldn't think tidiness was a problem. But I recently saw a house that was so clean and so tidy and so empty that I couldn't imagine how they lived in it with children. Perhaps upstairs was chaos but I don't think so.

OP posts:
rowingboat · 16/08/2008 20:31

I can still remember when the height of luxury and affluent living was a thick pile carpet. Now it is a 'skin your knees' wooden floor.
This has to be somewhere on a continuum where our children will have knee-deep shag pile and African masks in their sitting rooms.

ConstanceWearing · 16/08/2008 20:31

Yes, that's when I start to tidy up, expat. When someone trips over something I think "oops, I've let it slide a bit" and tidy up madly.

I'm a bit afraid that if I become organised, I might turn into one of those people that I've always found so deadly dull (like MIL). And bossy - oh, my life are organised people bossy, or is it me? (I'm not saying all organised people are. I've only known 4, but they are all so over-bearing and 3 of them are v v dull).

expatinscotland · 16/08/2008 20:32

i'm not a minimalist, as we don't have a 'look' and never will because we'll never own our own home.

but i abhor carpets.

they are absolutely vile!

they really are minging.

also, i grew up in hot climates where Mexican tile was bliss under your bare feet.

i like comfy chairs and the like, just not carpets.

expatinscotland · 16/08/2008 20:34

DH and DD1, however, have gotten really hurt tripping over stuff.

it's really hard for them with the dyspraxia.

DD1 also has a lot of problems with sequencing, so as part of her OT we try to do things in an order and get her to do them in an order, too, so she learns to apply concepts like first, next, then and last to herself.

ConstanceWearing · 16/08/2008 20:34

I like carpets if they are new. They quickly become very grotty articles indeed.

ConstanceWearing · 16/08/2008 20:36

I suppose we all do what we can or must. In similar circumstances with my DC's, I would have to be a much tidier person. So, it's not necessarily a personality thing as much as a choice, really, is it?

hughjarssss · 16/08/2008 20:41

With a crawling dd I wish we had carpets as its quite a hard surface for her but they are so much dirtier than hard floors

AbbeyA · 17/08/2008 11:32

I love carpets. You can get them cleaned!!

MaloryDontDiveItsShallow · 17/08/2008 11:36

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ConstanceWearing · 17/08/2008 11:56

Ah, but I can't be arsed to clean them AbbeyA.

I've got this condition, you see. It makes me a lazy bitch unable to notice dirt

Spidermama · 17/08/2008 11:59

Yes my brother's house is too tidy. I feel like I'm making it messy just by walking in and putting my handbag down somewhere. It's not comfortable. He has a two year old and her stuff gets tidied away the second she even looks like she may have finished with it.

Spidermama · 17/08/2008 12:01

Carpets are minging. YOu can't get them cleaned every week and they really do collect filth. At least with a rug you can pick it up, take it out of the house and beat the dirt out.

rowingboat · 17/08/2008 13:03

After considering this I think a house can be too tidy if it is achieved by being extremely stressed - particularly if it causes everyone who enters to pick up the stress vibes. If people feel unwelcome, it seems as if the tidy thing has start to become too important and is negatively affecting relationships with others.
I think the tidiest my house has ever been was when I was I was studying and used cleaning as a displacement activity.
Re the separate carpet thing - it is a commitment to keep them nice, but for me, it's worth it to have, what I consider, a comfy home. But everyone takes off their shoes at the door, so that there isn't too much outside muck.
All of the grandparents (in sixties) sit on the sitting room floor for ages playing with the LO, which I'm not convinced they would do on a wood floor.
We have hard and soft flooring, and both will be covered with microbes and bacteria, just like any home, so with that in mind I would rather be comfy. Then, of course, then there are beds, cushions, curtains, mats and rugs - we are surrounded by beasties, it isn't possible to control that, and not stressing about it makes life easier.

ihatebikerides · 17/08/2008 13:35

And I am convinced that mingling at close proximity to the dirt and germs on my floors has contributed to my DCs being disgustingly healthy. Their immune systems are stonkingly robust.

expatinscotland · 17/08/2008 16:14

my kids have incredible immune system and i'm a clean freak.

i don't use anti-bacterial stuff at all. only cool old-fashioned stuff.

our landlord left a VAX carpet cleaner and, as everything but the kitchen has carpet, we wash them every quarter.

and you should see how fecking filthy they are!

and we don't even wear outdoor shoes in the house.

carpets are just mucket and vile.

rowingboat · 17/08/2008 18:44

Totally, dirt and grub, does em good. I used to eat second hand chewing gum and I'm as healthy as an ox.
Big thumbs down to kitchen carpet from me - I'm not that fond of cleaning. Don't think kitchens need to be comfy, unless you spend a lot of time in there. Our outlaws love their kitchen and force us to sit there all the time, on wooden seats, it's torture.
After all this talk I'm now looking for a new carpet cleaner with steam and immersing the house in a bucket of bleach.

ConstanceWearing · 18/08/2008 02:37

I've got carpets all over the house except the dining room. I like the comfort of carpets. I just agree they are smelly articles, specially when you have a dog like mine.

But, whatever doesn't kill you makes you strong, right?

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