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Have you ever been to a house that you thought was too tidy

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nkf · 16/08/2008 11:20

I know too tidy is relative and most people wouldn't think tidiness was a problem. But I recently saw a house that was so clean and so tidy and so empty that I couldn't imagine how they lived in it with children. Perhaps upstairs was chaos but I don't think so.

OP posts:
UnquietDad · 16/08/2008 13:02

Agree with beanieb about houses without books. One of DW's colleagues is obsessed with "boxing up" her books - won't have them out. Has she never heard the saying "books do furnish a room"? Agree a living-room with no books on the shelves looks very odd.

ConstanceWearing · 16/08/2008 13:04

My books are higgledy piggledy. I don't line them up in any order. Like people - they come in all shapes and sizes, and I don't care what's next to who (so long as nobody mistreats the spines!!!)

hughjarssss · 16/08/2008 13:11

I hate having books lying around in the house.
I don't see the point, once you've read them they are just a waste of space.
As soon as I've read them I give them away or take them to the charity shop.

So no books in my house except the one I'm reading and dd's books.

psychomum5 · 16/08/2008 13:12

am showing this to DH when he stops me having my huge built in bookshelves in our new extentsion (when we get it).

he is adamant about no book shelves in the lounge......all ours are everywhere else tho, even in the downstairs toilet.

however, when we get the extension, I want huge bookcases.......he is having the current family room as a lounge (with a great huge fuckoff TV) as 'his', I am having the bookshelves, but he is resisting.

I will tell him (and show him), that it will clearly be empty and 'unfurnished' without my books.

ConstanceWearing · 16/08/2008 13:14

Oooh, no, HJ. Some of my books are like best friends (in fact, they probably are my best friends, sad act that I am ). I very very rarely throw a book away - might give them to charity, but not often, even then. Mine, mine, mine lol.

hughjarssss · 16/08/2008 13:16

I can't throw books away - that should be a crime!

But I can't stand looking at them once I've finished with them

ConstanceWearing · 16/08/2008 13:23

really? Is it because they are just 'clutter' after you've finished with them? I feel like I've internalised a book once I've read it. It's like it's become a part of me. It would be like giving away part of my history or something. Sorry about waxing lyrical. I can't help it. I love my books

AbbeyA · 16/08/2008 13:27

I absolutely love my books-I couldn't bear to get rid of one that I enjoyed.

hughjarssss · 16/08/2008 13:33

It would be impossible to keep every book I've ever enjoyed.
It's very rare that I ever read a book twice so it seems pointless to keep them.
I am a avid reader and love my books but when I've read them, they're done to me.

psychomum5 · 16/08/2008 13:34

I name my books (literally....I put my name inside the front page), so that I can ensure they come back to me if I loan them out.

I never give up my books, unless I have doubled up for some reason or they really are dreadful.

I collect books by authors I like, and I often re-read my books too. I would feel as tho I was giving away part of myself if I gave books up.

but then, books for me are my soul food, I would not be able to part with them.

AbbeyA · 16/08/2008 13:36

I agree psychomum-they are old friends.

ConstanceWearing · 16/08/2008 13:45

I do re-read them, so that's maybe why I can't part with them. It's like visitng old friends.

I also don't read very fast and (being an English undergrad) actually haven't read for pleasure for absolutely ages. So I only have a couple of hundred, if that. Not too hard to house.

bergentulip · 16/08/2008 13:46

I tend to draw the conclusion that no books on view = dumb-ass owns this house....

I know, it is not really a correct conclusion to come to in most cases, but books tend to show me that someone reads, is aware of the world around them... to me it's a bit like someone saying 'oh, I don't watch the news / read the papers / I only buy the Sun'.

I know, now seeing that people don't like books in their living room (??!!! which I find weird.....), that perhaps they have them elsewhere in the house. Will have to reassess my preconceptions and adjust superiority complex(!)

ConstanceWearing · 16/08/2008 13:47

Whenever I go into somebody's house, I always peruse their bookshelves, do you? I think you can tell a lot about a person by their bookshelves.

ConstanceWearing · 16/08/2008 13:49

OOh, xpost, bt! Same thought though

psychomum5 · 16/08/2008 13:54

yup....I devour their bookshelves.....often gives us something to talk about too if I find we have similar interests regarding authors etc. would have no problems finding our bookshelves even tho DH does not allow me to have them (as yet), in OUR lounge.

I have shelves in the downstairs loo, on the landing going up the stairs (our stairs do a u-turn and so has a flat bit that anyone in our hallway can see.....there be my books), in the kitchen......and in every single bedroom upstairs!!!

hughjarssss · 16/08/2008 13:59

See to me, that just sounds like clutter psychomum, no offence as its each to thier own, but it would drive me mad

AbbeyA · 16/08/2008 14:07

I love some clutter HJ!

hughjarssss · 16/08/2008 14:10

clutter = more housework!

psychomum5 · 16/08/2008 14:11

ah no, clutter is things piled up on the sides waiting to go away, or on the stairs waiting for someone to take it up, or bags dumped in the hallway from rushing children.

not lovely lovely books lined tidely on shelves made for that purpose.

but yes, I persons mess is another persons precious belongings.

psychomum5 · 16/08/2008 14:12

or even, one persons junk, another persons treasure

shelves are however home to many dust-bunnys.

Mamazon · 16/08/2008 14:13

"Dull women have immaculate houses".

I am clearly fascintaing!


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brimfull · 16/08/2008 14:16

psychomum-I m the same with books,can't give them away and name them all
I have massive bookshelves in the kitchen ffs!

My mil and sil have obsessively tidy clean houses,they have no clutter at all.
Actually dd and I were wondering where they put things -tis very odd.

I always get slightly depressed after visiting houses like these.

mamadiva · 16/08/2008 14:17

My mum has 2YO twins, a dog and 13YO boy and her house is FAR too tidy!!! She has recently split from my dad so amazes me that the house hasn't fallen down TBH.

She spends all day with kids and tidies up all night for a few hours including scrubbing floor on hands and knees as she thinks that mops are dirty!

squeaver · 16/08/2008 14:17

I must say I have started to give some books away. Someone - very very well read person I should add - once commented to me "books aren't trophies you know" and it struck a bit of a chord.

So now I give away: chick-lit, thrillers, all dh's books (!). But I do have many (hundreds in fact) of books that I wouldn't want to be parted from, even if I haven't read them for years.

It's funny, I have no such compunction about clothes.

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