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Thursday FLY

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Jas · 26/06/2008 08:20

Back in a bit!

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Jas · 26/06/2008 08:21


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scattyspice · 26/06/2008 08:25

Morning Jas and everyone.

Thurs already.
finish kitchen cleaning
shop list for tomorrow.

Time to fix my face!

RubyRioja · 26/06/2008 08:28

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Jas · 26/06/2008 08:29


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Jas · 26/06/2008 08:31

I'm off visiting a mn mate today

Back later.

If hellogoodbye pops back in can someone give her a rundown on FLY, as she is a bit confused by it all still, and mine was vague and longwinded

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RubyRioja · 26/06/2008 08:32

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

EustaciaVye · 26/06/2008 08:52

Morning all.

Have mopped floor already this morning and done my morning routine. Out most of day including picnic lunch.

Ruby - how old is DD2? If she is quite young then ignore but leave the damage and make her have the same decor for the next 10 years. If she is old enough get her to clean it up/paint over it. Or is it the bedding? Eiher way leave it and make her explain to her friends why she has scribble all over eveything.....

Alternatively, re-paint the whole room a coulour you know she hates

Shannaratiger · 26/06/2008 08:56

Morning all

I'm off to toddlers in a minute.
Ruby would take all her pens, pencils and crayons away for a few days.

Have a good morning everyone

babyjjbaby · 26/06/2008 09:09

hi everyone hope u r all ok going to try ang go to the beach today it was too windy yesterday but if we will or not will be a differant matter

to do
washed dressed
tidy up
s&s kitchen
s&s bathroom
put bed away
water plants
fill water barrel up
get drinking water
empty toilet
empty waste water
feed dogs and clean water
hang washing up ?
walk dogs
empty bins
got ot the shope to get me paper
might go out on the bike

RubyRioja · 26/06/2008 09:16

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

dylsmum1998 · 26/06/2008 09:32

ruby does she get pocket money- i'd make her replace/ pay for new paint to sort the damage

morning everyone else.
i'm supposed to be gettingmy hair done today but think i may need to cancel as the forensic police didnt come last night so am assuming they will come today

to do
get dressed done
dress dc done
feed dcDone
feed me
make ds lunch done
take ds to school done
tidy hoover
wash up
ironing done
wash kitchen floor
s&s bathroom
take rubbish out
phone police station to see when they are coming
phone insurance- why didnt they phone me back?
go to/cancel haircut as appropriate

thats will do for now i think

RubyRioja · 26/06/2008 09:40

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

grouchyoscar · 26/06/2008 09:58

Good morning ALL


S&S Loo
S&S bathroom
Make breakfast for 2
Dress Ed
Take him to school
Sort out for meter man

To do

Sort out Ed's room
Prick out the lettuce seeds

I have to go see the child psychologist at 10:30 to discuss Ed. what can they do?

Notquitegrownup · 26/06/2008 10:02

Good morning everyone.

Feeling rather excited about the idea of getting started today.

Jas - thank you for the pointer to the babysteps to get started. Right. I'm off to make a list and then to do something useful . . .

Hellogoodbye - hope that you make it back here. I must admit that I looked at Flylady - via MN, of course - a while ago, thought 'what a great idea' and then promptly forgot about it!

grouchyoscar · 26/06/2008 10:09

Hello Notquite It's really nice here

whispywhisp · 26/06/2008 10:11

Morning everyone

So far today I have got both kids to school, hoovered round, put gpigs out in their run, one load of washing in, another load sat waiting .... a big pile of ironing keeps threatening to topple over...where does all this washing come from? Just about to take dog up to vets for check up, then back home, finish tidying up before I pick up dd2 from nursery at 12.30 and no doubt she'll leave her usual trail of destruction from one room to another for the rest of the day!

babyjjbaby · 26/06/2008 10:42

i haven't done a thing a yet nee to get me bum in gear lol

dylsmum1998 · 26/06/2008 11:18

hmmm tha forensics forgot about me, as did the insurance people.
am feeling so loved and important right now- NOT!!
the nice man i've been speaking to at police apologised and said they'll be in contact soon re forensics, but to go ahead and get the window fixed as its not safe leaving it and the delay isnt my fault

now been on to insurance, its not worth me claiming for the radio because of excess but i can claim for the glass as i'm fully comp, so has only cost £60 to replace glasss instead of the £180 it should have cost. just waiting for the autoglass people to arrange an appointment now. not to dire as i did have enough in my bank to cover it- just and i do have nearly £50 in my paypal account i had been saving for other things so i havent needed to touch my holiday money

tortoise · 26/06/2008 11:26

Morning (just!)
I haven't got anything done yet! Apart from whizzing to town on my bike for a ink cartridge!
Ran out just when i needed it!

Have decided to take DC here
Needed to print off ticket form so i can post a pO off to them this morn. Save £11 this way! Really want to take them on the helicopter pleasure flight too but that is £25 so i will have to see on the day. Need to remember to swap contact with xp too! Hope he doesn't mind! Actually, its tough sh*t if he does! He couldn't even be bothered to wash their lunch boxes out when he had them Monday night to go to the funeral tuesday! (sorry bit of a rant there!)

I have to go to the hair dressers now. Hope to get something done when i get back. Will cycle again. It is soo much quicker!

dylsmum1998 · 26/06/2008 11:31

tort that looks great fun, even if you dont make it onto the helicoptor flight am sure they will have a great day
i must practice cycling more am not very confident so want to go out more by myself before putting dd on the back

tortoise · 26/06/2008 12:17

Back! Dyls I found it ok with DD2 on the back but so much more fun on my own! I can go whizzing down th hill home. DD2's bike seat has broken so thinking of alternative. possibly one of the poles that attach to childs bike to tow the child along.

scattyspice · 26/06/2008 12:40

Hi again

RR how frustrating - did she do it on purpose (why?)or was she just being careless? I'd just let her live with it.

babyj hope you get to the beach today .

GO has Ed seen the psyc before? Perhaps he/she can give reassurance or advice.

whispy pigs how fab. Do you live on a farm (or are you Barbara Good?)

EV, Shanna Tort, Dyl, notquite Hi.

Still feel guilty about ranting at DCs yesterday. Need to be more patient and try yto see things from their point of view I guess.

Library after work. I might try and borrow a cake tin and have a go at a Vic sponge later

Shannaratiger · 26/06/2008 12:45


Back from toddlers, it went really well today. Lots of people their, was my friends 40th and a first bithday so had a little party. We're all eating lunch atm, DS is tuking into ricecakes and peanut butter, all of our favourite.
Dyls glad the window isn't as expensive. Hope it all gets sorted soon.
I would love to get a push bike, but am not confident enouhg to have DS on the back.
tort looks great fun, i'm sure you'll all have a great day.
notquitegrownup good luck, we're all here for each other.

To do
Finish lunch and clear up
Get both DC's to have a nap. DD kept bursting into tears at playschool.
Do some FLYing - the best I can think of at teh moment. Will survey the mess adn prioritise(sp?).

Have a good afternoon's FLYing everyone

EustaciaVye · 26/06/2008 12:59

Grouchy - Am I missing something about Ed? Why is he seeing a psychologist?

Busy morning here. Picnic great. DD1 at preschool and DD2 napping so off to watch a bit of tv and then will tidy downstairs enough so it looks nice but not enough to wear me out.

dylsmum1998 · 26/06/2008 13:02

to do
get dressed done
dress dc done
feed dcDone
feed medone
make ds lunch done
take ds to school done
tidy hoover done
wash up done
ironing done
wash kitchen floor done
dust done
s&s bathroom done
take rubbish out
phone police station to see when they are coming done
phone insurance- why didnt they phone me back? done
go to/cancel haircut as appropriate done

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