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Do people still have net curtains? I don't want them... but...

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ChocolateRockingHorse · 13/06/2008 12:51

.. have just moved house (at last!).. got some nice new roman blinds (plain but I like them and they are DS (SN) friends as he likes to hang from curtains!).. but the world and his wife can.. and do!.. see in all the time! As I type in my new (happy sigh) dining room (with computer!).. there have been several passers by pogging in at me..

So I looked on Argos.. they don't even do nets anymore (don't blame them.. I don't actually like or want them!). I found some on another site but they are all horrid.. lacey and yuk.. or voiles which I don't really want.

What can I team with my roman blinds to give us a bit of privacy? Thanks..

Got to go.. power point hissing and buzzing.. eee! Will be back!

OP posts:
Legoleia · 13/06/2008 12:53

Hi - started a similar thread recently and LittleLapin found this site and we ended up with these, very plain but still stop the peeking!

belgo · 13/06/2008 12:54

We've stuck some special plastic stuff over the bottom half of our window to obscure the view inside. It's specially made for windows, can't remember the name though.

FioFio · 13/06/2008 12:55

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

DartmoorMama · 13/06/2008 12:56

lots of place do like thin voile curtains instead of nets.

mollysawally · 13/06/2008 12:56

Thats near enough what we have belgo.

I feel I am far too young to have nets but the I am far too indiscreet not to have them!

Tinker · 13/06/2008 12:56

Oh, that site's good. Have removed the ones from our bedroom but still feel a little exposed. And window is a funny width so can't buy ready-made blinds. How much gather are you meant to have?

DartmoorMama · 13/06/2008 12:57

oh didn't fully read you first post. how about spray that give a look like etched glass

FioFio · 13/06/2008 12:57

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

FioFio · 13/06/2008 12:57

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

MaryAnnSingleton · 13/06/2008 12:58

can recommend Brume window film...will find a link..I have plain film panels on my front door, went on a treat and looks fab

Anna8888 · 13/06/2008 12:58

The plastic film that turns glass opaque is much, much nicer than net curtains, and much more light gets in.

Loads of houses in Holland have that film up, and I am beginning to see it in Paris.

mollysawally · 13/06/2008 12:58

Buy the net double the width of your window.

nailpolish · 13/06/2008 12:59

ikea have some for £2

i have them all over the house


belgo · 13/06/2008 12:59

yes that's what we have Anna, it looks great.

MaryAnnSingleton · 13/06/2008 12:59


maidamess · 13/06/2008 13:00

I've used the peel off sticky film on lots of my windows.
Here is a link to the company we used. Actually my Pc is up he creek so can't do it, but the company is called The Window Film company.

Word of warning, beware what pattern you choose, as some of them are all'holes' and not much etch so they are virtually impossible to apply without tearing.

I used the star design and that was great.

Anna8888 · 13/06/2008 13:00

It's so much more modern and hygienic looking than net curtains...

mollysawally · 13/06/2008 13:00

I meant to say thats the nets we have Legoleia, not belgo - sorry!

Legoleia · 13/06/2008 13:00

gather two times or one and a half, if you want it to look a bit more modern.

That's what it said on the site, and we've gone for 1.5 and it looks much nicer and not frilly!

And our house looks lovely from the outside.

Legoleia · 13/06/2008 13:01

when did the day come when I became so evangelical about net curtains?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Tinker · 13/06/2008 13:02

I can see that brume stuff working in bathrooms but just one upstairs bedroom window would look a bit odd, I think. Maybe. [mulls]

pencilpleats · 13/06/2008 13:03

Message withdrawn

WenchConnection · 13/06/2008 13:03

Anna whenever I have been in Holland it seems that people don't mind all and sundry looking in, not a net curtain in sight!
A friend who lives there says it is part of the culture, nothing to hide, and as such no one really nosies at anyone else.

belgo · 13/06/2008 13:04

no air bubbles on our window film. Dh put it up.

maidamess · 13/06/2008 13:04

The film is very easy to apply and the bubbles are squeezed out with the special thingummy they send you. if you get a design with a 'hole' in it, you can still peek through with one eye!

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