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I have just spent 15 mins bleaching my loo with tooth brush, rough loo brush and elbow grease....It still smells of wee.

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charliecat · 12/06/2008 12:21

What can I do now?

OP posts:
MrsBadger · 12/06/2008 12:26

are you sure it's the inside of the loo that smells?
the outside, where it meets the floor, is often the culprit

charliecat · 12/06/2008 12:28

I neurtaodours the outside...over night, it really is the inside. i have sniff tested too

OP posts:
charliecat · 12/06/2008 12:29

I neutrlodouredddddd the outside, and have just gave the whole lot a good bleaching outide, inside surrounding foot, loo seat, hinges etc, its coming from the inside, not the edge or anything

OP posts:
MrsBadger · 12/06/2008 12:30

has someone weed in the cistern?

charliecat · 12/06/2008 12:31

well ive just squirted bleach in there too so if they have it should have gawn by now.

OP posts:
Uriel · 12/06/2008 12:53

Some cleaning products smell of wee to me - what else do you use?

charliecat · 12/06/2008 12:59

Usually? Just a squirt of some duck down the loo and a good clean once a week or so. Now the bleach has had time to ????its not so smelly, but theres something still there. So when the bleach returns it will be back.
Comtemplating one of those expesive THINGS with the airfreshner round the side.

OP posts:
SummatAndNowt · 12/06/2008 13:02

Have you wet yourself?

CountessDracula · 12/06/2008 13:06

have you cleaned any skirting boards/walls nearby
men do tend to wee on them in the night IME

mrsbabookaloo · 12/06/2008 13:06

MY loo smells of wee too: just mysteriously, even after I clean it. not all the time, but it's going thru a smelly phase at the moment, and really bothering me, tho dh says he doesn't notice it.

I'm starting to think it's something to do with the weather, or it's coming up from outside..anything so I don't have to face that I might have to clean it every day....

So glad that someone else is experiencing this too.

Hilder · 12/06/2008 13:07

You shouldn't wee in your toilet, it is not hygienic.

Goober · 12/06/2008 13:07

If your bleach is of the citrus variety it will stink of wee.
I hope the water in the cistern isn't foaming now?

CristinaTheAstonishing · 12/06/2008 13:10

Does it smell when you bend down? (There was a thread a while ago with a similar problem.)

charliecat · 12/06/2008 13:18

I saw that thread
Oeer fellow suferer...its the water in the bowl isnt it Nothing to do with us!
I havent cleaned the skirting boards since i moved in for a while. Will do that now.
Not citrussy bleach, and isnt frothing..should it be?!

OP posts:
WowOoo · 12/06/2008 13:21

Boys can do a lot of naughty splashing in and around loo. Do the whole wall next to/behind loo if there is one.
It could be worse, outside our house after it's rained alot and water level rises I can sometimes smell poo. At least it's outside though...

theSuburbanDryad · 12/06/2008 13:23

It's a TOILET! It's MEANT to smell of wee!!

charliecat · 12/06/2008 13:24

I have girls. An ex who kneels to wee and another male mate who sits to wee. So it must be me!!!!
Ewww. Poo. Yuck, shouldnt it be going somewhere? Not waiting to rise with the water levels...

OP posts:
charliecat · 12/06/2008 13:24

No its not! Its didnt used to... Its pissy and nasty.

OP posts:
EffiePerine · 12/06/2008 13:25

What about sticking some white vinegar in the cistern? Wouldn't do any harm.

theSuburbanDryad · 12/06/2008 13:25

Your toilet smells of wee so the rest of the house doesn't have to.

You should honour its sacrifice.

Kneeling down to piss though - that's just weird.

PuppyMonkey · 12/06/2008 13:27

Tried Harpic?

sherby · 12/06/2008 13:27

you have to explain the kneels to wee thing

charliecat · 12/06/2008 13:27

Kneel on one knee, slaps todger into bowl...

OP posts:
Cappuccino · 12/06/2008 13:28

why are you sniffing your toilet?

take your head out of it and go do somehting worthwhile

theSuburbanDryad · 12/06/2008 13:28

But...but why charlie? I don't get it!

That's beats my sitting down totally nekkid ex-p. He used to strip off every time he needed the loo!

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