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Wednesday FLY - Windows and Walls

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TheMadHouse · 04/06/2008 07:39

Morning all


OP posts:
TheMadHouse · 04/06/2008 07:46

Well I didnt sleep very well at all, lept waking with a really bunged up nose.

DS1 was also up in the night with his cough.

I have done the TD and DW this morning.

DS2 still in bed, but I will need to wake him in 10 mins. He is always groucy when I wake him up rather than let him sleep.

We are then off to the hospital - so will catch you all later

Tort Repeat after me. I am a super single mum of 4, who manages to make fab cakes and my children happy.

OP posts:
Jas · 04/06/2008 08:00


Back after the school run.

Tortoise-The thing I think of when I think of you,is that lovely table cloth you did with your dc for Christmas.....those are the things they will remember, too Please give yourself a break and remember how good a mum you are.

Good luck at the hospital TMH

RubyRioja · 04/06/2008 08:03

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

EustaciaVye · 04/06/2008 08:29

Morning Guys. Rubbish time here. Both DDs supersensitive and grumpy and I am parent helper at pre-school today.

Tort -Most importantly your son was able to talk to you about one of the most important things that could happen in his life, and he knew that you would understand, still love him and be there for him. To be honest, a clean house couldnt beat that

Now, to everyone who is struggling a bit, here is my MORNING ROUTINE.

  1. Make bed
  2. Swish & Swipe en suite bathroom
  3. Put a wash load in
  4. Empty dishwasher
  5. Feed cat & fish
  6. Check calendar
  8. Clear away breakfast things
  9. Think about what you want for dinner - take out meat if necessary.

10. 2 minute hotspot
11. 5 minute room rescue

How about we all have a challenge to complete this kind of list by lunchtime.
mummymusings · 04/06/2008 08:37

Buenos dias all, youre all so lovely i thought id come back! Well this morning im going out with my mother shopping so have

  1. Cleaned out fire
  2. Cleaned patio doors and window in Kitchen
  3. Washed, sterilised bottles
  4. Breakfast done and cleaned up
  5. Cleaned down sides in kitchen
  6. Cleaned oven hob and hood
  7. Kitchen sinks and draining brd cleaned
  8. Rid front room of toys

Before she comes to do

  1. Hoover
  2. Get us dressed!

While out buy something tasty for lovely dinner this evening and this arvo shall

  1. Polish
  2. Try clean play area in kitchen.
  3. Try keep everything ive cleaned clean.

Easier said than done
EustaciaVye · 04/06/2008 08:47

Morning Mummymusings.

  1. Make bed - DONE
  2. Swish & Swipe en suite bathroom - DONE
  3. Put a wash load in
  4. Empty dishwasher - DONE
  5. Feed cat & fish - DONE
  6. Check calendar - DONE
  8. Clear away breakfast things - DONE
  9. Think about what you want for dinner - take out meat if necessary.

10. 2 minute hotspot - DONE
11. 5 minute room rescue

Will go and out a load on and then I have to go to pre-school. See you later.
babyjjbaby · 04/06/2008 09:12

hello all hope u r ok

madhouse good luck at the hospital

beds put away
dogs fed and watered
cushion outside to dry
awning tidy

to *do
have breakfast
wash up
get dressed
get baby dressed
take dogs up the market need a new vacuem
s&s kitchen
fill water barrel up
emty waste water
empty toilet
try and do sette cushion again
wash prame wheels
do the dreaded washing it breeds overnight sure of it lol

BiancaCastafiore · 04/06/2008 09:12


Tort sorry you're feeling low - and sorry I didn't get back to MSN last night, I was in bed soon after 9! FWIW I think you're a great mum, a clean house isn't the be all and end all

TMH Hope things go well at the hosp

All newcomers Hello

Ds slept well last night with v little coughing so I've sent him to school today. I'll be going in to do reading at 10.30ish till lunchtime

I'm really struggling to keep the house straight too - laundry and mess are everywhere I look

I'm going to do EVs morning list and hope it spurs me on to get on top of things a bit.

  1. Make bed
  2. Swish & Swipe en suite bathroom
  3. Put a wash load in
  4. Empty dishwasher
  5. Feed cat & fish
  6. Check calendar
  8. Clear away breakfast things
  9. Think about what you want for dinner - take out meat if necessary.

10. 2 minute hotspot
11. 5 minute room rescue
intravenouscoffee · 04/06/2008 09:24

Morning all. Like EV's list so will join in with doing it too.

  1. Make bed (Not yet, DH still in it!)
  2. Swish & Swipe bathroom Done
  3. Put a wash load in Done
  4. Washing up Done

  1. Check calendar Done
  3. Clear away breakfast things Done
  4. Think about what you want for dinner - take out meat if necessary. Done

10. 2 minute hotspot
11. 5 minute room rescue Done

Getting there.... Friends over this morning with their LO's so general chaos here. Sunny day tho' so feeling positive.

Tort You are a fantastic mum as everyone has pointed out. If you were a man do you think you'd be panicking about storage and tidiness? No. The wonderful thing about women is that we like to beat ourselves up about anything we haven't perfected rather than focussing on the things we actually HAVE done well. Let's be honest, none of us are on Fly because we're perfect housewives -you're among friends so stop beating yourself up (or I'll send Jas and Ruby round.... you have been warned )
Jas · 04/06/2008 09:40


OK. I've resurrected my morning routine for you EV, but also plan on going out this morning so probably won't get it done til lunchtime.
1 Make bed
2 Washing machine done
3 Breakfast INCLUDING ME
4 Wash up/shine sink
5 Wipe table/high chair
6 Clear surfaces
7 Packed lunches done
8 What's for tea? fish pie - fish out of freezer out cook tis afternoon
9 Sweep the kitchen floor
10 Swish and swipe

I did make a start on the computer table last nigh, but fish tank is still a disaster (it isn' the dirtinss, but the algae. It is so geen you can't see the fish. I need to move it out of this room, but ds posts things into it (dd2s mobile phone went in this morning)so not really sure what to do.

dylsmum1998 · 04/06/2008 09:51

Morning all
tort i hope your feeling bit better about things this morning. look at all the lovely things everyone has posted about you- they can't all be wrong i'm also very intrigued by the christmas table cloth- please tell me about this!

TMH good luck at the hospital

this morning my list looks like

take ds to school done
take dd to childminder done
S&S bathroom done
pay bills
put out living room hotspot (its more hotspot than room this morning )
if i acheive this much i will add some more

HarleyQuinn · 04/06/2008 10:09

Good Morning!

TMH Good Luck.

Morning List:

Do breakfast dishes done
Clean worktopsdone
Take dd to nursery
Wash floors
Make Banoffee Pie
Make beds

grouchyoscar · 04/06/2008 10:53

Howdy Doo to you all

Tort Kids don't care about mess. So long as you're not going to give visitors an illness/parasites then I can't see a problem. I've got to thinking that if a parent gets uppity with you just think 'Yeah, and I'd like to see you do any better' Let them have a playdate. Oh and I cover boxes with wrapping paper for Ed to put his ickle fings in (Happy Meal toys for example. Not that he's had the meal, I pick them up from charity shops ) You are a good mother to 4 children, I can hardly cope with my 1

TMH Sorry you had a rough night. Best of luck at the hospital

Went to the loo at 3.45 and....Ed was awake and asked for a story! I end up reading 'Oi! Get Off Our Train' to help him settle. Then I'm awake, listen to Radio 4, drift off and oversleep Managed to get everyone washed, dressed and fed and Ed to school on time. My morning routines will run into the afternoon but so what


Wake Ed (OI Get off that bed!)
Down for breakfast
Tidy away
Help Ed dress
School run
Check the plants in the greenhouse
Phone GM (78, GD (82) is in hospital with a long term illness)
Empty DW
Put away


Sort through drying washing
Put away mountain of dry clothes in bedroom
Help with School performing arts props
Get Ed's Pressy for Dh (Father's Day)

I'm also going to the school assembly. Ed's class are doing 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' and some songs and rhymes (awwh)

Better crack on

dylsmum1998 · 04/06/2008 11:58

wow its amazing what you can get done in a child free couple of hours, cant remember the last time i had time to myself. updated list:

take ds to school done
take dd to childminder done
tidy done hooverdone dust irondone
S&S bathroom done breakfastdone
pay bills done

also done
cleaned kitchen cupboard doors
cleared and cleaned kitchen sides
hotspots in my bedroom

had the music up a bit loud and had a wigle as i got t all done- thank goodness for nets!

to do next
eat lunch
wash floors
bathroom hotspots
take recylcing up to bank
take out rubbish

GO eds assenbly sounds so cute i remember whn my ds did the hungry caterpillar n reception, they did something similar- they dont seem to do that in juniors

RubyRioja · 04/06/2008 12:01

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TheMadHouse · 04/06/2008 12:13

Afternoon all

Just a quick post before we are off to Preschool.

DS1 is fine. I opted to leave taking the bloods till next time (Nov) as he has to have quite a few taken then, so they might as well do it all in one go. So we are going to do full innoculations again, which is ongoing and will finnish in November and then review. No additional meds (which is cool). He was really good, only thing was that everything DS1 did, DS2 wanted to vopy, so appointment took twice as long.

SO TheMadHouse is happy , would be a little happier if he had put on some weight (he is 15.1kg), but you can not have everything can you

OP posts:
RubyRioja · 04/06/2008 12:42

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

grouchyoscar · 04/06/2008 12:44

Ruby OK, what were you doing? Where did you go? Where did you last remember having them?

Retrace your steps, they'll appear or you'll remember what you did with them

dylsmum1998 · 04/06/2008 12:47

TMH glad all was good at hospital. bless ds2 wanting a go to!

[Grin] @Ruby lost jeans so walking to pre-school without!!

quick update on second list before i go to get dd

eat lunch DONE
wash floors DONE
bathroom hotspotsDONE missionDONE
take recylcing up to bank will do on way to collect dd
take out rubbish ditto above

also done
wash up
put dishes away
shine sink
load washer

well i better go or i'll be late, feeling good tho had a productive morning flat is looking great (for my flat anyway)

EustaciaVye · 04/06/2008 12:54

Sorry but lol @ Ruby wandering around in her nics! Have you checked the washing machine?

I have managed to complete my morning routine so now I need to do my afternoon one :

  1. Clear away lunch things
  2. Empty/reload dishwasher
  3. Hang out/collect washing
  4. Swish & swipe downstairs loo
  5. 15 minutes
  7. Kelly?s Mission

Back later.
BiancaCastafiore · 04/06/2008 13:08

Good afternoon

Glad the hosp went well TMH
Have you found your trousers yet Ruby?

I've done the morning routine, been into school, had lunch and am ready to do some afternoon bits and pieces

I need to

~empty dw
~bring in washing when dry
~collect kids
~wash lunch boxes
~go to library
~cook supper
~15mins somewhere
~yesterdays mission

RubyRioja · 04/06/2008 13:21

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HarleyQuinn · 04/06/2008 13:39


Things done:

Taken dd to nursery
Cleaned floors
Paid bills
Cleaned dd's room
Made Banoffee pie

Things to do:

Make tea
Sort out filling box
Wash up
Collect dd

Jas · 04/06/2008 13:48

@ trouserless Ruby
I've been out and bought everything I need for dd1s birthday, and spent £35 All I have to do now is clean some more, and make the cake tomorrow.
My afternoon activity is cancelled, as frinds ds is still sick (dd2 is much better) so I'm going to do as much as I can this afternoon.

1 Make bed done
2 Washing machine done
3 Breakfast INCLUDING ME done (well I had a sandwich for lunch so that will have to count)
4 Wash up/shine sink done
5 Wipe table/high chair done
6 Clear surfaces done
7 Packed lunches done
8 What's for tea? done
9 Sweep the kitchen floor
10 Swish and swipe
11 15 min declutter
12 mission
13 Where's the washing?
14 2 min hotspot

dylsmum1998 · 04/06/2008 14:46

jas you just reminded me i have nothing out the freezer for tea! oh bugger i'm gonna have togo in the coop and by something that doesnt need defrosting.
just collected dd from cm (they was at a tots group). i got some good news a lady was there i went to college a few years back. she told me of a job come up where she works which she thinks would be great for me. its 27 hours a week, so i cant fit that in with uni, but a great back up plan if i have failed this year .
if i pass this year she may be able to help me find the placement i need for uni as she works with all the childrens centres in the area

bad news is my cm is considering a career change . she's not a 100 % sure yet, so i may have no childcare for next year and need to find dd somewhere else to go. am absolutely gutted as i really like the way my cm does things, and none of the others i viewed last year did the outings etc she does- my reason for choosing her. oh well i suppose at least i have more time to find someone if she does give up

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