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Is there some magical method for inserting a king size duvet into its cover without raising your heart rate over 120 bpm?

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Tatterdemalion · 20/05/2008 13:08

Or achieving the 'I've been rubbing my hair on a party balloon for the past 15 mins' hair effect.

I've tried the reverse - corners - flip (with pike) technique but it never works.

Recently I've been working on the inside corner crawl, but it's a messy affair.

Any other top tips?

OP posts:
scorpio1 · 20/05/2008 13:10

i pratically get in it! DH does it most of the time as he is tall enough to hold it up iyswim

choosyfloosy · 20/05/2008 13:10

Now, why doesn't the reverse-corners-flip technique work for you? (strokes chin) My friend who was a chambermaid for a year taught me that and it always works eventually, though sometimes I have had to lay the duvet down on the bed and pull the other corners down?

MargaretMountford · 20/05/2008 13:10

do it so badly that your other half can't bear it any longer and takes over the duvet cover putting on himself

meemar · 20/05/2008 13:12

LOL Margaret Mountford! The duvet cover is officially DH's job in our house

themoon66 · 20/05/2008 13:13

reverse - corners - flip works, but only with a partner I find. Otherwise I use big clothes pegs to hold the corners in one by one and work my way round, flipping, until all corners are in.

cheesesarnie · 20/05/2008 13:14

i start with cover inside out.find corners and put hair bands on them.hand over banisters and do the rest(hang duvet over banisters not myself).failing that i do what MargaretMountford only little and the duvet is huge and heavy!woe is me

Tommy · 20/05/2008 13:14

have you tried turning the cover inside out, put your hands in to the 2 furthest corners and grab the corresponding corners of the duvet and shake. The cover should slip down over the duvet with you holding both the duvet and the cover IYSWIM

Tatterdemalion · 20/05/2008 13:14

scorpio and MM, that will never happen. Dh doesn't even notice if there is a cover on or not. That part of his brain is completely absent.

choosy, I can't do the flip, the corners are too wide apart so if you do a two handed flip then the middle just sags down (and you end up crawling inside). If I do a unilateral flip then the other corner escapes - cue more duvet burrowing.

OP posts:
silverfrog · 20/05/2008 13:15

I make dh do it with me...

We are hampered by having said kingsize duvet on our bed in the loft extension, so headroom a bit on the skimpy side too.

we have the duvet cover inside out, put hand up into the top corner of cover (one of us doing a side simultaneously) then grasp corner of duvet, bring rest of cover down and over, turning right side out in process.

Because we do it together, it takes 2 minutes, as can have duvet spread out on bed, 2 people to shift it all etc.

I do rest of bed in daytime, and then we do duvet cover together at bedtime.

EffiePerine · 20/05/2008 13:17

clothes pegs

work duvet into corners, clip with pegs. Shake down.

Pinkjenny · 20/05/2008 13:17

Try superking! I lost three stone changing my bed last night.

strawberry · 20/05/2008 13:18

When you do the 'reverse and flip' you need to be standing on the bed with duvet hanging down to floor. As you do the flip, you lean right back and fall gracefully on to the bed. You will now find that you are lying in bed with the duvet over you where you should remain until your heart rate returns to normal.

solo · 20/05/2008 13:18

Not that I find the need to do this, but why don't you stitch 6" tapes to the far corners of the duvet and the far inner corners of the duvet cover. Then you can tie them(in a bow)in the appropriate places and gently ease the cover on???

Tatterdemalion · 20/05/2008 13:19

aww silverfrog, how lovely and wholesome. Does your DH come bounding in through the door, catch you in his arms and spirit you away upstairs so you can put your duvet cover on together? All of you who do it in pairs I am most .

I am mentally visualising the pegging down versus hair band and bannistairs methods.

OP posts:
seeker · 20/05/2008 13:21

I do the inside out flip and shuggle. But if I've got plenty of time, ds LOVES crawling inside and hunting for the corners. Sometimes with a torch.

Tatterdemalion · 20/05/2008 13:21

pmsl at strawberry's suggestion.

pinkjenny I do indeed have a superking, I just didn't want to bray about it in the thread title

OP posts:
PuppyMonkey · 20/05/2008 13:22

DP comes in handy for the inside out flip. I can never do it either...

Christiania · 20/05/2008 13:23

It's the sheets I can't handle. Putting on a fitted sheet almost kills me every time. We leave it three weeks sometimes (or more, I go into denial)

Duvets are comparatively easy. I shove my hands inside it, right to the corners, right way out and everything. Then I remember I should have taken the corners of the duvet with me iyswim, so I take my arms out again, grab two corners of the duvet, and reshove.

Once I reach the ends, I lay it down carefully, all bunched up, and grab the corners into which I have just inserted the duvet.

Then I shake it so the rest of the cover falls over the duvet.

Inside out stuff just confuses me so this works really well

silverfrog · 20/05/2008 13:24

lol tatters, not exactly.

But, a combination of lethal stair/entrance to loft and ASD dd1 who objects to me doing housewrk (really - I have just taken on a nanny so that I can get some housework done!) means that it's the only way the bedlinen ever gets changed (and I had to push it to some really manky, vile limits before I got his help routinely!)

Tatterdemalion · 20/05/2008 13:31

We are in the loft too...makes the whole event exhausting and hazardous doesn't it (particularly if you are blundering about with a duvet cover over your head trying to find lost corners)?

Right, in a controlled calm manner I am going to use the Christiana method plus pegs and have both dds on standby with a torch if it all goes horribly wrong.

Will return to feed back shortly (or later if I need to resort to a bit of post insertion recumbent posture a la strawberry)

OP posts:
Tatterdemalion · 20/05/2008 13:54

report: well that was just ridiculously simple. I didn't even break sweat. I am a convert. I will keep to the reverse - corner- flip for singles and doubles but for the superkingsize it's going to be the Christiana method from now on

OP posts:
NurkMagiggy · 20/05/2008 13:57

I feel useful for the first time this year!!! Hurrah!
NurkMagiggy · 20/05/2008 13:58

oops name change nightmare!!!

Tatterdemalion · 20/05/2008 14:00

that was a swift namechange nurk/christiania....are you just Christiania for housekeeping related issues?

OP posts:
EffiePerine · 20/05/2008 14:01

now just peg the corners first, then no need to lay down carefully

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