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Monday FLY

58 replies

DontDreamItBeIt · 21/04/2008 06:17

Morning all

I'll be back in a bit with some links......

OP posts:
DontDreamItBeIt · 21/04/2008 06:23

Today's mission. We are in the master bedroom this week. As I don't have a bedroom, does that mean I can have that week off now?

One of my favourite babysteps today - day 10, you can do anything for 15 minutes

I will put this one into action today.

OP posts:
DontDreamItBeIt · 21/04/2008 06:34


I'm awake, now

I'll go and do all the morning stuff I can, before he dds wake up.
W/M is on, and ds has just woken up, so no going back to bed now.

OP posts:
DontDreamItBeIt · 21/04/2008 07:37

1 Make bed done
2 Washing machine on
3 Breakfast INCLUDING ME ds and DD1 done
4 Wash up/shine sink done
5 Wipe table/high chair
6 Clear surfaces done
7 Packed lunches done
8 What's for tea?
9 Sweep the kitchen floor
10 Swish and swipe
11 15 min declutter
12 mission
13 Where's the washing?
14 2 min hotspot
Mop kitchen
Clean wheelie bin
Put out rubbish Done

That is a good start for me.....I'll go and get ds dressed, then wake up dd2

OP posts:
sagacious · 21/04/2008 07:52

dream your're keen this morning !

My list:

Dogwalking (my exercise)
Return faulty alarm clock
Take junk boxes to school
Check on ds's art club times
Sort kitchen
Sort out pile of washing left on bedroom floor {blush]

Off to jump in the shower !

Have a good day all !

BiancaCastafiore · 21/04/2008 08:05

Morning Dream and saga

Franticly trying to get the kids up/dressed/breakfasted in time for me to get them out to theirs friends before I have to go to work....we're very much out of practice getting up on time, tomorrow will be difficult when we have to leave the house at 8.15!!

I won't be FLYing today (other than the basics) as I want to make the most of the afternoon with the kids.

I'll no doubt pop in for a chat though

Shannaratiger · 21/04/2008 08:20

Morning Dream Saga & Bianca

Dream very impressed with your mornings achievements.
Bianca we're back to playschool today as well, luckily DD does afternoons.
I think DD is pleased to be going back, she gets so bored after the first week.
Will be getting back into routines now so hopefully the flying will get back on track.
Made mine & dd beds
Put w/m on inc ds's bed
Breakfast all of us.
We have all just finished breakfast, so had better go and get washed up and sink shined.

Hope everyone has a good day

DontDreamItBeIt · 21/04/2008 08:41

2 Washing machine on line
3 Breakfast INCLUDING ME done (except me)
5 Wipe table/high chair done
8 What's for tea?
9 Sweep the kitchen floor done
10 Swish and swipe
11 15 min declutter
12 mission
13 Where's the washing?
14 2 min hotspot
Mop kitchen
Clean wheelie bin

OP posts:
TheMadHouse · 21/04/2008 09:16

Ladies did you have a party withoput me last night - I am very put out


Back to our normal routine this morning, so Monday is Arty toddlers

To Do

Take DS1 to Preschool
DS2 Nap
Hoover upstairs
Hoover downstairs
Mop DS

I am shattered, not sleeping well at all, think I need iron - give me iron please

EHM · 21/04/2008 09:31

Morning All

dream thanks for the thread & thanks for asking 'our' back is ok at mo thanks.
tort wow 1 year ago, time does fly
tmh good luck with the outfit search.hope you get a better rest tonight

Just spoken to preschool, ellie starts on 2nd June to afternoons a week, including lunch club Not sure I've done the right thing now I know she needs more than just me.
Right must get on lots to do today, sort of behind having my back problem last week. Hello to nuts,bianca,bewilder,FGS,Dylsmum,coffee, grouchy,RR,simply, luda,Janni,saga,ttt, whispy.
Have a good day allx.x.

DontDreamItBeIt · 21/04/2008 09:42

Of course you are doing the right thing EHM. She will love it And if she hates it, she doesn' have to go.

I can't remember the last time the thread was that busy in the evening TMH

I'm just sitting down to eat, but have a real desire to get everything done this morning, so will keep coming back and adding to my list.
3 Breakfast INCLUDING ME done
8 What's for tea? pie from the freezer
9 10 Swish and swipe
11 15 min declutter
12 mission N/A
13 Where's the washing?
14 2 min hotspot
Mop kitchen done
Clean wheelie bin Done

OP posts:
RubyRioja · 21/04/2008 09:45

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TheMadHouse · 21/04/2008 09:48

EHM I think you are doing the right think. I would put DS2 (22months) in one if there was one near us. DS1 (3.1) loves Preschool now and has been asking to go back the last two weeks.

One thing I tell myself if that if they dont settle well no problem - its not compulsory you can always try again later

Also glad the back is better

I have

Teak oiled garden stuff again
Run all the washing and boys in as it started to rain
TD on
Breakfast pots washed and away

We are off to toddlers next and I need to get milk too - we have ised 10 pints over the weekend - too many hot chocolates. DH bought us some Hotel Chocolat liquid stuff and me and the boys are hooked

Shannaratiger · 21/04/2008 10:12

Hello again

Have just caught up with the weekend thread
It was soo nice t osee that i am not the only one whose dc's won't eatat the mometn. DP gets really stressed about them starving , i just get upset about cookng tea and then throwing it all in the bin

I'm still turning all the plugs off at teh wall to save electric after ours went up from £19/mnth to £27, probably due to us getting broadband. The only down side is non of the digital clocks work but we have wall clocks so doesn't matter, is just really creepy going to bed in the dark rather than with all the standby lights on.
DS is in a really grumpy mood this morning so had better go and stop him upseting dd, who is actualy playing really nicely in the bedroom.
Off to playschool in 50mins

Ludaloo · 21/04/2008 10:39

Hello Guys

I haven't caught up with the weekend thread yet, I couldn't actually get on here yesterday. Had a busy day. I have officially started my training for The Race Foe Life. Have 7 weeks to go until I have to do it [gulp] so yesterday the keep fit ladies started training. I was useless!!!!! Can't run for toffee
I have been out this morning again....running for 2 minutes, walking for a minute and I was out for about 40 mins. My breathing is the problem....I can't control it at all and end up completely exhausted!! least I have made a start properly now!

I have to quickly tidy round before I collect DD2 and then I am off to Welsh Lessons.

See you all in a while

whispywhisp · 21/04/2008 10:44

Morning all

Well another pretty awful Monday morning here. DD2 refused to get dressed, clean teeth, put wellies on, keep coat done up, keep hood up (raining here) so I'm going to have to resort to a smiley face chart.

sagacious · 21/04/2008 10:52

Dogwalking (my exercise) DONE
Return faulty alarm clock DONE
Take junk boxes to school DONE
Check on ds's art club times DONE
Sort kitchen
Sort out pile of washing left on bedroom floor {blush]

Off to sort the house out

luda I've been forced persuaded to do a 2 mile "fun" run in May (hence my walking this morning ..)

grouchyoscar · 21/04/2008 11:11

Howdydoo to you All

You lot were busy bees last night, I haven't caught up with the thread so I'll say HELLO to Jas, EHM, TMH,Luda, Tort, Saga, Bianca, tiger et al

*BWB8 Hope you're on the mend
Whispy it's great your enjoying it here

Got home just after midnight. The gig was...There's not enough superlatives to describe how stunning it was. Worth the effort of going and worth the wait to see him again.

Collected Ed at 7am. He had been superbly good and had a great time. I'm so proud of him Got him to school on time and he said sorry for being naughty on Friday to his teacher. It was so odd not having him in the house last night. It just felt...empty and lifeless.

Done list

Start breakfast
Collect Ed
Serve breakfast
Feed birds
Empty compost caddy
Shower Ed
Get washed
Dress Ed
bring washing down
Load WM
Help Ed dress
Take him to school
Vac front room
Run WM
Load and run DW
Mop floors
Do online banking

To do

Change Ed's light bulb
Help with school play
Collect Ed
Ed's tea
Further potterring

May clean the attic/office window too.

Steady Away

whispywhisp · 21/04/2008 11:14

Hi...yes it is nice here cos you all seem quite chilled out about housework etc....and it, in a weird way, makes me look at housework in a less stressful way! I'm in a pottering mood today anyway so I'm just doing bits and bobs as I'm passing room to room. DD2 is sat quite happily colouring in. The dog is asleep. DD1 went to school happily this morning. And I'm just stripping beds having cleaned up downstairs and now starting on upstairs. The weather is absolutely foul here today...and my current ban on using the tumble drier is not going to help but hey ho!

Nutsaboutchocolate · 21/04/2008 11:16

Morning Dream Saga Bianca Shannaratiger TMH EHM RR Luda GO Whispy

I nearly logged in at 3am this morning. I was having a really bad night and could not get to sleep. Very tired now.

EHM ellie will be ok. DD loves staying for lunch.

Luda good luck with the training.

It is raining here today so far. Mum took DD to preschool and then going shopping and a coffee with her friend.

Im glad its the bedroom this week. I really need to sort my bedroom out. Though I wont be FLYing much today, I going to do 15 minutes of mission. DDs toys need to be put back in her room. Anyone would think my bedroom is DD`s bedroom with all her toys all over my bedroom floor.

I will be back later.


whispywhisp · 21/04/2008 11:25

I had a bad night not so long ago....I got up just before 4am - couldn't sleep...logged on and thought, no, nobody would be around...and there was! It was really weird chatting to a couple of other Mums in the same boat!

BugBearisBugBear · 21/04/2008 11:36
FunkyGlassSlipper · 21/04/2008 11:44

Morning Guys.

Dd1 back at preschool

Have done some work and DD2 has played.

Not much housework done but morning routine is complete

DontDreamItBeIt · 21/04/2008 11:44

There is never no-one on here. I always found a few Aussie mums, insomniacs, and those with tiny babies on when ds was keeping me up at odd hours

Hello BigBear - you know you want to come back, don't you. How are you?

GO glad you enhjoyed your night out

Saga _well done on your list

Whispywisp good luck wih the smiley chart.

Ruby - basket or tree?? I'm confused.

LudaGood for you getting started on the exercising. I would collapse in a wheezing heap if I tried to run.

10 Swish and swipe done
11 15 min declutter
13 Where's the washing? 2nd load on
14 2 min hotspot done
Bathroom done
Mirrors done
Fish tank
Windowsills done
Hoover upstairs done
Paint hall

OP posts:
Ludaloo · 21/04/2008 11:58

Dream I pretty much did collapse in a heap LOL! Very bad at running! I'm hoping to do a bit each day if I have the time.

saga ooohhh good luck to you....2 miles no mean feat! I think I will be doing 2 1/2 (can't quite remember!) We'll have to swop training tips

HN Hello I don't often get the chance to say hi as I can't get on the computer in the evenings. Glad everything is going ok

BigBear How are things?? Are you gonna be joining us? Lovely to see you anyway

Whispy let us know how your smiley chart goes....I could do with something like that in the mornings....takes them FOREVER to do as they are told!!!!!!!

Right have to shoot.....welsh in a mo....

Hi to everyone

BugBearisBugBear · 21/04/2008 12:14
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