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Wednesday FLY

49 replies

TheMadHouse · 16/04/2008 07:55

Morning all


babysteps day 8 starting your morning and evening routines

OP posts:
TheMadHouse · 16/04/2008 08:07

Well we are up and dressed in the madhouse.

Mourning routine is nearly done and I have lunch in the slow cooker

It is wet and miserable outside and we are due to go swimming this morning.

I am still tired, but struggling to sleep - think that it is also the anemia so I am going to chase up the doctors.

Bianca You have my greatest admiration - I do not know how you are getting through this without help. Anychance you can try a differnet GP?

OP posts:
BiancaCastafiore · 16/04/2008 08:52

Thanks for the thread TMH
I am using my comman sence to get me through my anxieties and am finding that I can do it mostly. It's when I'm feeling down or stressed generally that I struggle more. I might try to gear up to ask about another gp....

Everyone is up and in good spirits here this morning
Ds is going to play with a friend and dd and I plan to either go swimming or shopping.

I've been up since early and have been making good progress with this dump of a house. We have visitors this afternoon and I am ashamed of how messy the house is.

The kids rooms are tidy, dusted and hoovered.
My room is almost all clean and tidy too.
First load of washing is done.
I did the missions recently enough to not need to do them again
Downstairs needs a good hoover, mop and dust.

Shannaratiger · 16/04/2008 09:06

Morning all

The day started at 6:15, too early for me and ds, he went back into his cot after nappy change and bottle and i had a nap on the sofa, with dd sitting behind me playing her keyboard
W/M has just finished so need to brave outside to hang it out.
Yesterday got some of those jobs done that i've been putting off for ages eg. sorting out mobile phone insurancce that is included in our account fee., feel so much better for having actualy done them rather tha nhaving them whispering at me as soon as i go to bed.

TMH am v impressed at lunch being i nthe slow cooker already. Hope you get the anemia sorted out soon.
Bianca i'm not very good at new social situations eg. going to people's houses for the first time, major sweaty palms and feeling sick, i think lots of people have similar problems but don't admit to it.
grouchy kids adn roads are a nightmare esp. zebra crossings. DD usualy is really good with roads,but occasionly she has forgotten, usualy after playschool when walking with her friends, luckly always has been on quiet side roads.

DD is wanting attention so had better go and hang the washing out.
Hope everyone has a good day, lots of FLYing

Shannaratiger · 16/04/2008 09:08

x post morning bianca

Ludaloo · 16/04/2008 09:55

Morning all

I got up nice and early this morning too.

Sun is shining again

So far I have:

~Got up and dressed and got all kids up and dressed.
~Breakfast made and cleared away
~Loaded and run and unloaded DW
~3 Loads of washing
~Walked the school run
~Cleaned fishtank out (was very green! )

To Do:
~Empty bins
~Wrap clothes up for tort
~Put several loads of washing away
~Tidy all rooms
~Hoover all rooms
~Tidy computer table

Better get a wiggle on

Janni · 16/04/2008 09:59

Morning all. TMH and Bianca - I'm sorry you're having such a hard time but it sounds like you're keeping things under control.

I've taken DS to his new secondary school - he seems really happy. Got a day of taking the other two to various places so will post a morning list now.

DD - morning routine
DS - bath, reading, HW
clean bathrooms
put laundry away, hang new load
ring nurse re. DD
call DH about forms he needs to sign
get DS and DD ready to leave by 1.25

Janni · 16/04/2008 10:01

And tidy up as I go along - lots of mess today

grouchyoscar · 16/04/2008 10:44


TMH Thanks for the thread. Hope things are on the up for you.

Bianca Ditto for you, I know how it is to feel akward off home turf. I'm in my comfort zone at home and feel more in control of life/universe/everything.Outside I get nervous and I have trouble acting normal when I'm nervous.

Waves to Janni Luda and Tiger


Up and washed
Ed up and washed
S&S loo
S&S bathroom
Clean skirting board in bathroom (why?)
Down with crockery
Start breakfast
Empty bin
Empty compost caddy
Fill birdfeeder
Serve breakfast
Empty DW
Put away
Start reloading DW
Up for teethcleaning
Make beds
Draw curtains
get Ed ready for school
Walk to school
Clear kitchen floor
Sweep kitchen
Mop whole of downstairs
mop bathroom floor

I'm now waiting for floors to dry so I'm doing computer work etc.

Can't believe it's only Wednesday. My head/heart/body is telling me it should be Friday at least

To Do

Put downstairs rooms back together
Vac carpets
Sort out laundry to dry
Make lunch
Collect Ed
Writing practice
Make his tea
Bedtime routines

Have good days m'dears

TheMadHouse · 16/04/2008 11:47


I an just sorting lunch - Bangers, Mash and carrots, we are back from swimming. I am so proud of DS1 he has so much fun and does as he is told in the water

Towels are in the washer

Janni is DD OK?
GO I hope Ed is no worse the wear from his "incident" yesterday
Luda up with the larks and busy - the sun obviously works for you
FGS How are you feeling his morning - I do hope you havnt overdone it
EHM Hope the painkillers are working on that back

I am defo going to ring GP - I feel as though I have climbed Everest, not been swimming with two toddlers, although getting us all dressed sometimes feel like it

OP posts:
Ludaloo · 16/04/2008 11:49

Hello again

To Do:
~Empty bins done
~Wrap clothes up for tort done
~Put several loads of washing away
~Tidy all rooms
~Hoover all rooms
~Tidy computer table

tort DH has booked your parcel to go on his business account with DHL.
They are comming to pick it up tomorrow hopefully, so it'll be with you as soon as (t'was bigger than I thought)

Right haven't actually got that far through my list have I!
I've been putting off that great big pile of washing to put away!

Ludaloo · 16/04/2008 11:54

TMH I do like the sun yes!
Glad swimming went kids love to go as well. I am taking DD2 on Friday.

Its about lunch time now isn't it....I might go and do that before I tackle the washing piles....(Just delay it a bit more! )

Ludaloo · 16/04/2008 12:06

GO I like the fact you put down on your to do list that you are going to potter... I spend a lot of the day pottering!

Ludaloo · 16/04/2008 12:43

Hooray Hooray Hooray!!!!! Washing Put AWAY!!!!!!!!!

I'm a poet and I don't know it!!!!!

ARGH I hate doing that! I had a whole double bed full of piles of washing to put away. Has taken me about 40 mins aswell!!

All done though.....well apart from the load that is in the dryer...and the load in the washing machine...and the next load to go in!

TheMadHouse · 16/04/2008 13:04

Well done Luda GO you are inspirational I heart you and your pottering.

We are fed and watered and DS2 is in bed and DS1 doing jigsaw puzzles. He has moved on to the 60 peice ones.

I am going to go and strip his bed for the wash and crack on

Oh I have also done the mission

OP posts:
grouchyoscar · 16/04/2008 13:45

Careful ladies, potterring can cause problems. Yesterday I pottered into the opticians and potterred out with a £100+ bill! Then again, I pottered about and made a dozen cubes, wrote basic letter sounds on (SH, Th, St etc) and Ed started reading a week later so...pointless potterring can be worthwhile, it's mindless mooching about that's pricy.

Ed's favourite pet snail is out of hibernation. Patch has been spotted stuck to the inside of the compost bin. S/he's got a biot bigger but s/he needs to work hard and scoff some veg trimmings.

It's sogging here again really uninspiring weather. Umming and ahhing about going out in it and refilling the bird feeder. The spuggies should be roosting cos they'll get soggy too.....Ummm, ahhh?

I've done my 'to do' list so I'm officially bored. Bill Bryson's on the radio this aft and it better not clash with the school run. I love Bill, he's a diamond

I'm prattling, think of something I can do in 45 mins please

Ludaloo · 16/04/2008 14:05 could put your feet up and have a cuppa

Beautiful day here really sunny....bit on the windy side though....have washed the kids snuggle blanket and it blew off the line!

Waiting to walk up to all done
To Do:
~Empty bins done
~Wrap clothes up for tort done
~Put several loads of washing away done
~Tidy all rooms done
~Hoover all rooms done
~Tidy computer table done

Have done quite a lot really, and now have about an hour! I think I will POTTER

BiancaCastafiore · 16/04/2008 14:42


I'm a fan of pottering too I seem to while away hours pottering...

Dd and I managed a trip into Oxford Just a quick dash to have some girls only time. It was fun and I didn't feel ill once

Ds had a great time at his friends house.

The friend we had coming this afternoon has cancelled so we're at a loose end. It's sunny-ish here, but cold-ish and windy too....

TheMadHouse · 16/04/2008 14:53

Well guess what...

Me and DS1 went up to change his bed and we fell asleep on it having a cuddle and all three of us have only just woke up. So I have just made them both a drink and me one too and popped the washing in the dryer yes raining) and the washer on again.

It was lovley to fall asleep with him ion my arms, dont they smell just yummy

I have an appoinment with the plastic surgeon in a months time to discuss boob reconstruction.

So To Do

Ring GPs re anemia
Remake DS1s bed when washed and dried
Shopping list for tomorrow
Clean out fridge
hoover downstairs

Catch you later

OP posts:
DontDreamItBeIt · 16/04/2008 17:07

Sorry I've no been around all day. I made the chocolate cake this morning, and it was lovely

DP is home and unemployed (again) this week so I'm keeping us both busy. He works harder if I'm busy too.

Bianca I wrote a long fb message for you last night, and dp acidentally blew a fuse and cut all the power downstairs, just as I was ready to post it. I will try again later.

TrinityTheProgressingRhino · 16/04/2008 17:09

hi all
not been flying today
gecko had her mmr
I'm having a crap day

BiancaCastafiore · 16/04/2008 17:23

Trinity sorry you're not having a good day. Hope Gecko is OK after her MMR x

Jas for you and dp - hope more work comes along soon. I hope to post your parcel tomorrow x

TMH awww sounds like a lovely way to nap

We decided to make playdough so headed out to the village shop to collect some ingrediants, then wound up stopping at the playground with somen friends and have only just got in so the playdough will have to wait [secretly relieved emotion]

Everyone has rosey cheeks and is happily tired

Tuna and pasta bake for supper - better get on with it.

FunkyGlassSocks · 16/04/2008 17:35

Trinity - have a look at this thread and search for our name. Might cheer you up a teeny bit. Hope Gecko is ok tonight.

FunkyGlassSocks · 16/04/2008 17:36

Jas - sorry about DP. Is anything likely to turn upp quickly?

DontDreamItBeIt · 16/04/2008 18:08

He always gets work eventually. This is why I don't pay any bills by dd if I can avoid it. They just have to wai til he gets another job.
If I'd known last week, we wouldn't have put the deposit down on the new glasses though.

FunkyGlassSocks · 16/04/2008 18:22

Always the way isnt it Jas.

My turn for advice

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